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Social Media: How to Calculate Actual Cost of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a kind of marketing which can be done through the different types of marketing ways. Moreover, you can also explore its advantages for your purposes as well. Actually, the inbound marketing is the advertising way which takes a company to the customers through blog, podcast, video, eBook, newsletter, white papers, SEO and other ways of the inbound marketing. Moreover, the crystal vision of the inbound marketing depends on the three phases like finding, converting and analyzing. So in this direction, you will able to transform the impossibility into the possible happening. For the business on the social media front, anything can happen, so you have to determine the right approach to calculate the actual cost of the inbound marketing. So you can prepare yourself for any untoward happening. Moreover, the actual cost of the marketing depends on how the outcome is coming from the social media front.


From the point of view of the social media, the main determinant of the success of the inbound marketing is the content. Moreover, the quality content makes the heaven for the inbound marketing strategy. If the content is not up to the mark, then the chance of success in the social media is very much bleak. On the social media perspective, the quality of the content differs from the high-quality to the low-quality material. So in this direction, you can expect the big difference. Practically, the quality content makes the way for the inbound marketing on the social media. Moreover, you have to remember that you should provide the quality content consistently on the social media. Since, the social media is a very delicate medium which will need nurturing through the quality content supply constantly.


Since, the social media is highly scalable, so you have to upscale its limit through the power of the inbound marketing. Since, the social media is more decentralized in nature and it works through the production and utility. So inevitably, it has the high potentiality to reach the wider audience on the social media front. Moreover, you can see the difference when you will start to get the result from it. For reaching out to larger audiences, you will no longer spend a lot of money for it, but you have to take the initiative for accomplishing it.


The non-interrupted frequency is a vital concept of the inbound marketing. The reason is that the social media is very much sensitive to the frequency of the advertising appearing on its platform. So it will also create the substantial advantages over the traditional marketing. Through the inbound marketing the repetitive approach works great on the social media as well.


The term of accessibility is a good chirped on the social media area. So in this case, the inbound marketing has an advantage over it. Since, the social media where the accessibility is pretty normal and also you will need no money for accessing it. For this reason, the inbound marketing is relatively effective in the social media and you can expect the required result from it.


When you are talking about the cost of the inbound marketing on the social media, then your cost will be zero. Actually, usability of the social media will make it happen for you. For the social media operation, you will not require any special training or skill. Rather, you can operate it without any fuss. Moreover, the simplicity of social media makes the inbound marketing to work at free of cost.


It is an essential feature of the social media which ultimately help the inbound marketing to work ceaselessly within a short period of time. For the inbound marketing, it is necessary to communicate in quick succession. If it is not done in the right way, then the marketing strategy will not be successful as well.


The big advantage of the social media is that you can change the content after once it is created. Moreover, you can change its content by editing. So for this reason, you will not be required any changing problem. Since, you can update the content according to the requirement of the inbound marketing. So you will not require spending any money for it.


The social media is a kind of honeycomb which consists of identity, conversation, sharing, presence, relationship, reputation and group. So in this connection, the inbound marketing will like to work peacefully. Rather, the honeycomb features of the social media are suitable for it as well.

So, you can calculate the actual cost of the inbound marketing through its outcome which cannot be determined in the money value.

About the guest author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. These days she is busy to work on project called credit consolidation



How to gain millennial likes on your Instagram

Feeling awesome with so many followers on your Instagram? Even if you don’t admit it, it’s quite obvious that you would be feeling warm and fuzzy after seeing likes and comments on your post. However, if you are having minimal followers, than the useful advice mentioned here could help in achieving those desired number of likes. As the number of websites is rising up exponentially, it has been observed that the race of social media has become more combative than ever.

Instagram Likes 1

Instagram is undoubtedly the most powerful mobile based application that allows one to upload photos with appropriate tags, thus attracting more traffic and followers to the Instagram page. Employing the below mentioned tips or advices would direct massive amount of traffic in addition to likes and followings:

  • Posting at the right time:

While posting it is vital to bear two things in mind: the time zone of the targeted location and the best time when users check their Instagram accounts. It has been observed commonly that a majority of users login at morning and evening or on the way back home from school or work. According to an analytics company the finest time to post is on Wednesday between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

For brands, it is advised not to post at midnight as the life of an Instagram photo is approximately 4 hours before getting buried in the followers’ feed. It is better to post when the target audience has a down time. For instance, if you are targeting high school students, it is beneficial to post in the afternoon, i.e. in their lunch break.

