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Top 8 Reasons to Consider Custom Web Design

For online business owners, website design really has an important role in their business development process, but it can sometimes prove a costly affair than it’s worth. There are plenty of websites created with each passing day.

Among the fierce competition in the market, it is very important to stand out to do a good business. First of all, you should understand one fact that a well designed website can really have a dramatic impact on the conversion rate of your site.

Your company’s website is the gateway through which your prospective customers or target audience can reach to you. Therefore, it is very important to consider the significance of a custom website design that is competent enough to attract several people towards your website.

Why custom design is indispensable for your business?

With custom web design, you can reach to your targeted customers and can project your product/services in the most unique manner. Custom design website is one where web developers create your website to give it a distinct image so that it can stand out, whilst creating a strong and effective presence for your business.


Here are few reasons that describe the role of a custom web design in promotion and development of your business:

  1. It helps you to convey your message to targeted users in the most impactful and efficient manner.
  2. Custom websites are usually designed by professional companies with the use of advanced web based software development tools. The best thing about these tools and techniques is that they provide assistance to developers in designing an eye-catching and appealing website design that comprises of all kinds of graphics demanded by contemporary customers.
  3. Custom web design permits easy navigation of the website to the users. Navigation is one of the crucial factors which help in determining the success of your online business, therefore for this reason it is very important to have custom website design that provides easy navigation to the visitors.
  4. With custom web design, you can get some of the crucial web pages designed as per your preferences. These pages can be FAQ’s or Contact us through which users can contact you.
  5. By considering custom web design, you can get the colour combination, effects, background and other effects in your site as per your choice.
  6. With custom website development services, you can be confident that your company logo would be strategically placed on home page and other web pages of your website to make an effective impression in the minds of your prospective customers.
  7. Promoting your custom website by making use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) and other useful marketing tools will increase online visibility and number of leads that can be converted into sales.
  8. Since numbers of companies are opting for custom web design, the prices are highly competitive in nature. You can expect a tailor made web design for your website at much reasonable rates.

It can be said that custom web design allows a smart and affordable way to develop a brand identity for your company in the competitive global market. Thus, if you want your business to outshine in this cut-throat competition then opting for custom web design would be the best decision. Visit to know more.

Author Bio

Chris works in one of the reputed IT Companies in Melbourne. He loves writing blogs and articles on various technical topics. In this post, he explains us the significance of custom web design and benefits offered by it.


What’s the Big Deal with Responsive Web Design?

Every year the technology industry seems to get inundated with new jargon. In 2013 it was “responsive web design” and as you may have gathered, this is what this article is going to focus upon.

It’s been labelled the next big thing by both internet marketers and web developers. It’s seen as something that shouldn’t just be considered; it has to be implemented on any new, or established, website.

If your site is not tuned to responsive design basics, you risk losing out. That’s the message coming out from the industry at the moment and in a bid to clarify exactly what all the fuss is about, here are some of the reasons why the demand for responsive web design is soaring.

The User Experience

You’re sat tapping away on your smart phone on the train, and you’ve almost lost complete feeling in your finger as it scrolls from one side of the page to another. All you are trying to do is read a blog post, but the design of the website means that you’ve got to scroll every five words in a bid to decipher the whole article. This is just one example where the user experience is hindered by a lack of responsive design, but one example where users could be sent to a competitor who does provide the responsive experience.

Alternatively, let’s look at this from a digital marketing perspective. You’ve stumbled across an absolute peach of a page, and you’re desperate to share it with your hundreds of Facebook friends. You do it via the trusty app on your phone, only to suddenly see that anyone who does click on it from their desktop computer sees a page which looks tight, and doesn’t fit the screen. Again, it’s an example where responsive design could save the day and send everyone to the same page – and ultimately keep the viewing experience seamless.

Search Engine Optimization

It wouldn’t be a responsive design article without a mention of good old fashion SEO, would it? It all revolves around the topic of duplicate content and if you have separate mobile and desktop sites, the immediate assumption is that you’re asking for trouble.

Sure, you can implement your redirects and all of the other appropriate measures, but why not just take the step that fixes everything and use the same design throughout? Again, it just makes life a lot easier – which is the whole purpose of the technology.

