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The Curious Case of Google Authorship

Google Authorship remains an enticing search feature for writers, bloggers, subject matter experts and internet experts. The concept of seeing your name and image on the SERPs along with your article seems good for social engagement, brand building and digital marketing. Most of us who have been following Google Authorship’s appearance on search results would note that there is definitely some variance in numbers. It is evident that the number of freelance writers, bloggers, professional taking up writing for information sharing purposes are going up every day, but Authorship impressions remain more or less the same in search results.

So how does Google handle Authorship snippets on SERPs?

The answer is a little critical and difficult to grasp, and many would find it to be ambiguous. In December 2013, Mark Traphagen, from, had pointed out that the search engine giant is removing authorship snippets in order to improve quality. In his article, Mark had quoted Matt Cutts, the Google’s Grim Reaper of Search Spam, regarding authorship results. As per that study, it was underlined that snippet-rich results will eventually decrease, since Google believes snippets indicate content is written by an expert author and must be valuable and informative.

There are three sides to this story. Let’s cover one at a time.

Established Authors – These writers are experts of their area and like to share their studies, key research insights and theories. They don’t care about their names, images or snippets being shown on SERPs, since they give more emphasis on their content and information that they project. Notable mentions would be Danny Sullivan, Vanessa Fox, etc.


Amateur Authors – These writers aspire to become the established ones, but they haven’t yet created a name for themselves in the industry. Hence, authorship remains crucial for their profile as it lends authenticity to their work, which I believe is reaped with hard work and research. Example would be guys like me.


Wannabe Marketers – These guys rely on Google Authorship purely for marketing and promoting their product or websites. It is this class of authors that the search engine giant intends to decrease in numbers and remove from the SERPs. I believe Google filters these authors with the ‘rel=author’ and ‘rel=publisher’ markup. The dim-witted wannabes would have wrong markings – rel=author goes with blog and G+ profile, whereas rel=publisher if for linking blog and G+ page. There is a difference and most try to manually bypass this coding for getting snippet-rich results.


This is completely unnecessary as there is a better and more reliable option of verification by email, besides showing snippets rests solely in the hands of Google. It is entirely up to Google, if it’s algorithm feels your image is required then it will show it with the article, otherwise it won’t. The following images indicate what I mean.


 (example of snippet-rich authorship result)


(Example of authorship with just author’s G+ profile link)


What lies ahead for Google Authorship?

Mark had opined that search snippets will decrease over time. It may be contextually correct, but the latest empirical data indicates that the numbers are still rising in favor of authorship. Just like Mark, I used the MOZ’s Google SERP Feature Graph. The data is for the last 30 days and shows authorship results going by more than 1 per cent.


Source –

It shows that authorship impressions remain an important component of Google’s search results, but still no concrete data is emerged regarding its real-time significance in content quality and filtering web spam. Only time will tell how Google determines the correlation between authorship and content value.


Google Authorship isn’t dependent on your social makeup, background or number of Twitter Followers. If your content provides value to the community then it will be honored and respected by Google, which is evident from their so many claims regarding value content and quality information sharing tactics. So what does this mean for your authorship? Well, it is too early to comment on anything, since Google owns the master key to all search related concepts which is only used for updating algorithm and removing spam. Hence, if you follow Google’s guidelines strictly and fly under radar, chances are that you won’t get punished. However, if the entire community takes up the path that acts against the idea of quality search, then everybody will face the wrath of Google and authorship might become just a page of history.

About the Author :-

This guest post is written by Aman Prateek. He is a freelance article writer who writes on web and SEO announcements and best companies. He recommends the services offered by Searcheccentric for your business project. The company offers quality services at best prices.


What are the benefits of SEO and PPC to businesses?

With so many new businesses popping up, such as the increase in online retailers, competition for attracting new customers is fierce. There are many ways in which a company can market and advertise their products and website to new potential consumers and this is often done online.

Online marketing is affordable and effective. It can be a simple way to attract new traffic to a website.SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is commonly used by many businesses around the world to help increase their web hits by ranking them high up in the search engine results. Using relevant keywords and key phrases throughout a site’s content can increase the rankings on sites such as Google. It improves what is known as the visibility of a site in the ‘natural’ or ‘unpaid’ search results (also known as ‘organic’). The idea is that the higher up a site is listed in a results page for a certain search criteria, the more likely a web surfer is to click on it, as it is easily viewable. This in turn will increase a website’s traffic, building upon a new customer base and therefore boosting profits.SEO is able to target various types of searches, such as image, local, video and academic searches, as well as news and industry specific.