  • Hashtags:

With respect to various industries, popular Instagram tags are available that would bring in more visibility to your photos. For instance #tbt (Throwback Thursday), #photooftheday, etc are trendy Instagrams that you would like. Never clutter the bottom as it is not savvy, instead use 1-3 relevant tags.

Instagram likes 2

  • Host contest:

Due to its popularity, it could be the best social platform to run a contest. A tool like Statigram that creates ad to run a challenge, is the most effectual way to boost engagement with existing followers and get new followers fast on a social network.

  • Teasers:

For product-based businesses, buy Instagram likes to feature soon-to-release product or an existing event.

  • Candid shots:

Followers or visitors are bored by seeing polished image of the adverts; they want to see real images which are less edited and something they could easily relate to. Featuring your brand with few faces provides much more transparency to your followers, as it highlights your employees with their tasks.

  • Apps:

Several photo editing apps are available in the market that helps in enhancing your pictures before posting them. For instance, Instaframe, Picfx, Squaready, Camera+, to name a few, are some easy to use apps.

  • Help mode:

Asking next uploaded photo in the caption section, would help in receiving enough followers on the Explore page.

  • Video:

Featuring a brand’s video is a latest way for a business to engage with followers. They could even be guided in the right way and to-do tips to entertain and provide value.

  • Greet the celebrities:

Teaming up with a celeb and having them on your account even for a day would invite large following, likes and comments for your brand.

Finally, working on the above mentioned advices would definitely improve the chances of getting more likes.

Author Bio:

Chris, a graphic designer and a blogger is very keen to share his working ideas on buying Instagram likes, followers, etc. through his posts.


What Twitter’s Recent Changes Mean for Marketers

Last month, Twitter rolled out a couple of new features. Because Twitter is an important platform in a social media strategy, any changes they make to their policy can change how they use it as a tool. Let’s take a look at what they are and what they mean for the marketing community.

Direct Messaging from Anyone Who Follows You

You’ve been able to direct message people who follow you since the platform’s development. The other side of that coin is that anyone you follow is then capable of sending you direct messages. However, now it’s possible for someone who follows you to direct message you even if you aren’t following them.

The Good

For marketers, this means companies can now receive direct messages from anyone who follows them. The most important repercussion of this change is could be that consumers can now direct message companies with their praise or woes. This could open doors for a better customer experience and transform Twitter into a proper form of customer service. Savvy companies already utilize Twitter to engage their customers on a personal basis, but this would widen the channel of communication and allow customers to talk directly to a company.

The Bad

However, this could also spell trouble for companies in times of trouble- should scandal or controversy arise, the ease and widespread use of Twitter means that companies could be getting magnitudes of hate mail yet unseen. Some would argue that it would be better to receive criticism in the form of direct messages rather than in the public forum of a regular tweet. This might be true, but it doesn’t take much effort for a user to send the same message privately and publicly, which is likely if a truly large gaffe has been made.

To ensure that your company can receive direct tweets from customers, make sure to check the box in your settings that says “Receive direct messages from any follower.”

Scheduled Tweets

As of October 14th, marketers can schedule Promoted Tweets via Ad Products. While scheduled tweets have been in action for years through third-party services like HootSuite, it’s a new feature to Twitter proper. This change has more straightforward ramifications for marketers as they will now be able to plan promotions for sales or products up to a year in advance.

The Good

Maximizing this opportunity, though, might be less impactful than the direct messaging news. In today’s reactive social media environment, where tweets can change meaning and necessity in a matter of minutes, it could be better to compose tweets as they become relevant to avoid any mistakes. Of course, tweets for set dates (“Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday to our CEO”) make sense and can be festive and playful. Also, if you have a blog, you can promote your posts at the same time that they’re scheduled to go live.

More pertinent is the ability to schedule what time of day your tweets will go live. There are certain times when your tweets and other social media will be most advantageous to post, so the ability to schedule certain posts to get the most attention can improve your chances of getting shares and retweets.

The Bad

Otherwise, a word of caution to the wary marketer: plans change.  Be prepared to change your message or delete it altogether in the event of delays or adjustments. There are few larger mistakes than the spread of misinformation, so don’t ever schedule a Tweet and forget about it. Also, if a major event occurs, Twitter will likely have a lot of attention on it as people try to get news. A scheduled Tweet about a new line of sneakers will, at best, go unnoticed during a national emergency or tragedy and, at worst, turn into an exercise in poor taste.