The Big G Recommendation

Heard the news? When Google says ‘jump’, we all ask ‘how high?’ In other words, responsive web design has been recommended by the search giant and as we have all come to learn, you’d be a fool to ignore any sort of advice originating from there.

The fact that Google can be at the hub of your whole digital marketing plan, from a search, PPC and social perspective, means that this is information which you must take to the heart. At the moment Google has just put it out there, but don’t be surprised to see them make a bigger push for this in the future. After all, they’re desperate to enhance the end user experience by whatever means possible, aren’t they?

Of course, we could also take a look at the maintenance, development and even analytical benefits that responsive design contains. However, the purpose of this text has just been to scratch the surface of the subject, and show how there are obvious marketing benefits that will make a considerable difference to the way in which users approach your site. Fail to implement it, and you’ll soon be lagging behind.


Top 5 Awesome and Free Joomla Templates

Joomla is an open source platform where you can create your own websites. With a number of professional web designers and developers using and contributing to Joomla, it’s growing at an exceptional pace. It has a host of features and has topped the list of open source content management systems. It’s a user-friendly and simple platform that doesn’t require extensive knowledge of HTML and other web designing languages. All you have to do is install your Joomla site on to the server and start tailoring it to your needs.

Customizing your website in Joomla involves many things. However, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to choose a template. There are numerous templates or themes, either free or priced, in Joomla and many other sites on the internet. This article attempts to list down the best free Joomla templates that you can use to create your own website. Take a close look for you might find something interesting in here.



Music is a responsive Joomla template that is built on intuitive Gavern Framework. It is from GavickPro and creates spectacular websites that will grab the attention of its visitors. The benefits of the Music template are given below.

  • Simple and clean layout
  • Highly customizable typography
  • Supports Social API (allows embedding with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)
  • Supports Masonry script
  • Supports CSS3
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and all new versions



Elastica is a chic and pleasant Joomla template that you can use for your website. With its responsive feature, it looks great in both portrait and landscape screen layout. Other attractive characteristics that make it a sought after theme are given below:

  • Built on JAT3 framework and combines jQuery and Masonry script
  • Adapts and transforms pixels, font sizes, images and typo to fit into various devices
  • Comes with multiple modules and styles to suit your need
  • Support CSS and Java compression
  • Compatible in all browsers
  • 4 menu options and flexible CSS files customization



Vertex was perhaps the most extensively used Joomla templates in the past year. It’s an extremely powerful and responsive template that is built on the Shape 5 Framework. Let’s look at its features in detail.

  • S5 Flex Menu and 94 module positions
  • SEO friendly
  • Configure widths and columns
  • Hide information and enable info slides
  • Configure component areas quickly
  • High visual appeal
  • Range of colours, fonts and layouts
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5



Puresite is yet another Joomla template that is considered to be very popular among web designers. It’s a very elegant theme that maintains a simple and clean look. Some of its key features are given below:

  • Built on JAT 2 Framework
  • Responsive theme
  • jQuery and Masonry script
  • Display in portrait and landscape mode
  • 5 layout options and 4 menu options
  • Customizable content block and width modules
  • Supports all browsers
  • Comes with inbuilt Javascript and CSS Compression
  • Compatible with 2.5.x and Joomla 3.0.x




Freemium is a wonderful Joomla template that you can get for free. It’s built on the mobile friendly Expose framework and you can use it to make your website look fantastic. The features of FreemiumJoomla template are given below.

  • All browser compatible
  • Light code and brilliant typography
  • Host of powerful plug-ins
  • Elegant design and simple structure
  • Suitable for designing any kind of website
  • Uses CSS3 animation

Choosing a template can be quite taxing. But with the right template for your site, you can create almost any look you want. While making this list, I have tried to integrate the most versatile templates that can be put to different uses. If you can suggest some other brilliant templates, please do mention them in the comments section below.

Author Bio

Sabrina Matthew is the Creative Director at Art Attackk, Addictive Media’s Digital Design Division located in New Delhi. She has an eye for detail and is passionate about all things related to design, a field she has been associated with for over 5 years. She has done her graduation in Mass Communication from Delhi University and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia and Design from ICFAI University. Her hobbies include poetry, sketching, and art and craft. She’s an enthusiastic environmentalist and also champions for animal rights.


