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Email Marketing: Things You Should NOT Be Doing!

e-mail-marketing-conceptEmail Marketing is considered as one of the highly convertible online marketing tactics as compared to any other technique including SEO, PPC and more. Email Marketing is liked by many businesses because of the fact that it’s convertible, easy and offer quick returns.

There are many businesses who especially invest on email marketing to increase their email subscriber’s list but email marketing is not all a piece of cake. There are some basic principles to follow in order to improve your sales and conversions through it.

As per my experience I have witnessed a recurring mistakes made by many businesses that instead of impressing your subscribers result in irritating them. Today, I will try to discuss few of those with solutions of how to do it right!

Here are few of the tricks that might hurt your subscribers instead of allowing them to engage with your brand.

1. Send daily Emails

This is one of the common pitfalls over looked by many businesses. It is good to keep your subscribers updated but it simply does not mean to fill up your subscribers’ mail box by cluster on emails on daily basis.  Sending emails daily might irritate your subscriber and eventually they may unsubscribe themselves from your mailing list.

It is simply unethical to send daily emails about different products but if you are a store that offers tons and tons of products then it is a better idea to send them a questioner first where you can ask them about their preferences and how frequently they would like to receive your emails. This ethical attitude will allow the users to walk through your store more often instead of running away from you!

In a nutshell, the best practice is to determine your subscriber’s interest and send weekly emails related to those products only; this will increase the conversion ratio as well as the subscriber trust.

2. Sending Unwanted Emails

Open your inbox and you will see 3 to 4 emails on daily basis from different companies telling you about the new product or service they are offering but somehow they seems yet  another email that has no charm about itself. It is important for you to send emails that excite people and encourage them to convert.

Sending emails that talk about company’s progress has nothing to do directly with a common man and he probably will find it as unwanted email. Always send emails with offers, discounts, due dates or anything that immediately stimulate their interest, which will eventually allow them to convert.

Sending unwanted emails may result in losing your subscribers interest in you which will hurt your brand reputation as well as business sales.

3. Poor and Boring Subject line

It is no rocket science that people usually click on an email after getting impressed by its subject line. Thus, it is important to keep your subject line appealing and alluring or else there is a greater probability that your email might end up in a corner of spam box where no one cares about it, no matter how interesting or converting your rest of the email is.

It is fundamental for one to have a short and attention-grabbing subject line so that you can increase your reader’s curiosity, which will compel them to click open you email to see what’s more in it.

Poor and boring subject lines of your email will not only miss the chance of getting it clicked but also reduces opening rate and increases unsubscribing ratio from the mailing list.

4. Hide unsubscribed button!

This is one of those parts that subscribers hate most and believe it or not but you may end up getting some bad reviews about your brand on social media which can seriously dent your brand reputation. NEVER hide unsubscribe button within the email or else you may give an impression of being a spammer to your readers. Ultimately people will find it hard to believe about you and the product or service that you are offering.

Instead, the unsubscribed button in the email should be at a standard place Remember, it’s not only about building your email marketing list; instead what matters is your brand name and positive image of your brand among targeted audience.

5. “Force” them to buy!

This is the worst thing a brand can do while through email marketing. The idea is to use BIG and prominent “buy now” buttons for almost 3 times within the email.

Email Marketing is about encouraging people to look in to the product or services you have to offer instead of irritating them with 3 BIG and prominent BUY NOW buttons.

It’s great to have a clear and prominent button that takes them to the next level of sales and conversion but imposing it upon them by adding multiple buttons is simply cheap and never leaves a good impression.

Above discussed are few of the common mistakes that businesses make on daily basis with a hint of how they should be performing in order to have a positive image within the targeted audience.


About the Author: Brian is a blogger from Elite Email. Elite Email provides email marketing services all across the globe.