Using these new changes to Twitter effectively is a matter of responsiveness. The direct messaging should allow for more contact with customers and the Scheduled Tweets should take a couple of things off of a social media director’s schedule, while keeping an ear to the ground for change. With consideration, these could help marketing keep pace with social media in a meaningful way.

B.W. Taylor is a marketing writer who spends a worrying amount of his time studying social media trends.


So… What’s Going On With MySpace?

It’s hard to believe now, but once upon a time MySpace dominated the Internet. Tom’s smiling face greeted millions of socially connected web users all over the world every single day. In 2006, it even surpassed Google as the most visited website on the Internet. But things started going downhill when a scrappy little startup called “Facebook” started taking everything people loved about MySpace and making it better. In 2008, Facebook surpassed MySpace in traffic, and the once dominant social network has been lagging ever since.

Since Facebook became the major player in social, MySpace has tried to reinvent itself over and over again. So… what exactly has MySpace been up to recently?

Myspace. Not MySpace.

Myspace (they dropped the big S) relaunched last year with a big ad campaign. Rather than trying to compete with Facebook, they have decided to focus on offering a platform to help musicians and music listeners connect to each other. The decision came after Specific Media (along with pop superstar Justin Timberlake) bought the company from News Corp for about $35 million dollars in 2011. That’s a far cry from the $100 million that the company was asking for, and a far, far cry from the $580 million purchase price in 2006.

After buying the site, Specific Media completely overhauled it. While some major online brands still connect to customers through the social media site, Myspace is mostly designed to help fans connect with musicians and other artists.

What’s Gone?

Gone are the millions of blogs that once were a primary feature of MySpace. Since the site wants to focus on multimedia, and not compete with countless other blogging services, they effectively wiped clear years of personal musings. Unsurprisingly, this has caused a lot of anger among the site’s remaining loyal users, some of which even threatened to sue the company over the loss.

What’s New?

When you sign up for an account, you are asked to choose from a  variety of different types, such as “Musician,” “Comedian,” “Fan,” “Brand,” “Venue,” etc. Your new home page is a slick, modern scrolling interface featuring lots of musical artists and automatic video. You can stream music tracks, and sometimes even entire albums, and make a playlist of the available songs. You can then share the music, get recommendations, and discover what your friends are listening to. Think of it as Spotify meets Pinterest.

But Can It Compete?

Myspace is now 10 years old (which makes it ancient in Internet years) and is trying to move in a completely different direction in order to reclaim its past glory. The backing of Timberlake, who also promised a download of his single “Suit & Tie” for every person who signed up for a new account, certainly means that it has a chance to get the attention required to be a competitive social network.  But, of course, attention alone isn’t enough. Only time will tell if all that positive publicity and whiz-bang site design will translate into success for the once great social network.

About the author:

Arnold Wiley is a blogger from Pala Vista, California.  He writes about social media, online marketing, and techonlogy.


Reunited Through Facebook

A lot has been said about Facebook’s role in breaking up relationships and tearing people apart, but this social networking site has actually been responsible for bringing people together as well. Family members have found each other, long lost lovers have reconnected, and old friends have been able to get back in touch.

Here are 4 reunion stories that happened because of Facebook.

1) Family Finds Missing Dog

In Nashville Tennessee, Bobby Lyons and her family thought their dog was gone forever when he went missing from their front yard over a year ago. Boxx, an 11-year-old pitbull mix had actually been found by a volunteer group East C.A.N. It wasn’t until over a year later that a member of the volunteer group posted Boxx’s picture on Facebook. Lyons’ granddaughter recognized Boxx and contacted the group. If it weren’t for Facebook, Boxx would have never been reunited with his family!

2) Mother And Daughter Reunite After 48 Years

If you’re a parent, you know that the thought of going 48 years without seeing your child is almost unbearable. Joan Courchene Wehrmeyer separated from her husband when their daughter, Stephanie Phillips, was just a baby. Stephanie was raised exclusively by her dad, and grew up never knowing who her mother was.