Finding a Domain Name

A good domain name is critical to your website’s success. Not only is it the “front door” of your operation, but it’s also the name that will gather the most notice on directories, business cards, online ads, et cetera. It tells the world what you’re selling and what they can expect from your company. It establishes both you and your brand before visitors even make it to the first page.

If you’re in the market for a good domain name, you should know that there are a few tricks to finding the perfect fit. Here are five tips to get you on the right track.

1: Consider All Variations

If you’re running, say, an online book club, you shouldn’t be content with buying “” Branch out with synonyms, idioms and other fun twists on the theme. Consider words like “story” and “novel” and “opus.” Consider your favorite literary characters. “BooRadleysTree” or “TheHogwartsLibrary” will attract well-rounded readers while also impressing them with a bit of flair.

2: Make Yourself A Brand

Who is Aunt Jemima? You probably have no idea, but you know she sells syrup. Giving your business a logo/personality/trademark will help you both with brand recognition and in choosing a domain name: may or may not be available, but probably will. could be run by anyone, but says something about you.

3: Establish Your Tone

Are you a tech blog in need of an intelligent web address? Or do you sell birthday balloons and party hats? Decide right away if you’re trying to establish yourself as a serious website or a laid-back one, because will only work for certain kinds of services.

4: Strive for the Unique

Stay away from domain names that are easily confused with other, similar-sounding addresses. For example, if you buy but already exists, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose some future customers when they misremember the name and go to the wrong site.

5: Avoid Copyrighted Names

Nothing will kill a business faster than being slapped with a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Before you put all your eggs in a single basket, make sure you search domain copyright sites and accurately determine if you’ll be stepping on anyone’s toes.

These are just a few useful tricks to find a domain. Remember, at the end of the day, your title will matter far less than your content!


Important Things That You Need for Having an eCommerce Store

There is lot of information, ebooks, videos and guides about how you can start your own ecommerce store and what you need to run an eshop successfully. Although there is quite a lot of information already available most of what you read you might not be able to understand easily.

There are various shopping cart software, plugins and what not that one is supposed to use to run their online store. When you are just starting out with a small range products what software you use has little importance and any one with basic functionalities would work. What is more important for you at this point is how you get started with it and manage the whole setup which is not at all dependent upon the software you are running.

With the ability to manage your business you would also need some essentials things which would support your online store. These include:

Web Hosting

For any website to be successful Web hosting is the key. If you have the correct web hosting provider and have sufficient resources then there is not much to worry about. You need to make sure you have the right solution and the provider is a reliable and experienced one who would help you out if you face any issues with the website.

Shopping cart script

You need not have an expensive platform to run your eshop. Investing huge sums for having software would only increase your expenses initially and would do no good. On the contrary any open source platform which is easily available and can be installed in a click would suffice your needs.


With the web hosting service you choose make sure you also have the essential security features needed for any ecommerce store. PCI compliance is a security standard which needs to be fulfilled if you are to accept payments using cards.

Another important thing is an SSL certificate. Having an SSL certificate is a must for any online store. There are mainly two reasons for this: i) For security reasons- The SSL certificate would secure the site and would encrypt any data that is stored, sent or received via the website. This protects the private data of your customers from falling in wrong hands. ii) For Customers- When you use an SSL certificate on the website the URL bar in the browser turn green and shows a padlock sign which indicated that the website is safe. This helps in gaining trust of the customers and ensuring them that the website is genuine.

Reaching your customer

With the boost in ecommerce and the variety of devices with internet connection there are multiple locations which can be used by customer to visit a site and make the purchase. Hence, it is essential that you a mobile website as well with responsive design so that your customer can access the site with ease from anywhere.

Online commerce is growing quickly and one must be proactive in implementing certain things. A reliable ecommerce web hosting provider that would meet the requirements of your website and would ensure that you site is up and running without issues is a must.

About the author: 

Eric’s field of interest includes dabbling with Social Media and technology especially Web Hosting & Cloud Computing. He looks after content and Social Media for eUKhost Ltd. You can get in touch with him on Twitter & Google+.


You Get What You Pay for

Naturally, most people looking to have a website designed want the cheapest price available.  Whilst looking for cheap prices is good, it can sometimes come back to bite you – as the term “you get what you pay for” very much applies to web design.

You see a lot of companies out there offering “websites for £99”.  You have to ask yourself, realistically, what am I going to get for that £99?  Your website is your shop window and these days many businesses will suffer if they do not have a website.

