5 Ways Twitter Is Engaging Teens with Social Media

There is a certain behavior among teens that make them such a good market, and with proper marketing, your brand can get the most attention from teens all over the world through effective use of Twitter. One example of effective marketing is how Justin Bieber is presented to the world by the people behind this teen pop sensation. Bieber has over 33 million followers on Twitter, majority of which are teen Twitter users. So is it possible to get more Twitter followers, by targeting the teen niche? Definitely! The number of Justin Bieber’s followers is proof enough that teens have already become engaged with social media, and Twitter has significantly contributed to that.

5 Ways Twitter is Engaging Teens with Social Media

1. Contests on Twitter with Prizes Teens Want

Who doesn’t like contests? Everyone does, especially the kids at heart, or teens for that matter whose life relies on the allowance they get from their parents. Most brands, if not all, are already on Twitter tweeting daily updates about their latest products, discounts, and of course, contests. These contests are not really up to cash prizes, but more on the latest gadgets or everything that’s in style for all teens of the world. Many brands want to know how to get followers on Twitter. There are many ways to do that, and one sure way is to hold contests on Twitter with the prerequisite of course, of letting users follow you first before qualifying. Make sure your prizes will appeal to the teen market.

2. Teen Celebrities and Teen-Oriented Shows

What are teens doing on Twitter? Simple! They’re following their favorite teen celebrities and shows. Be it their favorite love teams on television, or their favorite vampire and gossip shows, teenagers have somehow been drawn to all of these on Twitter. Majority of these followers are teen-agers, but you would be amazed just how significant the number of adults and young adults, that also join the bandwagon.

3. Teen Quotes

The edge of Twitter over other social media sites is that, it has become a resource of quotes from creative people all over the world who express themselves without worries of getting recognized. Teens usually have a problem with truthfully admitting how they feel and what they feel at the moment. With the existence of Twitter accounts that tweet daily quotes, specific to a certain age bracket or gender orientation, expressing oneself is just one retweet away.

4. The Art of Expressing Oneself in 140 Characters

One attractive way that Twitter has engaged teens with social media is the wonderful limit of 140 characters to express what you feel and what you want to share. It’s a common fact that even adults really just read the headlines in the paper to know what’s going on with the world. Another fact is, teens don’t like to read lengthy paragraphs. Do they like pictures? Yes. Do they like words? Yes, but not so much. This is what makes Twitter appealing to teens. 140 characters can make them laugh, touched and informed. So if you’re interested to get more Twitter followers, effectively express a message to the teens in 140 characters, and they’ll get what you mean. They might even retweet it.

5. Bandwagon

Let’s face it. Teenagers want to belong, and belongingness has always been a great challenge for teens all over the world. With Twitter and the rest of social media, the ability to express oneself has become easier; a great advantage to their age bracket. That’s actually a deeper analysis, but on the surface, teenagers get swayed pretty easily with what’s popular. If their friends, idol celebrities and everything cool is on Twitter, then they should be in it too. If you want to market your brand well and wide, expect that there’s a teenage market that’s big enough. You just have to know how to get their attention.

Twitter has become bigger and bigger each year. In fact, it has significantly contributed to the engagement of teens in social media. The act of following and being followed somehow has a sense of not exposing too much of your privacy. You’re not necessarily “friends”, but you just “follow.” That concept is attractive to teenagers. Plus, the limit of 140 characters solves the concern of not revealing so much. Teens being engaged in social media are a great way to take advantage of a big market you can rely on. Just look at where teens got Bieber.

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