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Profit Academy Review-Why Listen to AnikSingal?

Becoming successful in life is everyone’s dream. People choose various paths to go on living their life up to their dream of becoming successful. The ultimate dream of all is to become an entrepreneur who makes success his or her everyday passion. AnikSingal’s Profit Academy is the place where such prospective and aspiring entrepreneurs discover their true identity as a future business magnate.

AnikSingal – Legendary Marketer and Creator of Profit Academy

AnikSingal is a finance graduate of the University of Maryland, the alma mater of hundreds of business giants and corporate leaders. He discovered his passion to make a change when he founded Affiliate Classroom in 2004 with $100 as seed money. It later became Lurn Inc. which turned into a multi-million business offering online educational programs and assistance to internet entrepreneurs, especially online marketers. He has been named a Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and twice as an Inc 500 CEO. In his career as an exceptional entrepreneur, he has influenced and changed the lives of many. Proving entrepreneurship is not his only expertise, he produced a movie in 2011 in which he played the key role. Profit Academy is one of his best creations which is dedicated to shape today’s entrepreneur to become a corporate magnate tomorrow.

Follow success? Don’t!
Let success follow you!

There are hundreds and thousands of business schools where theories are taught and exams are conducted to award ‘theoretical entrepreneurs’. At AnikSingal’s Profit Academy, entrepreneurship and the art and science of business are taught through rather practical and psychological approaches where students are trained to think and act in corporate environment. The mantra of success is not ‘do more’. It is ‘do smart’. Profit Academy is the best place for budding entrepreneurs with exceptional drive to embark on their journey to success in life.

The Ultimate Digital Business Building Course

People think digital business is too complicated and the rate of success is really low. Let us prove them wrong. Digital business is stable and extremely profitable when planned and executed with the right brains. AnikSingal’s Profit Academy offers The Ultimate Digital Business Building Course for those who want to gain the right brains to brilliantly turn their passions and unique ideas into lucrative businesses. This course provides A to Z knowledge and skills on digital business building from a basic introduction on what is digital information marketing through a comprehensive set of modules to the ultimate step of going live with your digital business.

Business Modules Overview

Setting Up Your Business

This module provides a foundation to the initial step of your booming career in digital business. It discusses the basics of digital business scenario with respect to digital information marketing, vital concerns and concepts involved with business startups and launching steps, case study synopsis and enterprise coaching.

Writing Killer Emails

Emails determine the partners a business gains and the partners it loses. It’s not about the language, the style and way of presenting information and offers also matter. This module covers a wide range of focus on how to write effective Emails using the best tips and tricks.

Case Study in Detail

This module features text on paying more attention on different kinds of Emails with respect to how to write the best responses balancing content and promotions. Raw promotion is no more effective in today’s world. Learn how to lay out the best plans for online business promotion operations.

Time to Get Traffic!

Digital business basics and Email secrets are now learnt and mastered. Gaining traffic to the business is the next step. This module presents a number of ways and means to gain traffic through the internet. It identifies most effective sources of traffic as investment traffic and free traffic separately explained with applicable examples.

Promoting Launches & Creating Big Pay Days

In Module 05, three case studies are presented as “How I’ve Made $1M from One Promotion”, “How I Promote a Webinar Series” and “How I Promote a Regular Launch”.

There are eight other such modules that take the student through the course covering each and every aspect that needs to be discussed in digital business building. With every module completed, students are guided to develop confidence and take risks to venture on to achieve success.


Scam Free Ways To Make A Living Online

Web surfers are inundated with pop-up advertisements, junk emails, and job postings that all make outrageous claims about how easy it is to make big money online. These so called job opportunities are typically an outright scam or involve online based jobs or business ideas that are next to impossible to make a living with. Ironically, the people and businesses that send these emails and post these ads do make a living online—by selling bogus materials and business plans. That being said, there are plenty of people that make a healthy living by running an online business or working online based jobs. With e-commerce set to outpace brick and mortar sales over the next ten years, the internet offers no shortage of real career opportunities.

Californians that are interested in starting a new online career or business should strongly consider working with banks in California to help manage their finances. The taxation of online sales and earnings varies from state to state; in addition, there may be new federal guidelines regarding online sales in the near future. The following are three online jobs that commonly pay more than $50k annually:

Website Blogging Developer

Learning how to use popular website and blogging software like WordPress doesn’t require obtaining a degree or taking months of classes. WordPress and other popular platforms are surprisingly easy to learn on one’s own. Blogging remains one of the key components of search engine optimization; websites of all sorts depend on blogging to drive traffic to their site and provide vital information on products and software. Developers that maintain a steady clientele base can earn upwards of $50k a year.