It is not a case of ‘just getting a website’ however.  A bad website can and will portray the wrong image about your company as many people will think “if they have no pride in their website, what does that say about their service/products?”.  Websites work in the same way as real shops do on the high street.

Imagine a row of shops.  3 shops are dull, boring, untidy and unappealing – but the other shop is bright, well designed and easy to find what you need, attractive and draws you in.  Which one would you walk into??

The same applies to your website, and anyone looking to have a website built should bear this in mind when they gather their quotations. Paying more for a website is not a bad thing as this will reflect the skill, pride and quality of the work you will get from your web design company.

Here at PixelPulse Media, bespoke web design specialists in Manchester, we quote fairly for our work.  No, you will not see us quote £99 for a website, nor will you see us quote over the odds for your project.  But we strongly believe that people should get what they pay for.

A lot of companies that call themselves “web design companies” often use templates for their designs, which means your website will never be truly bespoke.  Yes, it may take them 2 days to get your website live – but is that money well spent?  We design all our websites from scratch, no templates are used.  Yes this takes longer but your website is unique to you and it can be adapted in any way possible.

So, when you are gathering your quotations – always bear in mind the term “you get what you pay for”.

About the author:

I’m Nic and I’m the social media guy here at PixelPulse Media. When I’m not obsessing over likes, shares, re-tweets, pins and favourites, I delve into our blog and create a little bit of content.


Three Top Tips to Build Responsive and Impressive WordPress Site

11In a limited tenure, WordPress has emerged as a gold standard for CMS or “Content Management System”. With effective implementation of WordPress tips and tricks, site owners can mark their presence online and come up to the expectations of readers. In 2015, more than half of internet will be a good resource for mobile users. This further makes it compulsory for WordPress powered sites to perform well while maintaining the beautiful themes and designs on desktop computers and mobile phones. Responsive WordPress themes bring in manifest benefits for both web designers and visitors. To overcome the obstacles, you must get used to abilities for improving the worth of your site.

Do Not Forget To Consider User Admin

CMS developer or WordPress developer solely focus on two diverse groups of internet users when designing sites. In the very beginning, they mull over common visitors and thereafter, utmost priority is given to user admin who is responsible for changing content and managing WordPress backend. Dealing with the beginners can be little intricate and notwithstanding with the training, things often go wrong.

User admin has enough expertise to handle everything from adding pages to including single-tier drop-down menu and scheduling posts. Situation becomes fiddly when you try to predict what exactly your admin is going to do with starling new website. However, it is always worthy to try out something that is new yet easy to implement.

Strap Up Your Menus

The moment WordPress approves menus brought about great opportunities for web developers.


There was no more requisite of creating complex solutions to build vibrant and dynamic menus. Now, we can easily drag pages into menu and sort them the way we want to generate hierarchy proficiently.

This further gives you autonomy to define menus for both desktops and mobile devices. If you aspire to build website with number of pages, you would never wish to sacrifice useful header space for large navigation menus that is of no use to mobile users. By including lines of code, one can easily define menu for mobile and desktop.

Handling Media

More intricate problem lined up with responsive websites and CMS is that developers are no longer in the run of content. User admin now adds content as a decisive part despite the fact that most of them do not even know “what is HTML”. Combining this discrepancy of HTML with WordPress adding attributes to inserted images can lead to responsive conflict.

However, there is always a solution for this overwriting of attributes when inserting images or videos into content editor. However, use of featured image is very common all through the themes on homepage, search results, in sidebars and archive pages. User admin still upload featured images for the simple reason that it has great value than typical content.


These are some of the top tips that can assist you harness inherit functionality of WordPress and prevail over the complications. We can touch amazing things with large desktops and make the most of white space. When it comes to WordPress, you often have content to make sense and add additional columns on large browsers. Users who browse articles can have an idea on what is being commented while reading it.

You can have a good cheap web design and a poor choice of font colors can turn it into a bad page. You can get more information at


How to Freshen Up your eCommerce Website

When it comes to Internet Marketing and Electronic Commerce, the competition is brutal. There are many huge eCommerce sites like Amazon which have already established an enormous community of customers, and because they are so popular, it is quite difficult to get your eCommerce website noticed. The effectiveness of online shopping cannot be questioned. More and more people are drawn to the simplicity of the buying process, the comfortable delivery and the possibility of browsing items without having to take a trip to the mall.