PPC stands for pay per click and is another popular form of internet marketing. It is sometimes also known as cost per click. It simply directs traffic to a website, where the advertiser pays the website owner when an ad is clicked on their site. It is on a commission basis and therefore can be an appealing option for many businesses.

In the case of ads on search engines, advertisers bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their target market. Generally, content sites charge a fixed fee per click as opposed to a bidding system. Display ads, also known as banner ads, are very commonly used.

There are many other forms of internet marketing. Email marketing is where newsletters are sent out to existing customers that have signed up to receive news. Discounts and promotions can be offered in this way to target each individual and entice them to spend more money with the company, as they will often get some money off their purchase, or free delivery for example.

Social media marketing is also increasing. Ads can be placed on social networks, such as Facebook, and there is even an option to ‘promote’ a post in order to increase the amount of people that it reaches. Many companies use Twitter and Facebook to promote deals, launch competitions, update customers with news and even answer any queries. The use of hashtags can even get certain tweets trending and help to boost the profile of a company to a wider market and new potential customers.

Viral campaigns can also be effective. Promotional videos can be shot and placed on Youtube, then shared on social networks. If they are funny or different, these often spread around the internet like wildfire and can therefore be another useful marketing tool.

There are many companies that offer services such as SEO and PPC, and Broadplace Advertising is just one of them.


Advantage Canada Domain Name for Your Business

If you want to have a website for your company, the first thing you look for is a domain name to refer to your business. Likening Office address, if you want everyone to know that you or your company is located in Canada then you should search for domains that have the suffix. ca or identity for Canadian domain, this is the same that it’s almost like the flag State or the identity of your company as a symbol of the country code Top Level Domain.


Domain suffix for Canadian domains is .ca; it is useful to inform the world that the company you are from Canada. Canadian Internet Domain Registration Authority has arranged that the tenant or the .ca Domain users is an organization located in Canada, museums in Canada and indigenous peoples of Canada. This is a great advantage to show your clients or cyberspace surfers that your company is in Canada just by looking at your domain name. Thus, your credibility has been tested.


Very important to get your domain .ca in a long time, then you can order and use it to 10 years, after that you can renew the domain for you have. This is very important, because if you forget to extend the active period of the domain, then you can just lose that domain and you have to start from scratch to get the domain .ca. Skein that you, too, will most likely not be able to use your old domain address because most likely you’ve been in the domain market domain auction.


Now wait for what else, Discover Canadian domain names to obtain a bigger profit from now on.


Common SEO Problems and How to Solve Them

By Ben Oren, Head Consultant at Dynamic Search

Hold your horses, newbies!

Before an individual sets sail into the rough and significantly saturated waters of internet marketing, having a foresight on some of the common search engine optimization roadblocks along the journeycould serve an aspiring internet marketer really well. Knowing these common pit-holes could save them some time in consulting SEO specialists by applying a quick fix of their own.

Signpost pointing to problems and solutions.

Arguably the most ubiquitous of all SEO-related problems is a scenario called URL case mismatching. This situation occurs when a server that hosts a particular website only responds to queries of uppercased letters. When queried using the opposite nature, the server does not redirect or rewrite the URL text, hence opening a window for duplicate indexes or pages – which is a big No, No in SEO. Most of the time, occurrences of this scenario happens on .Net powered websites. For that reason, the solution to this problem entails some minor tweaking on an IIS 7 server.

The fix is a module for rewriting URLs which can be downloaded on the IIS website. When downloaded and installed, an option for enforcing lowercase URLs can be readily seen in the user interface. Setting this up to activate the uppercase to lowercase rewrite rule should get the job done.

Having more than one instance of a website’s homepage is another common headache for SEO specialists and their clients. And guess what, these instances also often happen in .Net websites! But in all fairness to .Net, these dilemmas are also present in other platforms.  In .Net websites, duplicate homepages could be similar to this URL:; or and for other platforms.

The first step in solving this problem is finding all the duplicate URLs pointing to the homepage. While one could easily guess common duplicate URLs such as the abovementioned, several undetected and uncommon URLs could also be pointing to the homepage owing to differing URL structures of different platforms. So the best path to take is searching for the site’s homepage title. This would entail a crawling of the website, generating a CSV output of the crawl, and filtering the results by META title column. Similar META titles with the site’s homepage title are duplicate instances of the homepage.