Internet Based Reselling

Successful web based reselling isn’t necessarily simple, but the premise is: buy stuff and resell it for a profit. Experienced resellers make a comfortable living; a select few will even strike it rich. Resellers scour all corners of the web to find bargain prices on items that are easy to unload for a quick profit. While some exclusively use the web to buy products for resale, many take advantage of auctions, yard sales, estate sales, classified listings, and the like. Success in this field often comes down to a seller’s knowledge of the value and demand of wide variety items. Sellers that focus on specific areas of expertise also have a better chance for success. This pursuit may involve a gamblers style of constant risk or a more moderate, slow and steady approach. Success is never guaranteed, but there is no shortage of people that make a living doing this.


Written content is the king of the internet. As mentioned above, written content drives the world of SEO; there is a constant demand for website copy, press releases, blogging, and numerous other types of writing. Experienced online writers take in a healthy income by developing their own websites to provide passive income via pay per click advertising and fee based access to articles and books. Freelance writers also have the potential for $50k per year earnings, provided they have enough clients and are able to produce professional quality writing on demand. Those looking for a more consistent writing gig can sign contracts with content providers or take in-office positions with local businesses.

Putting aside the sea of bogus and underwhelming online jobs, there are plenty of excellent entrepreneurial and employment opportunities on the web. Developing an online based business is no different than running a business off the web; a professional business banking plan is a must.

About the author:

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How to Make the Products Selling Effective on the Internet

There is barely a shop owner who does not seem willing to join the online marketplace by putting his products on sale. Internet selling in other words in defined as the strong urge to make money online. Merchants might be fascinated with the idea of making a web presence but they are supposed to keep it in mind that earning money from the net is as hard as it is from a physical store. Here, they need to take care of two aspects emotions and money. It is because; traders have to assure customers to offer good products without a negative impact on their finances.

Online Selling Banner

How to Make the Selling Process Work? It is all about finding right goods for sale!

In order to determine the success of this process, you need to find out that which product range will you sell worldwide? You can choose either tangible products including (clothes, digital goods, craft material and food items) or intangible products like (computer programs, eBooks and web content).

Essentiality of Building an Online Store:

Essentiality of Building an Online Store

Without an influential store, no customer is going to buy from you. For this purpose, it is suggested to appoint a web designer or a team who also has professional graphic designers. The importance of quality graphics, graphs, videos and charts is high on the web as internet is considered a risky shopping platform and these are some factors that convince the shoppers. It is certainly not enough to create an appealing store until it is incorporated with:

  • Different payment gateways for the convenience of the customers
  • Make the store quick loading to stop customers from losing their interest (Google Analytics can be used to monitor the site speed)

What Should an Online Shop Contain to Make the Sale System Robust?

What Should an Online Store Contain to make the sale robust

People who are running an online business must ensure that every product page on the shop must have its own page. Only designing a page cannot determine the boosting sale until these pages do not have each product’s description. If users’ reviews are added to these pages then these will not only make the product more reliable for customers but also add unique content to the site. Besides it, you can also try these steps:

  • Integrate a search monitoring system so that you can track what customers are looking for. By doing so you can find out the demand of the goods and it becomes possible for you to add those products.
  • Starting a blog that discuss about the product range, offers, discounts and products those are soon to be added would also be beneficial for you.

Become Customer of your Own Site:

Analyze your website from the customers’ perspective and conclude that would you like to buy products from your store if you are at shoppers place. Therefore, it is your responsibility to design your store in a way that buyers can clearly trace the signs of credibility when browsing the shop. To win the confidence of the customers, you should add a telephone number and mention the working hours of this contact number. This tactic is about to support you as people feel more convinced by talking instead of the text on the webpages.

Web Store VS Availing Traffic:

Your top priority must be building a reliable store afterwards you should start worrying about traffic. On the web, people do not look for you but they search for a credible shop, relevant information, required products and convincing price. For the sake of striking a balance between every aspect you should follow these points:

  • There must be unique CONTENT that can grab immediate attention of the visitors.
  • Your logical and theme-based content brings higher ranking in major search engines that help you attain desired TRAFFIC.
  • Now, your business is open to MONETIZING as you are able to convert your visitors into customers to earn revenue.

