Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

Social networking is now become a part of every day’s life. It is trending more than movies or fashion. It gives some great opportunity for the people. Though Social Media Network is a recent invention but gaining its popularity in a very short time. This is because it is for people, and any kind of social group or community can interact here.


The first and most important advantage of social networks are it is very low cost. Almost every site has free registration and people can use it for them or for their business.

Maximum of the users utilize social networking sites for their personal networking. Uploading latest pictures are common habit for them. Getting likes and comments in the pictures are also important for them.  By using social network sites you can easily make a circle which can be very helpful to you in your future life. You can also make a group and also can aware people about any topics. You can track your friends from school those are lost from your life and can make a connection with them.

It gives the opportunity to share their experiences and uploading the videos. Users can easily gain the information about anything by using social networks. If you are trying to find a movie link, you can ask your friends in the sites. With the spreading news chances will increase for you to get that.

Create Your Own Social NetworkBusinessman can find their potential customers and that can also help them to branding their products. It also helps them to increase their conversion rate. It helps to build a relationship between the clients and the business owner. It also increases the loyalty of a company.

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Social MediaNewton‘s third law said us that every action has an equal and opposite reactions. This is true for social network also. It has some disadvantages with the advantages.

Because of bit carelessness, users can face harassment from the social networking sites. If you want to avoid this you should lock your each and every information very carefully. While giving information in your autobiography in your social networking profile try to be reserve and don’t let your secrets to become public.

Social networking sites contain a high rate of scams and harassment problem. The security is not so highly qualified, so it is easy to hack any profiles by answering the security questions. So you should also be very careful about choosing the security questions.

Anyone can open any number of profiles and it does not require any verification. So people can give threats and provide nasty videos and share it.

Many people waste their valuable time on these social networking sites. Gaming is an attraction in social media, and people waste their valuable time in those. Especially the youngsters, they are completely addicted with this. It can suffer their brain and eyes a lot. Sometimes people have relationship with a person who is only a friend in social networking profile and suffer later.

By using a bit concern your profile in social media network can help you in your personal and professional life.

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