Now, to tell the search engines to disregard these duplicates and instead only index the original homepage, a 301 redirect should come in handy. A 301 redirect is an HTTP response status code that tells the search engine that the page it has landed on has moved permanently to another URL. It is Google-recommended, so it should be the best trick around!

Problem Solved Green Road Sign

If you have religiously followed the article, you must have noticed one glaring trend: SEO’s mortal enemy is duplication. If you want to get even more insights, you should read this on-page guide. With that saying, the last common problem this post shall tackle is the duplication of in-site content. While Google has claimed that there is no such thing as ‘duplicate content penalty’, content duplication within a site could still hurt its search engine rankings. And there is one ultimate trick to solve this problem: provide unique content as much as possible. Search engines have long caught up with several manipulation techniques. If you play their game and play by their rules, you should be all ready to let your horses go.


7 Characteristics of a Great SEO Agency

Finding a good SEO agency is important to developing your business in the extremely competitive online world. If you are engaged in Internet marketing Perth, you will need to know what specific things make an SEO agency worth hiring. Here are seven qualities you need to look for:

1. Solid reputation and high ranking among customers

You could probably say that this quality applies to every person or business that you hire, from your plumber to your gardener. However, it is especially important when searching for an SEO agency. Fortunately, finding out information about a company’s performance is easy in this Internet age we live in. There are plenty of websites you can go to in order to read reviews from customers of various SEO agencies. You can also get some references by asking friends, family and people you trust if they can give you any suggestions. If you are researching a reference to see how the SEO agency has helped them, you should find out how much the traffic on their site has been increased since they hired the SEO agency. Brand recognition of those companies is another thing you should look into.

2. Customer support

You never know when you will need to talk to your SEO agency, but it would be nice to know that they will be easy to reach if you ever need to. Some SEO agencies are notorious for disappearing off the face of the Earth after your initial payment clears. Ideally, you want a company that you can reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At the very least, they should be able to call you back within two hours of you calling them. Once you get them on the phone, you want an SEO agency that can answer your questions efficiently without having to call you back later. Time is money, especially when it comes to your online business.

3. Honesty

We have all heard or read the horror stories of new and naive companies getting mixed up with dishonest firms making promises that they have no intention of keeping. You should always be weary of any SEO agency that claims to have some type of relationship with one or more of the major search engines, allowing them to guarantee that your company will get the best search results. Likewise, avoid any SEO agency that makes a blanket claim that they can definitely get you top placements in the organic results. There is no SEO agency that has any type of relationship or agreement with Google or any of the other search engines. No SEO agency can guarantee results. An honest firm will not make you any promises, they will simply increase your chances of raising your visibility. References are key.

4. Experience

While it is true that no SEO agency can guarantee top search placements, the best agencies can come close. When you are doing Internet marketing Perth, you want to find an SEO agency with an impressive portfolio that can show a clear history of success. You should be able to see that their clients have benefited from working with them. One of the only methods for marketing where you can accurately track ROI dollar for dollar is SEO. Therefore, they should be able to provide you with their credentials and results.

5. Be realistic

SEO agencies that have seemingly unrealistic goals should be a red flag. If the agencies prices seem like they are too good to be true, there is a good chance they probably are. It is common for some SEO agencies to offer bargain prices because they claim to have only one employee. However, a one man operation may not be able to give you the results you are seeking, so be careful. If SEO is done correctly, it takes many hours, so one person would not be able to perform SEO service for more than one client.

6. Ethics

Unfortunately, there are many SEO firms that use “black hat” techniques as a means of improving search results. These can include spamming, doorway pages and invisible text. While it may be possible for these black hat SEO agencies to provide results at a faster pace than ethical agencies, the techniques they employ are not allowed by major search engines. The results usually do not last long and a company can be dropped from ranking consideration if they are caught using these techniques. This would obviously destroy any hope of building your business.

7. Transparency

An SEO campaign should not involve any smoke and mirrors. All of the top SEO agencies involved in Internet marketing Perth will be happy to share all information about their SEO strategies that their clients request. This type of communication and being open with one another is a key to overall SEO success.

About the author: 

White Chalk Road is Perth’s leading online marketing and SEO agency and consists of a small team of dedicated SEO professionals and paid search adverstising consultants.Visit our website today at


How to Build the Ideal Backlink Profile for your Website

Backlinks – it’s one of those words filled with meaning though no definition really sticks longer than a couple months. Suddenly, a new expert article is pumped out and SEO specialists jump up and down repeatedly about the reliability and essential nature of these slippery features of results orientated strategy, but do you really need them? The short answer is yes, a healthy backlink profile can improve your rankings across the board. But how to build one? Instead of throwing around vague advice or two-penny ideas, Search Factory are here to explain the What’s and Why’s of building a backlink profile.