Regular Updating in the Website:

No one likes stale food and outdated fashion so they are not likely to appreciate old information and product descriptions in your store. Therefore, you need to try fresh sale tricks, come with up-to-date information and make store sale attractive.

On a Final Note:

These were some guidelines those were discussed to make your online selling effective as well as advantageous on the net. Thus, you are few steps away from making money from the internet.

Author Bio: David Wong is a professional author, engaged in writing diverse topics related to online shopping. One can find information abou


Why Visitors are not Converting?

Organic website traffic is important for every business website in the present day. If there is a good amount of traffic coming to your websites chances are that you will also witness more conversions and leads for your business.

Ideally more targeted traffic means more leads and business for your website however even after getting a considerable amount of traffic is not giving you enough conversions then in that case sadly, this your website’s fault . This infographic discusses some of the important reasons why people are visiting your website but bouncing back without converting.

If you are facing the similar problem here are some of the things that you can help you reduce bounce rate on your website and encourage the targeted traffic to perform desired actions on your website.

Website load time:


This can be one of the reasons why visitors are coming to your website but bouncing back without performing the desired actions. If you are an ecommerce website you will probably see higher bounce and lower conversion rate as people don’t really want to wait for hours to buy a particular product especially when people have an alternate choice that saves their time.

Few of the major reasons why page load time increases is because of the bad code, in-page CSS, Java Scripts in the header and more, the idea is to reduce the page load time by verifying the code according to the W3C standards, call CSS from the external file and add JS in the bottom of the page. Also, try not to add images that have the size of more than 1000KB.

This will reduce the page load time and visitors will continue their journey on the website without any hassle.

Pop up ads:

bds Pop up ads are another reason why people enter the website and exit right away without performing the desired actions. Pop up ads might not kill your search engine ranking positions but would defiantly hurt users’ experience. Visitors usually get frustrated and leave the website within the first minute of their journey.

In order to make your website visitors happy, ideally you should avoid the pop up ads but if this is not really possible then in that case here are the following things you could do!

  1. Always ask visitor’s permission before the ad show up on the screen, this will make them feel comfortable.
  2. Do not use pop up images on each and every page!
  3. Try to be more sophisticated with your ads instead of adding all the junk ads that disturb users to perform certain actions on the website.

These ideas, if implemented can really help you reduce down the bounce rate of your website.

Poor Usability and Layout:


If you have zero usability or your design layout is not human friendly then it is very safe to say that your bounce rate is quite high as compared to your competitors. When visitors come to the website what mainly encourage them is a better usability and attractive design but if you are missing these essential elements then you probably know what to do next!

It is fundamental to have a layout that is friendly to visitors so that they can find everything on the website within 2 to 3 clicks. Your desired goals should be prominent and your content should encourage users to take the next step. Overall your usability should be strong enough to help visitors continue their journey on the website.

Good design and better usability can actually help you decrease your bounce rate to a greater extent.

Dead Links:


Dead links on a website will not only hurt the user experience but can also hurt your search engine positions against the desired key phrases. When visitors on the website click on some link and receive a 404 message they probably try to switch the website instead of finding out the real reason of that 404 page by going back!

The idea is to kill all the dead links and make sure each link on your website is taking you to the right page. This will help visitors to continue their visit on the website and at the same time this will dramatically decrease your bounce rate and you will see better Avg. Time on site.

Reducing bounce rate have a direct impact on leads and conversions for the business so it is safe to say that actions if taken vigilantly can improve your overall lead and conversion ratio.

About the author: Justin is a professional blogger recently working for, one the best source to buy organic traffic.


Why You Need To Have A Social Business Strategy

When you hear the word ‘social’ in the business context, the first
thing that you will probably think about is the social media and
social media marketing. These are widely used by SEOs and businesses
in general to improve their scores and profits, and to reach their
customers more easily. Customers are everything in today’s world, and
showing them your inner workings and getting personal with them will
significantly improve the chances of them choosing your product.

However, social business strategy is something that you might call
completely different. Being in Australia, where the social aspects of
running a business are blooming exponentially year after year, I have
seen many people confuse these two. Social business strategy has
nothing to do with customers. It is primarily concerned with your
employees and their behavior on social networks. So, let’s answer the
first question that is on your mind.

What is social business strategy?