Customers and Competition

What the target audience wants is something they can easily understand, use and benefit from. The main things you should consider before setting up shop are the clients and the competition. On one hand clients might not understand what exactly it is they are looking for, which means that you have to predict their queries and offer something nobody else can offer. On the other hand, the constant battle for online supremacy has led tu constant struggles and optimization strategies.


Why it is Important to Tweak your eCommerce Site

I am positive that while your eCommerce site was in the making, you spent a huge amount of time tweaking every possible feature, in order to offer the very best experience of your business. But how long has it been since you last applied changes to your virtual shop? There are a few questions that you should ask yourself if you want to be successful. This is because internet marketing and commerce is a very dynamic domain, and if you do not stay up-to-date with recent developments, or if you refuse to constantly devise original strategies, you will risk losing customers. Every time you shut your eyes, one of your competitors might be taking advantage of a new opportunity. Your store is your most valuable asset, and as such you should keep it up and running. Here are a few tips that will increase your traffic, sales and online credibility.


1. Feature New Products

People are always on the look-out for the latest trends and items, but it is not enough to constantly update your stocks with awesome products. You have to let your followers know about them, because they probably don’t have the time or energy to browse your site everyday in hopes that you have added something. Organize your products in categories which feature the latest additions, and arrange your list according to the season. You can even go as far as creating a blog on which you let customers review their purchases.


2. Improve your SEO Techniques

Coherent SEO strategies are essential to the growth of your eCommerce shop, because they help you rank better on Google SERPs rankings, and this means a great source of organic traffic. Basic search engine optimization techniques are more than welcome if you want to level the play-field. For example you should definitely add relevant META tags, and short descriptions for each and every product. Moreover, you should conduct an extensive keyword research before you start, because this will drive even more traffic to your page.


Ecommerce23. Create a Loyal Audience

Everybody who is anybody in the internet world will tell you that there are more emotional buyers than rational ones. Moreover, even the best digital agency is aware of the benefits of building an online presence. Social networks are the perfect example that people all over the world wish to become part of some sort of community. In other words, you should use social media to slowly brand your business, and attract people. Share interesting things that are related to your niche, reach out to people, show them how your shop will benefit them and so on. You can even go as far as offering costumer service on Twitter or Facebook. Try to put yourself in the client’s place, and predict what he might want.


4. Keep it Simple

People aren’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff, unless they know it is worth it. Every time someone makes an investment, he will probably weigh the benefits and the drawbacks, and try to learn as much as he can about the product. I recommend that you preoccupy yourself with payment methods, delivery services, warranties, purchase process, product menu and the front page. You will want everything to look attractive, but keep it simple. Navigability and comfortable access will greatly increase your chances of selling.


5. Deals, Promotions and Freebies

If you want to win over them market, you should definitely be thinking of special offers and deals. Free shippings, discounts, special products and contests are likely to attract potential customers. Alluring promises and unique prices will entice the customer and make him spend more. A crowd favorite is free shipping, and this can easily be done without affecting your business. All you have to do is include an average shipping cost in your product price. Last but not least, it only takes a few seconds for a person to decide if he is or isn’t interested in a site. This is why you should feature your latest products in a place that is impossible to miss.


All in all it isn’t difficult to create a successful electronic commerce site. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of constant hard work to maintain your customers satisfied.




Simple Things That Increase the Usability of Your Website

blog designA good indication of a good website is it usability, how well the visitors will interact with a certain website. A website with a very good and fluid we design can have a good usability if it’s centered into catering the basic needs of its visitor. A site that focuses more on what the users expect will yield good website usability.

A typical website design with a good usability is mainly focused on catering a broad spectrum of clients while remaining focused on its goals. For example, an online store should have every bit of information a client will need to look for in a product so that he will not revert into using other sites to find it. The site should have all these things on hand and it needs to be readily accessible to increase the site’s usability. Listed below are simple things to consider in increasing any website’s usability.

Navigation: How does a website’s navigation affect its usability? For starters, website navigation reminds your visitor what website they are on. Showing your name through the entire website will allow your visitors to remember you better. By making all of your information readily available adds to the credibility of your website. Navigation bars and link should always be clear and direct as to not to cause confusion on the visitor’s part. Proper wording and placement of navigation tools will give your website a good usability.