Five Best Practices of Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing TIpsIf you are going to harness the potentially immense power of email marketing to its best advantage, then you need to utilize the best strategies and practices of the day. Just like the medium itself, online marketing is evolving rapidly, and it is testament to the effectiveness of email marketing that it endures. The ways of using it well have changed over the past few years though, and here are the five practices you really need to know about:

1.  Never neglect your mobile strategy.

The latest research shows that well over half of all people with tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices use them to check their email, with numbers set to soar even higher this year. You cannot afford for your marketing emails not to be compatible with mobile viewing. Anywhere that users can navigate to from your email, such as websites and landing pages must also be formatted for mobile devices.

2. Give your email marketing a polish with a little help from the professionals.

Email marketing specialists, such as, have much to offer in terms of experience as well as useful online tools – many of which are free. Give your campaigns a boost with agencies’ online survey templates, email templates and analytics.

3. Keep subject lines free of ‘marketing speak’.

Pique your recipients’ curiosity by giving your emails casual or intriguing subject headings. Avoiding traditional or clichéd marketing or business terms will make your emails stand out from the herd and making customers more likely to investigate further.

4. Implement weekend working.

Nobody is saying that you have to deny yourself a weekend, but your emails should be putting in the hours. Research reveals that most people open marketing emails and click on links therein in the early morning – and especially at the weekend. As a secondary ploy, send more emails in the early afternoon, to avoid “rush hour” in the morning.

5. Integrate your marketing channels

Let your emails become part of an intertwined overall strategy, increasing your responses, sales and conversions through such stratagems as automated SMS reminders, targeted display ads, links to social media and app-based notifications of special offers, reward schemes and discounts.

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Making Your Email Marketing Compliment Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

As the economy plunges deeper, more and more people are looking to different means of making money. Thanks to the internet age, there are opportunities that let people earn residual income through different online marketing strategies such as email marketing and affiliate marketing. The process of affiliate marketing is relatively easy – if you (affiliate marketer) own a blog or site with a steady following, an advertiser may choose to advertise on your site and you get commission whenever you forward visitors from your site to the advertiser’s site.

To help you grasp affiliate marketing concretely, let’s say you blog about photography. You’ve established a following, and Nikon notices you’ve got a bunch of followers that listen to your advice. Nikon contacts you to publish articles about their products, probably some positive reviews and demos with links to their site. If you get visitors from your site to visit Nikon’s site and make purchases then you get commission. Though there are different ways to measure how you are paid – cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA) and cost per sale (CPS).

Many are jumping the affiliate marketing bandwagon because of its low-cost startup and highly rewarding revenue. But, as the internet marketing landscape evolves, it is easy to stumble upon ineffective ways as an affiliate marketer. In this article, we will discuss 8 ways to strengthen your affiliate marketing endeavors through email marketing.


  1. Position Yourself As An Expert

It is a fallacy when people say that affiliate marketing, or blogging for that matter is easy. Firstly, it requires from the blogger or site owner an extensive knowledge of the niche they are in. You will not generate a following if you are only a mild connoisseur of the niche content your site provides. People are always looking for new content that is both unique and riveting. Before any success is reached, you must first pay your dues and establish yourself as an expert in the things you say. How can you solicit people’s contact details if they do not trust you and the content you feed them?

  1. Create A Mailing List

Most affiliate marketers will only forward traffic to their advertiser’s site without soliciting their email. Research shows that visitors do not purchase on their first visit on the site. Therefore, if you are unable to catch their email details, you will not get a chance to elaborate and convince them to buy the product you are marketing – and for future clients as well.

  1. Don’t Sell Through Email

Most marketers aggressively sell in emails, but more often than not, it scares people. What you should do is put relevant but interesting content that leads to the website. If you sell through email, they will probably just ignore it, because it might be a scammer looking to swindle their money.

  1. Avoid Spammer/Scammer Looking Email Subjects

This is in conjunction with #3. People will easily ignore your emails if it has suspicious subject heads. The truth is that there are a swarm of web bandits who take advantage of email marketing strategies and use it as a scam. Even though people do need extra income, do not put unrealistic tags on your subject – like, make a thousand dollars we’ll leave that to the scammers and spammers. Make sure that your email subject picks their curiosity and leads them to visit your site.