Why Do I Need Backlinks?

There are a couple of reasons to start cobbling together a robust profile, mostly centered around SEO. Rankings are determined by a formula of algorithm changes, internet crawlers and content strategies, all swirling together into a balanced dish of optimization – at least in theory. Crawlers target links, they love links, in fact, they can’t survive without them. By including positive links in your profile, you may boost your position as crawlers move to index these influential sites; this link soup facilitates the development of trust, creating a relationship of value between your website and the search engine.

What Kind of Links Should I Collect?

The sad fact remains, not all links are created equal. Though they’re relatively easy to earn, the incoming links from kitschy cooking blogs or the never-read online diary of your best friend aren’t sites to drive your image into the stratosphere; they’ll pretty much do absolutely nothing, neither helping nor hindering website advancement. Be on the look-out for high page authority and rank, consistent social shares and relevance to your audience. How does the back-linked site relate to your blog or business? What will readers get out of your links? Are the informative? Often visited? How often do they update? Are people sharing the content? Is every page unique? Use tools like Moz to get you on the right track.

What Links Should I Avoid?

If you were working away at a housing foundation, you wouldn’t use dirt, straw or the cesspit to provide the supports for your dream home. Similarly, backlinks fed from spam sites, unrelated sites and adult websites come complete with a set red flashing letters. Wrong Way, Go Back. Though some sites do make it to number one using shady tactics, a fast rise to stardom is followed by a hard fall into the dust, further penalized for trying to put one over the search engine crawlers. In the casual sense, stay out of a bad neighborhood; similar to open society, bad online neighborhoods refer to links generated by wank-bait, gambling, and drugs pages. Broken links also pose a problem, as do coding errors, redirect problems and link farms (buying hundreds of unrelated links just to boost numbers in the short term).

Building a health link profile is time-consuming, no doubt about it. It’s importance to your continued online success makes the minutes spent at the desktop well worth it.

About the author:

Written by Jessica Hannah, a member of the Search Factory team in Brisbane.


Why Keyword Research Needs A Strong Human Component

There are a number of quality tools out there that can help generate keywords for various websites.  A few include Google’s Keyword Tool, Rio SEO, SEM Rush, and Wordstream.  These tools all have different algorithms that generate keyword suggestions.  However, instead of a grand solution, these tools only provide direction and a good place to start when mining for keywords. So don’t make the mistake of relying too heavily on these tools and run the risk of limited opportunity.

The Human Component

SEOs can often do more than manage a social media marketing campaign with set parameters.  Before launching an SEO or AdWords campaign, Wpromote offers SEOs a unique opportunity to get started off on the right foot by integrating themselves into online communities on a variety of social media platforms that can range from classic forums on niche websites to following influential Twitter campaigns.  Being a part of social media can give SEOs and Internet Marketers a chance to really get to know their audience.  They can successfully conduct “covert market research” by doing some of the following:

  • Join an online forum, express interest in the topic, and ask questions from the community.
  • Read social media postings to get a good idea of what the lingo for certain terms is as well as what jargon is popular and what is never used.
  • Find interests that your target audience has that may or may not directly relate to the product you are currently marketing.

The process of getting to know your target audience has changed dramatically.  It is faster, easier, and gives an opportunity for more valuable data to be acquired.  Instead of coming up with ideas promoted by popular media, SEOs can come up with ideas for unique and valuable keywords that they can take ownership of.

Keyword Suggestions From Social

First, do NOT introduce yourself on a social media platform as a SEO.  Instead, introduce yourself as someone who is new to a specific industry and would like to learn more about it.  In general, covert keyword research is more effective if you leave the SEO part out of your “Hello social media forum” introduction.  The rest is true.  You are a person interested in learning more about a certain niche industry or community.

What To Look For

There are a number of keyword nuances that many people overlook.  For example, some online communities tend to always use perfect grammar, but other online communities commonly use “texting language” or other forms of shorthand.  Some things to notice are listed below:

  • Note writing styles.  Would your audience be more likely to spell “antioxidants” “anti-oxidants”?
  • Does your audience like to post titles in the form of questions?
  • How important is geographic location to your niche audience?

Put It All To Together

SEOs are responsible for melding qualitative and quantitative data into a meaningful and comprehensive SEO marketing plan.  Anticipate a good amount of trial and error.  A cardinal rule of Internet Marketing should be that SEOs always should be open to change and on the lookout for something new, better, and practically unused.