Familiarity: A website aimed at improving usability should always be up to date and always keeping up with the trend. By sticking to what people already know, you are always making sure that you are catering to what people are looking for website nowadays, keeping you in the mix of websites they can use for their everyday lives. Looking at other websites for inspiration is not a bad idea. By observing and determining what makes these sites more usable than other sites gives you that edge in improving your own site’s usability.

Consistency: Creating a consistent web design throughout your website will give your users a feeling of security that they are on the right track. Keeping every page in sync with the company’s colors should give your site a more consistent feel. Clients that see a page completely different from what he saw at the home page or any page will give them an idea that they are on a different site. A site that has a good usability has consistency throughout all the pages anywhere in the site.

Visual Clarity: A sign of a good website is that it gives the visitor everything that he needs to know without having so much of the distraction. For example, an online store with a minimalist design is a lot more presentable than a site that has a lot of different things attached to every side of the page. Placing buttons and links to a strategic location can help in making the visitor make a purchase straight away. Making your site an eye candy increases its usability.

Flexibility: A website that aims for a good usability should always be flexible to be accessed through any mediums possible. A site with a responsive design is a good example. It can be readily accessed without the hassle of any discrepancies when comparing it to a normal site.

Efficiency: A short description for a very efficient website that has a good usability – everything inside the site should always be one click away. A site that gives fast results is always the ones that is constantly use versus websites that takes time to process. Reducing the time of a item search inside a side with result to a good user experience giving better usability results.

Taking these things into consideration while constructing your web design will yield positive results and can greatly increase the usability of your website.


Author Bio :-


Brian Taylor is the Owner, VP/Business Development at Forix LLC, a Mobile application development firm based in Portland, OR. We specializes in mobile apps development and mobile websites development and have recently started serving clients in Chicago who looking for professional services.


The Makeup of a Compelling Website Design

The business world has changed immensely since 20 years ago, when just having a website made your company seem special. Today, if you don’t have a website (and active social media accounts, and a blog, and… you get the idea), your business looks like it’s still in the Stone Age.

Now on one hand, websites are a lot easier and more cost effective to build then they used to be. But on the other, you need to do a lot more to stand out amongst the millions of sites on the web today. And that all starts with creating a great website that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to your business. Here are some things you must be sure to focus on if you want to design a compelling website that will benefit your business:

Webby Award Winner for Bes Designed Homepage


Colors are a very important part of any visual design. They are often the first thing that jumps out at a viewer’s eye, and they can say a lot about your business. If you are careful, the right color scheme can help you pass on subliminal messages that put visitors to your website in the exact mood you want them in. But if you’re not, you could be sending the wrong message that will cost your business potential clients by sending them heading for the hills.

Graphics & Images

Other elements that draw people’s eyes are compelling graphics and images. But the key word is “compelling.” Just like with colors, the wrong images can send the wrong message. Graphics and images don’t need to be ultra-fancy, but they do need to look professional, sell your company’s brand in an appropriate way, and fit perfectly into the look and feel of the website design.


When it comes to the overall design of your website, the pages must remain consistent to each other. Obviously, you want each web page to provide different, compelling information that leads viewers to take the action that you want them to take. But there must be an underlying consistency from page to page so as not to make your website look disjointed. This starts with retaining the same color scheme from page to page, and continues with things like consistent copy and an overriding message about who your business is and what it stands for.

White Space

Simply put, your text and images sometimes need room to breathe. I know you want to maximize each page on your website in order to get your point across as well as possible, but squeezing too much information into too small a space will do a lot more harm than good. And believe it or not, just adding some white space around an important graphic or paragraph of text may make it stand out more than any highlighted background ever would.

Optimize Your Navigation

In layman’s terms, this means “make it easy for your customers to find what you want them to find.” It takes a lot of effort (and sometimes money) to drive traffic to your website. But if the people that get there become confused, that effort will be wasted as soon as they click the “x” in the top right corner. That’s why you need a plan before you build your site. If you want your potential clients to go from page A to page B, and so on, make sure that’s the most clear and obvious option you provide them with.

Author Bio:

Aileen Galsim is a blogger for Showcase Creative a UK based printing company that provides UK Custom Presentation Folders, calendars, and other printed presentation products.