  1. Build Reputation Through Awesome Email Content

This is the counterforce for #3 and #4. And mind you, it takes heart and commitment to hunt for awesome content. Your email marketing content should just be bread crumbs that entice your potential clients to follow to your site. It is said over and over again, no matter how clever your corner-cutting gimmicks are content will always be king. Great content will always be what: lures visitors to your site, keeps them in your site and leads them to the most important action – buying.

  1. Give Incentives To Email Subscribers

Because of social media, there has been a cloud of buzz regarding privacy. Also because of spammers and scammers, it is getting increasingly hard to get people’s emails. Notwithstanding, we shouldn’t give up, instead we should give. Giving freebies or coupons and discounts are great strategies to solicit people’s emails.

  1. Drive Traffic Not Only To Your Website But To Your Affiliate’s As Well

Build your network. Two heads are better than one. It is also good SEO practice to have as many links pointing to your site. Not only do you boost your ranking, but you also establish a good network. In your emails, don’t forget to post links to your affiliate marketer’s site as well.

  1. Follow Through

When you have created a mailing list, use it to your advantage, but don’t abuse it. Some people will pay to buy email lists, but if you promised your visitors that their contact details are kept private, then don’t sell them. Follow through on your word. You wreck your credibility and people will never give contact details to you again.

Affiliate marketing is an easy, yet effective marketing endeavor that fosters a win-win situation for all three parties who are involved in it – the affiliate marketer, the advertiser and the buyer. It makes it easier for the buyer to find products they are looking for, whilst the affiliate marketer and advertiser get more revenue.

Author Bio:

Celina Conner continues to provide high quality content about web marketing, business start up techniques, web design and a lot more topics. She is a holder of a Diploma in Business in Martin College Australia.


Pro Email Designs to Get Best Results

Email marketing is all about getting maximum clicks and conversions. The prime factor in email marketing is to get subscribers open their email inbox and respond to your mail. So, how can one get customers to respond to your mails lets look at some of the factors.

Web Based format: One of the subscriber opens your mail it has to be clear to them. They have to be able to read your email and all must be able to read whay you have innovated. To ensure that everybody has a look on your email message make sure you add a link to a web based format of your email. How can you add thsi link? When you are on the editing page just archive email message. This enables a direct link to your message. You can link it to the web based format in the header of the email.

HTML or plain text:  You might wonder which is better HTML version or plain text emails. You may feel that HTML messages are better and gets more responses. But that may not be true a plain text message can get you the desired results. A HTML version can go for default and if the subscribers client does not like HTML it atleast can  revert back to the plain text.Make sure you add a link to your web based format here also. If you are accessing web analytics it works well with plain text messages and gives a clear idea of who is clicking your links. It also makes it easier for clients to access.

Make your links eye catching: Once the customers are pray to the bait u do not want to loose them. You need to get more clicks which is possible only when customers concentrate on the call to action. Check where your getting clicks in the  header or fotter. Once you discover where peolpe are clicking more, you can place your most important links there. Make sure you do not hide your call to action form among your content and images. Give it enough space for eyes to be attracted to it. Place it accordingly giving some space between the link and content.

Try Using Videos and Images: In case if your only using text links that is not clickable, then create a button or  linking up an image. This will redirect them to the main website giving them  a clear picture of what they are getting into. Add alluring images and videos giving option to click on the screenshot redirecting to the video. Incase the video is not working or blocked make sure you add a text link so that they can have a look at what you are trying to convey most effectively.

The above factors enable you to effectively design your email campaigns to get best results. Design to indulge and engage customers for a long stay with you with effective email marketing.

Author Bio:

I am Sarah Johnes working at Just Validate as a marketing head specializing in  append services and email verification .


iContact Review & iContact Coupon|Promo Code – Benefits Discovered With an iContact

If you have a website or a blog, the most important goal is bringing traffic to the site. Email marketing services are companies that do email marketing campaigns to help you with gaining potential customers. IContact is a reputable company that has been in business since 2003. They are one of the most popular management systems for email marketing, but what keeps them in the top of the game? This iContact review explains several factors that keep their customers happy with their promotional services.

What Are The Benefits Of Utilizing iContact Services?