Social business strategy is, to say it plainly and in one sentence, a
strategy that helps your company and corporate thinking evolve,
improves the internal preparedness of your organization, bridges the
internal and the external social initiatives and creates a company
that is more collaborative and values that are shared by everyone
involved in the company (partners, customers and employees).

So, it is obvious that this strategy is concerned with the internal
workings of the company, instead of the external workings that are a
part of the social media marketing. Its primary concern is regulating
the way your employees use social media in order to promote the
company. It also regulates their training in social media
responsibilities and instructs them how to share knowledge and culture
that is related to your company. One of the major impacts that a
social business strategy has is that it helps minimize the mistakes
that your employees might make when engaging in social media for your
As I have stated that I will provide some benefits of the social
business strategy, here are a few things that should make you think
about implementing a certain social strategy in your office.

Better content

Social content is the number one challenge for SEOs and brand managers
all around the globe. It is considered to be the most important thing
in marketing today among many people who are into marketing, myself
included. The main problem for SEOs is the quality and originality of
the content that is being put forward. It is getting harder to find
new sources and new ideas for original posts. Social business strategy
can solve this problem, because it will help locate better content
sources that are not available to everyone, such as the sources that
come from your employees, partners and customers who love the brand
and want to promote it further. Also, it will help streamline the said
content and unite it into a single, flowing story that will be told by
your company.

Customer relationships

Today, with the development of the Internet and social media,
relationship with your customers has been brought onto a whole new
level. You can now get more personal with them and should they have
any complaints, they will be able to access you at anytime. So, having
a social business strategy will help you form a better connection with
your customers, because there will be people who are assigned to do
just that, work in social media customer relations. As I said,
interaction with the customers is always something that you should
strive forward, and creating a strategy will allow the brand managers
and people working in customer service to get feedback and, generally,
interact with the customers in real-time. Responding to your
customer’s problems in real-time (immediately) will help increase
their loyalty and enables you to advocate your brand.

Better analytics

Because I’m working with social media marketing and search engine
optimization, analytics is something that interests me very much.
However, there are two problems with analytics in most social
businesses, and that is that either no one is paying attention to the
analytics, or everyone is paying attention to it, but according to
different standards. There is no unified standard for analyzing social
media activity and accomplishment, and everyone has their own theory.
With social business strategy, this is eliminated. The strategy will
create its own standards that everyone in the company will have to
use, while making it obligatory to analyze what is already done. This
is especially useful when a CMO of a company that works with a lot of
brands asks for a report on what is done, because it will highlight
all the engagement, community growth and share of voice achievement.

So, I can conclude that using a social business strategy is something
that is highly recommended for businesses that operate with brands. It
will help the SEOs and social media marketers to do their job better,
because they will have the help of all employees. Since SEO is the
primary form of marketing in Australia now, I can really say that
there is no time to waste in implementing such a strategy.

Victor Daily is a tech blogger with years of experience in contributing
valuable tips and latest news with his readers. His articles have been
published on a number of industry blogs. Useful info for this article
has kindly been shared by Ninefold from Australia.


Get Paid for Your Opinion: How to Earn by Taking Online Surveys

Taking Online SurveysGet paid to take surveys — This idea of earning real income by taking surveys online was unheard of a few years ago.Today, it’s legitimate and numerous individuals have already earned thousands of dollars doing so. There are certain groups of people who really benefited from this new earning opportunity such as stay at home moms, students, retired employees and even those who have a regular day-time job but are looking for ways to augment their income.

How Do Paid Surveys Work?

The mechanics of paid online surveys are pretty straightforward. You begin by finding and signing up for a paid survey site. Some of the well-known paid survey sites are Global Test Market, Survey Spot and Survey Savvy. After you complete the registration, these sites will send you an email if they have a survey that matches your profile.

As you can see, those who get paid to take surveys are answering real market research questions from real companies and real brands. Also, you will be taking surveys as a qualified respondent because your profile (interests and buying behavior) fits the required characteristics of what the survey provider is looking for.

How Do You Get Compensated?

There are three methods for you to get compensated when you take paid surveys. The first one is through cash. A survey can earn you anywhere between $1 and $50. The second mode of compensation is by earning points which you can use to redeem rewards. Global Test Market uses this method of compensating their members. Once a member reaches 1,000 MarketPoints, he or she can exchange his or her points for rewards. Lastly, you can also be compensated through sweepstakes. Members of Survey Spot can win up to $10,000 in their quarterly sweepstakes.