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13 Tips for Effective Landing Page Conversion

Are bounce rates in your landing page making a fuss? Are you still wasting your precious time and investment in unnecessary PPC campaigns? Fed up with your bosses complaints about your achievements and median conversion rate? Don’t know how to cope up with these problems?

Landing page

Well, you are not alone who stuck in these troubles! In fact, there is no lack of those online marketers who lose their lots of precious time and effort only in designing their website and still busy in emails, online ads and other outbound communications but they have no time in making their own landing pages.

What is Landing Page?

A landing page is just a page in which you have to drive on visitors by using your emails, Facebook Page or any other online ad campaigns. And these are the landing pages which can mean difference between your visitors turned into your customers or clients or making them bounce away.

Simply speaking, the main aim of landing page is to engage them enough that they will be forced to take an action which might be subscribing for newsletters, registering their email addresses for new offers, downloading an ebook or buying a product directly.

Tips To Optimize Landing Page

1. Add relevant contents: On the landing page, make sure you have added the content which is meaningful and more relevant to the content added in your email copy. Visitors can be confused if landing page content is different with your outbound marketing copy and the bounce rate can increase rapidly.

2. Keep everything simple: Information in your landing page must be clear and concise. Wherever possible, add bulleted lists which can hit the mind quickly. Three sentences are sufficient to communicate the point.

3. Be straightforward: Landing page should be of high-quality for the marketing of your offered service or product. Don’t add advertisements and links for other webpage which can distract the mood of your visitors.

4. Stay focused: One landing page should be dedicated to only one service or product. Never ever try to promote more than one product of service in same landing page.

 questtion ma

5. Add facts rather than sweeping statements: Always try to add facts rather than generalities. For example, buy now to get 40% off rather than just buy now.

6. Call of action must be clear: Clearly speak to your visitors what they should do now. For instance, add buttons of “Buy Now”, “Click here to download”, “Enter your Name” and “Your Email address” and anything with bold text of call of action.

7. Text should be readable: Don’t only concentrate on artistic design. In addition, you should make the content easy to read. After all, they are the words which can sell your product.

8. Don’t use navigational links: Don’t give your visitors any reason due to which your visitors can bounce away without taking any action. In this way, avoid the use of navigational links, if it is possible for you.

9. Don’t add too much images and graphical effects: If you are commencing a business which needs audio and video introduction for presentation, try to add visual effects as less as you can. Again, only words can make your business productive. Graphics and images are supporting contents to ease communication. That’s it!

10. Strictly avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes: First impression counts here a lot! Visitors never make business with amateur or slapdash organization. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are the killers of your sale. So, edit them carefully.

11. Take it personally: If you can, make your test personal to interact with your potential clients. In this way, you can add lots of “you” and “your” in the content.

12. Text should be clear and easy to understand: Don’t use jargons and colloquialism which are the evils of your all marketing efforts. In this way, you can use easy-to-understand phrases and terms. Sentences should be short and phrases should be in active voice.

13. Add contact details: Legitimate and genuine businesses have one common sign which is contact details including office address, contact no and email address. People who love your offer and those who are quite uncomfortable with online business, contact details can generate image of secure business with you.

Bottom Line

When a bad landing page is the evil of all marketing efforts of the business owners, a well-designed landing page can boost up conversion rate and appreciate your efforts in landing page ganerator. It doesn’t matter you have non-profit organization, small business or a political campaign, an effective and appealing landing page is the power of your marketing efforts.


4 Most Effective Strategies To Help Succeed in Local SEO

sfaInternet has now become the backbone of all types of trade and commerce. Most people depend largely on it and with each day the degree of dependence is simply getting higher. If one looks into the present day market scenarios, a lot of functions are directly based on the Internet. It has become the widest platform for promoting a particular service or goods. There are many marketing

Image Credit : Local SEO

experts who have researched very well in this direction and have come up with their own conclusions. But in a nutshell, one needs to be able to harness the possibilities offered by a search engine for success.

So how does the search engine come into the picture? The search engine is what is used to search anything on the net. If the link of a particular business is displayed at the first five links of the search engine results, they have the highest chances of getting clicked. The lower the links are displayed the lesser are the chances of the link to be clicked by the user. So, one should always try to have the particular link of one’s business displayed at high ranks with the search engine. But how does one go around with this?