The company was built on and maintained with core values. Quality is a primary concern for the company and thus far they have a 99% satisfaction rate. Icontact has not only a large but, a reputable distribution system which prevents your emails from ending up in the junk mail.

Regardless of the amount of mail being sent, event if it is a large bulk, the majority that is delivered through iContact will end up being received by the audience they were intended for. There are also tools available to assist you with targeting your campaign progress.

What Are the Special Features?

There are a number of email services available through the system. They have the capability of delivering even bulky lists quickly. The site has excellent options in templates available for preparing newsletters and they will deliver the finished newsletter, on time.

There is a database available for storing all of your email contacts and information, which means it frees up your storage. Using the iContact tools allows you to create HTML emails to your specifications such as using a customized logo.

The Cost Of The Service

The cost of the iContact system is not the cheapest available, however, it is priced much less than other systems that clam to do the same, however, do not have the percentage rate as this system. The systems services are extremely affordable with an average price being below $30.

However, a contact list for 250 subscribers is priced under $10. There are services available for as many as 100000 contacts. There are several pricing options available some of which offer a 20% discount for an annual service. There are other email marketing services that can be purchased for less money, however, the majority do have several complaints with the prime complaint being the difficulty in use of the other systems.

Icontact review shows that this system is customer preferred primarily because of the ease in using the system, the simple integration, leads can be imported without suspicion and there is no need to go through complicated procedures to pass leads. There are numerous email marketing software to choose from, however, the majority have many complaints ranging from emails going to spam to the price being ridiculously high for less services. If you want a system that allows you to increase the traffic to your business through delivered emails and a service that walks you step by step through the process, this system will be beneficial in helping to make your website successful.


An Aweber Review – Is Aweber A Scam?

“Money is really in the lists”

Aweber is  useful and automated tool to keep in touch with customers, build trust with them and enables you to develop a large clientele base (recycle traffic). This device is not a scam, but it can be a very cost-effective method of reaching out across a large target audience to promote a product or a service again and again without needing to spend huge amount of money on adverting whenever you need traffic. Aweber is used by thousands of internet marketers and it offers some unique features that other email marketing service can’t.

This auto responder comes into the market with their service fees pro-rated. This means that you can use it depending on the purpose and scale of your activities. Therefore, you are able to save on extra expenses to an advantage. This is quite important for a beginner in the business and it also comes with a free thirty-day trial, thus reducing the risk and enabling you to get the right one for your needs.

This risk-free period is the best time to thoroughly investigate the auto responder. This is because communication is the most vital part of your business hence it should handle customer communications, any contact and follow-ups effectively. With their email delivery rate of ninety-nine percent, this should be a good toting up to your portfolio that is bulging minute by minute.

The Aweber also comes with a live chat support function which is a very useful source of advice. The time taken between correspondences is very small hence you will only be waiting for short periods of time. Their services are twenty four hours, a feature that was introduced in 2008 to accommodate different users scattered across the globe.

The Aweber auto responder has quickly gained popularity in the world over because it comes with additional features from other normal auto responders. These include useful analytic and tracking tools that have streamlined the procedures involved in conversion. It has revolutionized email marketing and enables businesses to keep a large base of reliable subscribers.

They have a support blog as well that has increased customer efficiency. This support blog is an excellent addition to their customer service, and very unique to other auto responders. They are able to churn out regular information regarding new products on the market as well as tools that their clients will find very useful as they conduct their daily businesses.

Therefore, the old traditions of seeking to make sales to regular visitors on your sites should be outdated. The auto responder will send mail to a list of subscribers on demand. This is by far the more effective means because the market is further expounded. This can generate a regular stream of visitors and prospective clients. Contacting customers by email guarantees attention and the advertisement of your product.

When you acquire an Aweber, ot is important for you to devote some time to master it. Learn how to use it as this can prove to be a little challenging. Be patient with it because it will turn out to be a very valuable part of your business. If you use it effectively, you will find that it will pay for itself within the first month that you will have used it.

In doing business online or offline, trust and traffic are the two most valuable keys that keep a business survive and thrive and Aweber is mainly created to serve these two purpose!