Promptness in Taking the Survey

When you receive a survey in your email, make sure that you answer it and submit it promptly. Once the company who commissioned the survey has acquired enough data from a certain number of respondents, they will stop the survey and you’ll lose the earning opportunity.

Also, if the paid survey sites see that you are not taking the surveys they send you, they will lessen the number of surveys they allocate to you or stop sending your surveys altogether. This is because those who really want to get paid to take surveys and do on a regular basis.

Taking surveys is not difficult, but it’s not easy as well. Make sure that you can dedicate the needed time to accomplish surveys if you really want to earn from them.

How to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

While there are many honest-to-goodness paid survey sites, there are also fraudulent ones. You have to be aware of the warning signs, the red flags that will indicate that you are being scammed.

First, most legitimate paid survey sites such as Global Test Market, Survey Spot and Savvy Survey offer free membership.

Second, if the offer or compensation is too good to be true, then there’s a good chance that it is indeed too good to be true. Look at industry standards. If a certain paid survey site promises you the moon and the stars, then be cautious.

Third, legitimate paid survey sites should not ask for your credit card information or your social security number. They don’t need these data to do business with you. Identity theft and credit card fraud are still rampant and scammers can pretend as paid survey sites just to defraud you.

Also, don’t forget to read the fine print and the terms and conditions of these paid survey sites. It’s human nature to skip these terms and conditions because no one really wants to read all the legal stuff. When it comes to getting paid to take surveys, you cannot not read the fine print. If there’s something that you do not understand, feel free to contact the site managers or administrators to clarify certain points. This will also give you a gauge of the level of support the site gives to its members. It’s a measure of how prompt they are or if they even reply at all.

People who get paid to take surveys do get financial rewards, but you need to know the basics before you engage in this earning opportunity.


10 Compelling Reasons Why Business Blogging Works

Blogging is becoming less of a standalone model and more as part of businesses. In other words, businesses are using the format of blogging to engage their audience, provide customer support and information to its readers cum potential customers. Blogs are turning into an appendage for businesses, giving rise to the new trend of business blogging. In this article, we will highlight 10 compelling reasons why business blogging works.

blogging for busines

(1)  Increases business readership

If you see few business blogs started in the last couple of years, they were more promotional in nature. In other words, those blogs contained information about the business products and services. Blogs were self servicing in nature. However, post-2010 the trend has undergone significant change with business owners realizing the need for a ‘real’ blog that informs the reader and doesn’t force feed business products and services with every blog post. Therefore, business blogs are targeted to focus on their readership base with the purpose of imparting knowledge about the relevant business or industry.

(2)  It is a means of driving traffic.

Every business blog today has a blog. In fact, some of them are so well optimized that readers land on a particular blog page first and then go the homepage to view the business details. The homepage usually contains the business proposition like About, Pricing, Testimonials and Blog category. Good search engine optimized business blogs is a means of driving traffic.

(3)  It is not time consuming.

Unlike the typical blogging model where the blog is the main source of revenue generation, the business blogs are different. The business blogs are a supporting factor in the main business and not the main source of income generation. A business depends on various sources to earn; blogging is just a source among many. Therefore, business blogs are not time consuming. Usually businesses hire a blogger or outsource the task to write meaningful and business-relevant content per month and the business concentrates on wide promotion.

(4)  Helps to create social media buzz

There have been instances where businesses have been able to create social media buzz around its products because they harnessed the power of blogging. Sometimes businesses launch their blog before they go online with products. Using the blog, they connect with other authority bloggers in the same niche and strive to share the business blog content. Once they feel to have gained a sufficient presence online, they move on to second base, that is, formally launch their business products or services.

(5)  Use blog to build expert status

Business blogging is the best way to establish oneself as an expert or authority in any niche. This is an extension of the previous point. For instance, you want to start a business on selling self-made Thesis skins. You may find that even though there are a lot of Thesis skin sellers, there is no substantial authority figure on this and thus, you decide to use this opportunity to position your business brand as an authority figure. Once you do and then roll out business products, there is a higher chance of conversion.

(6)  Dependence on Free Classified websites

Most of the online businesses make use of free classified websites to display ads about their product and services. Often these ads are linked back to the business blog or the main business homepage. These ads successfully send meaningful traffic back to both categories and thus, their business blogging gains more relevance to offer a better ROI.