If one is not so new to the business of sites and online trade practices, one can say that the following set of tactics packs the best punch for success. The set consists of:

1.       Use of the most effective keywords:

The keywords generated for the content should be regularly checked to find out how well it is doing with the most commonly used search engines. It will give one a better idea for developing targeted keywords for each relevant product or service. If one does not find one’s link within the first seven displayed links, there is a huge room for improvement.

2.       Understand where you are in the world

One must find out the nearest trade zone to the current location so that one will not just be present on the local search engines but will also be detected well in other searches. One may target the business locally but should not miss out on the bigger picture. This is incorrect and the business may not be able to target all its potential customers to the expected levels.

3.       Maintain NAP consistency

This is a very important factor to take care of. The NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. One’s firm may be listed in many places online as per the requirements and the potential clients will try to contact on the basis of the data provided online. So if there is no consistency between the NAP, then the firm is going to pay for it and lose clients. This factor is very important if one wants to connect well with all the users on Google. This mistake too can happen very easily.

4.       Gathering reviews

If one is able to gather reviews online from the customers for their business services, it increases the credibility of the firm. If the particular firm has been able to gain more positive reviews, the chances of people to get associated with it are higher.


Google is the most commonly used search engine worldwide. So the way they display their search results is very important to the online business firms. Google has provided the unique “7-pack” setting for the firms which are able to make the most of the above mentioned agendas. Many firms have changed themselves and have employed these tactics to register a positive growth. So now one knows how to get the business more search engine oriented!

Author Bio :

Mathew Albrecht is an SEO consultant are affordable and he will ensure that you get the desired results.


SEO: Past, Present & Future to Help Your On-Page

On page optimization has very important part in the search engine optimization because it even bigger ranking factor due to the Google panda updates. Because of, each update of Google panda has the purpose according to the people the most relevant answer to the question as quick as aaapossible. So you should understand the Google purpose and it helps the website owners for building the website compared to other search engines. The guidance about the Google how to build a quality website based on the user queries. Most probably the Google will search the website based on the relevant keywords or phrases.  The basic element has making the relevant key which to be supported to the SEO process. The on-page SEO has given more importance to making the prefect keywords based on your business website.  The detail history about the SEO process and how to optimize the website based on the SEO tactics. The essential parameters are:

Keyword Meta tags

The keywords tags are very important factor and mainly used for early search to help the search engine bbbfactor as well as you should understand the tags what the special things are available for maintaining the website with the support of SEO process? While majority of websites are no longer have the Meta keywords in the source code. The main use of the meta keyword tags are not a part of ranking the website and it is the best to delete the tags since it shows the competitor what set of keywords are used you are easily targeting the resource.

Description of Meta tag

The Meta tag description has supported to help the search engines know what page is about and helpful to the visibility of website, but it is no longer consider as the ranking factor. The description tag has still cccvery useful because it has help improve the click through rate and easily your keyword as at the top position on the search engine page. The main thing has description of Meta tags should contain the keywords that help understand the website is relevant to a search query. So make sure about the description tag that support to the content page.

Title element of the content page

The page title is a very important part of on-page optimization and it helps the search engines what the page is about your website.dddIt still very useful over the years and title tag has being display at the search engine result page. The maximum length of title has typical 70 character based on the Google search engine factors to find the title element, but it is very essential to make the website quality and improve the ranking position. As well as, try to use the reasonable click actions for your title with specifically use the title name.

Heading tags

There is a great deal of deliberate in the SEO process and it helps the website ranking position organically. And, have the wonderful features and still provide the best resource to make the things based on the website. So you should optimize the heading tags and try to include the keywords as well as make sure about the heading tag per page. Use the largest physical font size to smallest on the page based on your requirement.



Image optimization has very effective and it is one the key factor for on-page optimization. So you should give the importance to place the right image on the right web content as well as include the as possible as specify the keywords.

The important thing is ranking factor in 2013 are moving towards the content marketing and most of them give more importance to the content. The main reason has Google panda update that goes beyond the ranking position on the search engine as well as it affects the search traffic.


So you should consider the important factor related to the on-page elements and Panda updates. These two factors are very essential to make the prefect website and easy way to improve the ranking position on the search engine result page. There are supportive resources as available for checking the website quality based on the SEO strategy. The most supportive resource has made the well-supported websites such as searchengineland, webinars and inforgraphics. Try to give the important to the schema markup language because the entire search engines are used the HTML language and make the proper guidance to develop the schema.

Jamie Noel Associate Inbound Strategist at Agency Platform, a leading SEO Reseller Package and Services provider.