48 long years later, Stephanie’s husband entered Joan’s name into a people search website online, which led him to Joan’s Facebook page. Shortly thereafter, Stephanie and Joan met each other in-person for the very first time since Stephanie was a baby. They were surprised to learn that they both worked in the same profession, and enjoyed cooking. The two have been close ever since.

3) Brother And Sister Reconnect

California resident Steve Inman had always wondered what happened to his sister Sally who had been born in North Korea. He was told his father, Steve Sr., was stationed with the Army in Korea when he married his mother, Chum Ku Yi. The couple had a daughter, Sally, and raised her for about eight months in Korea with the help of a nanny, an old woman they knew.

When the Inmans moved to the states, they had to leave their daughter Sally behind in Korea while they worked out the legal issues surrounding her paperwork. Sally was temporarily left with her grandmother. One day, the grandmother said that Sally’s former nanny had come to visit because she missed the little girl and wanted to take her for a few days. For some inexplicable reason, the grandmother said yes. The old woman never returned. Sally just simply disappeared.

Even though the two had never even met each other, Steve never forgot about his older sister who had been left behind in Korea. As an adult, Steve decided to create a Facebook page for “Sally Inman, Missing Child.” To his astonishment, Sally’s daughter found the page and put the two in contact with each other. They now talk almost every day.

4) High School Sweethearts Re-ignite Old Flame

Marty Russell and Julie Korhummel went steady in high school, but lost touch with each other after Russell enlisted in the army shortly after graduation. Although both went on with their lives, got married and had children with other people, they never forgot about each other.

A full 35 years later, the two found each other through a mutual high school friend’s Facebook page. The two became so smitten all over again, that Marty Russell sold his business near the Oregon border and moved to Livermore so he could spend his life with Korhummel! They’ve been happily married ever since.

Do You have Someone You Want To Reconnect With?

Of course you do! If you think back to all the close relationships you’ve had with people over the years, chances are there’s at least one person whom you’ve lost touch with. But what can you do if the person you want to find isn’t on Facebook? Gasp!

For us social media junkies, it can be hard to believe that there actually are people who don’t own a Facebook account. Even if they do, many people keep their privacy settings so secure, that you can’t even search for them. Fortunately, there are many websites you can turn to in your quest to reconnect. If the person you’re looking for doesn’t have a strong web presence, you can still track them down by entering their name into a people search directory and locate their contact information.

Who do you want to find?

About the author:

Jessica Ruane is a San Diego blogger. She specializes in writing about about social media and family.


9 Highly Effective Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

If your brand uses Twitter, then one of your obvious goals would be to gain a loyal Twitter following. This won’t happen if your Twitter account isn’t engaging. Here’s how you can get an authentic audience:

  • Choose your profile picture

Your profile picture or avatar is displayed whenever you Tweet and Retweet. It also shows up when Twitter suggests that people with similar interests follow you. Therefore, if you want to be taken seriously by the Twitter community, change that default egg – which looks like a fake or inactive account – into a clear and professional or creative profile picture. Your photo doesn’t have to look like a mugshot. You can even use caricatures of yourself or an image of you looking up or down, depending on the image you want to project. The point is to make sure that the photo is recognizable as your brand.

  • Build a blog

Give reason for people to follow you by creating relevant and unique content. You can even use your blog to advertise your Twitter account.  To do this, simply put a link to your Twitter account or add a Twitter box to your website or blog. To generate a customizable Twitter box, you can use Twitterforweb. You can also use Twitter’s own Twitter buttons.

  • Pay attention to how you describe yourself in your profile

Your profile description is that rectangular box with your Twitter “bio”. This space introduces you to potential Twitter followers, so it’s better not to leave it blank unless you’re already a popular personality. Say something about yourself, so you can give people a reason to follow you. One common yet very important tip is using links in your profile description.  You can maximize this feature by pointing followers to your personal blog, helping them get to know you better and establishing a stronger connection with them.

  • Use the right hashtags to increase searchability

One important tip from VoIP provider RingCentral is to actively use hashtags to cut through the noise on Twitter and increase your visibility. If you’re creating content for businesses, then use #business. If you’re specializing on social media, then use #socialmedia.

  • Follow people who have a good follow ratio

Follow people who have a good follow back count. Chances are, they’ll also follow you so they won’t lose followers.

  • Follow credible people in your industry

It also pays to follow popular personalities in your industry. Even if they don’t follow back, you’ll get access to the best content related to your brand.  When you follow more people in your industry, Twitter also recognizes which topics you’d most be interested in.  It can recommend you to other similar profiles or give recommendations on which people to follow.