(7)  Be Visible on Search Engines

The main reason why business blogging works is because it helps to increase search engine visibility. You should be aware that Google, the major search engine, is taking steps to ensure relevancy in search engine results. To do this, one of their considerations is to rank active websites higher than others. Thus, if you use blogging for your business, you have higher chances of ranking higher than competition. Of course, to achieve this, you need on-page and off-page SEO expertise.

(8)  Not only B2C but B2B also

Business blogging not only helps in reaching out to consumers (B2C) but also helps to reach other businesses (B2B). In other words, a business can use blogging to reach both B2C and B2B models of online engagement. You could form partnerships, get invited to seminars, host webinars, issue business white papers and form other kinds of business alliances.

(9)  Get Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Through business blogging, you will come across customers who upon using your products or services become a loyal customer and loyal brand ambassador. Such is the power of business blogging. Blogging is a free networking medium. All you need to do is reach out to the right audience base and everything else falls into place.

(10) Better ROI (return on Investment)

The users of the business blogging model believe that it gives better ROI than other methods, comparatively. Think about it – if you believe in the product and it has USP, all you have to do is reach out to a buyer base. Blogging is one way to reach this buyer base and that too with less investment as compared to other paid advertising methods.

To conclude, business blogging is definitely a lucrative way to do ‘business’ because it actually works.

Author Bio :This Guest Post is contributed by Priyanka- an internet marketing strategist and a part time blogger. Currently working with – a  free classified site where you can search and post free online ads to promote your business at larger scale.




Most Inspirational Business Quotes & Best Motivational Life Quotes

If you study these wisdom carefully, your though, actions, business and life will be changed.


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Innovative Promotional Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Revenues

You have a great product, your website is set up, and you are ready to sell your product or service. What comes next? There are some tactics you can employ to boost your revenues—namely promotions. Offering free delivery, “buy two get one free,” free gifts, discount codes, and rewards programs can not only create more revenue by encouraging sales, but can bring you brand loyalty and word of mouth advertising, boosting your revenues and growing your ecommerce brand.

Free Delivery Over a Certain Amount

Delivery charges can ruin an otherwise great price on a product. If you can offer free shipping, you can alleviate this extra cost for your customer. In addition, free shipping can be the deciding factor between you and a competitor. While paying the shipping charges does eat into your profit, you can offset this cost by only offering it for purchases over a certain amount, or by researching different cost-saving measures with your shipping companies. In the long run, you will save money and increase your revenues by better sales and customer loyalty.

Buy 2 Products, Get One Free

Another promotion that increases revenue is the “buy 2 get 1 free” sale. Customers like to get anything for free, but in reality, what you are offering is a percentage off of the sale (in this case, about one third off). You can program a pop-up into your purchasing area so that when a customer adds one of the promotional products into their cart, a message encourages them to select another so they can get the free “bonus” product. The excitement of the deal and the free product will help drive the sale.

Free Gift If You Buy 2 Products

The free gift is similar to the buy 2 get 1 free deal. The difference is that the gift is not something you can regularly purchase, or is a limited edition of a product. Cosmetic companies use this type of promotion in department stores to sell product by giving a bonus makeup kit with samples of other products. Your company can do the same. Be creative with your gift and you will have customers who will purchase whatever they need to in order to get the free gift.

Discount Code on Next Purchase

A discount code is used on a website the same way a paper coupon would be used in a brick and mortar store. By inputting the code into an area in the checkout screen of the website, a certain percent off is given. Be creative with your discount codes. You can offer the code simply for the next purchase, or you can encourage more spending by offering the code, but make it a percent off of a $50 purchase. Not only do you reward the customer for purchasing from your site, you also encourage the repeat purchase and give your customer a sense of loyalty as you give them this “gift.”

Reward Points for Each Dollar Spent

Reward points programs encourage repeat spending by offering points that can be built up over several purchases. The more the customer spends, the more points they accumulate. You can choose what kinds of rewards are available, but it is best to give the customer some choice over what they will redeem their points for, be it for free product or for dollars off of a future purchase. It is important that the program show the points accumulated in real time and allow redemption right away in order for the customer to stay excited about the program.

Promotions such as reward points, free gifts with purchase, buy two get one free, and coupon codes can be a creative way to not only get customers to your site but to increase loyalty and repeat spending. By offering these incentives to customers, you will drive up your sales and boost your eCommerce revenue.

Richard is an eCommerce consultant, who has helped many businesses to improve their online revenues. Richard has a BA in Computer Science and is a Magento qualified developer. When he is not working, Richard enjoys blogging.


