Branding with Social Media, Guest Blogging and YouTube Videos

brandingCompanies cannot rely on glamorous advertisements alone for brand building purposes. In this digital era, where most people spend hours on the Internet, businesses have to actively reach out to people via the Internet to help improve brand awareness and create unique and instantly recognizable brand identities. Being active on social media platforms, publishing videos on YouTube and guest-blogging are some of the most effective ways to get your message out there, to inform people about your brand and to open a dialogue with customers.


Although companies are aware of the fact that they need to be more active on social media sites and that they need to guest-blog more often, very few brands are actually doing it. Brand building is very important for small businesses and they can effectively improve brand awareness by being active on social channels. These content marketing methods are very cost-effective and perfect for small businesses that do not have large budgets.


Social media


It goes without saying that companies need to have visually appealing and active social media pages. Instead of focusing on just one social media platform, make sure your company is active on most of the popular social sites. Also, company information should be highlighted succinctly on company pages. One of the best ways to improve brand awareness is to have a consistent look across all social media pages and company websites. Take for example Google; they use the same basic color scheme for their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media accounts. Also, their profile pictures and cover images contain the company logo so that the company can be identified very easily when the logo is seen elsewhere.


Some companies are so good at it that people even associate some colors with their brands. Case in point – Target. They use the color red in almost all their social media campaigns, so much so that customers connect the brand Target with the color. In fact, it even helps if you use the same profile picture or image for different platforms. Make sure you even use the same style of artwork in your company’s social media pages.


Another way to improve brand awareness and to create a unique brand identity is to show the human side of the company. Big and well-known brands regularly put up pictures of their offices, their employees and even snapshots of fun company events.


According to a recent survey, less than 15% of users have received replies to posts about negative experiences from the company on social media platforms. Even though social media is a great platform for conversing with customers, most companies refuse to react to complaints and customers’ issues on public platforms. This can be very harmful for the brand as people appreciate it when companies are willing to have open and honest conversations with them and are willing to listen to their criticisms.




Blogs that accept guest posts have a large audience who can be informed about your brand through the content that you publish on these blogs. Guest-blogging can also direct a lot of traffic towards your company’s website and social media pages and it is one of the best and safest ways to build backlinks. When submitting articles to a blog, you need to make sure that the blog is famous in your industry and is known for their industry-related articles. You can’t possibly submit an article about marketing on a blog that is known for its cooking articles. If your post is accepted and published by a blog that is known in your industry, readers could view your company as an authority source of information, which is always good for brand building.


When you are looking for guest-blogging platforms, always make sure that the site is well-designed, is updated regularly and that there are a lot of comments from readers on other posts. You should always submit articles to a guest-blogging platform that gives full credit to authors. Author Rank is now an important factor in deciding search rankings, so you should make sure that guest blogging platforms are using the rel=author tag when posting your article. Having a simple, informative and humorous author bio is a great way to improve brand awareness among readers.


YouTube videos


Companies often forget that YouTube is also one of the biggest social media platforms. Having content go viral is what most companies are looking for as it can make any company a household name in a matter of days. Videos and images are the kinds of content that go viral more often and companies often reap the benefits of a viral video years after the video went viral.


Firstly, your company should have a YouTube channel with the name of the company as the name of the channel. Set-up your YouTube profile to look like all your other social media profiles to maintain consistency and make sure to create a Guru account on YouTube that allows users to add links and custom logos to the profile. Industry experts create Guru accounts and if your company is able to produce and upload high-quality videos then you should definitely create a Guru account for your company. Place appropriate words in the channel title and tags that can make it easier for people to find your channel on YouTube.


Your company must create high-quality videos, so spend some money purchasing good video recording and manipulation equipment and always add some humor in your videos. Introverted and sullen never works in videos so your presenter should be upbeat, lively and excited. Keep in mind that sound quality also matters so use professional equipment while recording sound for videos. Lastly, always promote your videos on social media platforms and via your company blogs and website.


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