A Simple Step by Step Guide to Using the Ziphone to Unlock iPhones

Before you learn how to use Ziphone it is best to know what the software is. It is basically an application that allows you to unlock iPhones. The process is known as jailbreaking, and the software can be used to unlock different versions of the iPhone.

How to Jailbreak Your IPhone

Step  1

Start by downloading the files and then save it. Next, open up iTunes and connect your iPhone.

Step 2

Press the shift key on your computer if you are suing Windows. If you running a Mac, hold down the option key and then “restore”.

Step 3

Go through the desktop and find where you saved the file. Look for “iPhone1, 1_1.1.4_4a102_restore” and double click it. Once the process is finished, iTunes will allow you to restore contacts and configure the setup.

Step 4

After downloading Ziphone, double click ‘ZiPhonewin-2.5c.exe’.

Step 5

Choose “Do it all” from the options and wait for the program to finish. Usually it takes three minutes to jailbreak an iPhone.

Step 6

When it is done, set the auto lock to never. Connect to your wireless network and start the installer.

Step 7

Download “BSD Subsystem” and “OpenSSH”.

Step 8

Tap the library and go to the ‘lockdown’ option’. Delete “device_private_key.pem”, “device_public_key.pem” and “data_ark.plist”. Go to ‘aviation records’, and delete any files there. Go back to the root folder.

Step 9

Click “pair_records” twice and remove any files inside there. Next, download SpikeyMikey303′s, as these are YouTube files needed for activation.

Step 10

Drop the “device_private_key.pem” and “device_public_key.pem” and”data_ark.plist”, to winscp and choose copy.

Step 11

Click “activation records” under WinSCP, twice. Drop the “89014103211556075053″ file and you are done.

More about Jailbreaking iPhones

The term jailbroken refers to an iPhone that has been modified so that a user can install software that is not sold in iTunes, Apple’s official store. The term however, can also be applied to iPods and the iPad. Although Apple frowns on this practice, it is not regarded as illegal and you will not be violating any laws by doing it.

Jailbreaking and unlocking are used interchangeably but they are not the same. If your phone is unlocked, it simply means that it will function on different kinds of networks. If the iPhone is jailbroken it means that a user can install any application on the iPhone even if it is not at the iTunes store. Ziphone is a good example of this kind of software, as it alters the iPhone but does not change the hardware at all.

The jailbreaking process is not that difficult to do, and as the guide for Ziphone above shows, there really is nothing to it. In addition you will find a lot of guides online that will help you learn how to do it. It is important though that you use the right approach otherwise you might damage the iPhone.

Aside from following the instructions, you need to make sure that the Ziphone software you are using is actually made for that iPhone version. Using the wrong version may result in a lot of problems, so you need to be careful.

Knowing how to use Ziphone is something you really ought to learn if you want to get the most out of your iPhone. By learning how to jailbreak you will get to install all sorts of apps in it.

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