Making Your Email Marketing Compliment Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

As the economy plunges deeper, more and more people are looking to different means of making money. Thanks to the internet age, there are opportunities that let people earn residual income through different online marketing strategies such as email marketing and affiliate marketing. The process of affiliate marketing is relatively easy – if you (affiliate marketer) own a blog or site with a steady following, an advertiser may choose to advertise on your site and you get commission whenever you forward visitors from your site to the advertiser’s site.

To help you grasp affiliate marketing concretely, let’s say you blog about photography. You’ve established a following, and Nikon notices you’ve got a bunch of followers that listen to your advice. Nikon contacts you to publish articles about their products, probably some positive reviews and demos with links to their site. If you get visitors from your site to visit Nikon’s site and make purchases then you get commission. Though there are different ways to measure how you are paid – cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA) and cost per sale (CPS).

Many are jumping the affiliate marketing bandwagon because of its low-cost startup and highly rewarding revenue. But, as the internet marketing landscape evolves, it is easy to stumble upon ineffective ways as an affiliate marketer. In this article, we will discuss 8 ways to strengthen your affiliate marketing endeavors through email marketing.


  1. Position Yourself As An Expert

It is a fallacy when people say that affiliate marketing, or blogging for that matter is easy. Firstly, it requires from the blogger or site owner an extensive knowledge of the niche they are in. You will not generate a following if you are only a mild connoisseur of the niche content your site provides. People are always looking for new content that is both unique and riveting. Before any success is reached, you must first pay your dues and establish yourself as an expert in the things you say. How can you solicit people’s contact details if they do not trust you and the content you feed them?

  1. Create A Mailing List

Most affiliate marketers will only forward traffic to their advertiser’s site without soliciting their email. Research shows that visitors do not purchase on their first visit on the site. Therefore, if you are unable to catch their email details, you will not get a chance to elaborate and convince them to buy the product you are marketing – and for future clients as well.

  1. Don’t Sell Through Email

Most marketers aggressively sell in emails, but more often than not, it scares people. What you should do is put relevant but interesting content that leads to the website. If you sell through email, they will probably just ignore it, because it might be a scammer looking to swindle their money.

  1. Avoid Spammer/Scammer Looking Email Subjects

This is in conjunction with #3. People will easily ignore your emails if it has suspicious subject heads. The truth is that there are a swarm of web bandits who take advantage of email marketing strategies and use it as a scam. Even though people do need extra income, do not put unrealistic tags on your subject – like, make a thousand dollars we’ll leave that to the scammers and spammers. Make sure that your email subject picks their curiosity and leads them to visit your site.

  1. Build Reputation Through Awesome Email Content

This is the counterforce for #3 and #4. And mind you, it takes heart and commitment to hunt for awesome content. Your email marketing content should just be bread crumbs that entice your potential clients to follow to your site. It is said over and over again, no matter how clever your corner-cutting gimmicks are content will always be king. Great content will always be what: lures visitors to your site, keeps them in your site and leads them to the most important action – buying.

  1. Give Incentives To Email Subscribers

Because of social media, there has been a cloud of buzz regarding privacy. Also because of spammers and scammers, it is getting increasingly hard to get people’s emails. Notwithstanding, we shouldn’t give up, instead we should give. Giving freebies or coupons and discounts are great strategies to solicit people’s emails.

  1. Drive Traffic Not Only To Your Website But To Your Affiliate’s As Well

Build your network. Two heads are better than one. It is also good SEO practice to have as many links pointing to your site. Not only do you boost your ranking, but you also establish a good network. In your emails, don’t forget to post links to your affiliate marketer’s site as well.

  1. Follow Through

When you have created a mailing list, use it to your advantage, but don’t abuse it. Some people will pay to buy email lists, but if you promised your visitors that their contact details are kept private, then don’t sell them. Follow through on your word. You wreck your credibility and people will never give contact details to you again.

Affiliate marketing is an easy, yet effective marketing endeavor that fosters a win-win situation for all three parties who are involved in it – the affiliate marketer, the advertiser and the buyer. It makes it easier for the buyer to find products they are looking for, whilst the affiliate marketer and advertiser get more revenue.

Author Bio:

Celina Conner continues to provide high quality content about web marketing, business start up techniques, web design and a lot more topics. She is a holder of a Diploma in Business in Martin College Australia.