  • Engage with your Twitter followers

Refrain from making your Twitter account impersonal and all about you. Aside from Tweeting your own content, retweet other relevant content from your followers.  Ask questions, respond to tweets, comment on others’ tweets, and use hashtags to connect better with your audience.

  • Don’t be an annoying Twitterer

Annoying habits on Twitter include trolling, using irrelevant and multiple hashtags, and sending spam tweets and private messages to your followers. You’d either get blocked or unfollowed.

  • Tweet regularly

As mentioned, this doesn’t translate to being an annoying spammer. Instead, post evenly spaced tweets during the day (morning, noon, and night) to capture the attention of users logged in during different time periods. You can use an app such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets.


Tweet for Cash: Marketing through Twitter

Twitter is an extremely peculiar site. In all essence, it is a website of limits. There’s very little to do on it except share text, videos and photos, hash tag random trends and re-share or ‘retweet’ other people’s thoughts and feelings. Even user’s characters are limited to 160 characters or less per ‘tweet’. Despite this, Twitter has created one of the world’s largest networking sites with hundreds of millions of people actively using it, including celebrities, athletes and prominent businessmen.

Of course, wherever there are people, there’s opportunity. With the amount of people that actively use Twitter on a daily basis, it is of no surprise that a type of guerrilla-marketing has sprung up in the midst of all the commotion. Marketing your business through Twitter is no new phenomenon but it does take certain savvy to do it properly. Fortunately, Twitter makes it simple enough for any entrepreneur to market on the website, here’s how to get started.

Use Your Profile

Your profile is your identity and for a business it is what your company will identify your product with. Change your profile picture to an eye-catching brand logo or an enhanced photo of your product, this will allow people to quickly identify your business and understand what it’s all about. Make use of the background image as well as a way enticing consumers. Use a photo that relates to your business.

Don’t waste the space given for text on your profile. Your username and account name should be the name of your business; the description should introduce your product and add links to your website if you have one. Post your business address and telephone or VoIP number (more info) so interested clients can contact you easily. Every opportunity to promote your business should be taken, especially on your own profile.

Use the Twitter Features

Hashtag, retweet, trending? If these words sound foreign to you, you better learn them quick. These are some of the ways by which your product can be promoted to the Twitter population. Adding hashtags links to your tweet will bring your post to a big group of tweets tackling the same topic. As a result, your tweet can be seen by people all round the world even if they don’t follow you.

A retweet further spreads a certain tweet to the retweeter’s follower group. If you’re tweet is catchy or enticing enough, it can be retweeted hundreds of times reaching thousands of people around the globe.

When a hashtag is tweeted enough, it starts to trend. Ultimately, this should be the goal of your tweets because this will be seen on the “trending topics” column which means an even larger population will be able to see it. How? Well, people are just intrigued to see what others are talking about so they often check the flow of tweets related to the topic. As a result, you can be connected to literally millions of people if your product or company begins to trend.

Use the Media

The no-brainer in marketing on Twitter is the use of photos and videos. Post a creative advert of tweet a photo of your products with a catch tagline and people just might take notice. It’s all about how well you’ve created your media.

At the end of the day, you’ll get nowhere if you have no followers. Building a follower base is extremely important as this will determine how far your tweets go. Tell your friends to follow you and get the word out by mouth or follow people who follow a lot of others since chances are they’ll follow you back.

Twitter is an extremely cheap and effective way to get your name and brand known, but it may take some time before you build up your fan base. But continue to persevere; who knows, your business campaign may just be the next trending topic.


How Social Media Affects and Supports All Critical Areas of Any Organization

The use of social media marketing is currently viewed as a good investment for marketing a business organization and has become an important structure supporting major areas of the organization. There are various aspects of organizational management that could be directly or indirectly influenced by social media. There are varieties of ways by which social media could significantly grow your organization and make it pursue a more productive marketing scheme that will benefit the entire organization in general.

Social media in promoting your company public relations

In order to embark in a more productive business undertakings, public relation is critical in any kind of business. You want to stir the online community in making known to the public your company services and products. A good approach to take in making your business more visible to the public is to use the social media community in creating loyal fans of your brand and allow them to spread the word about it through their own social media communities.
Social media is an effective tool to rapidly spread the word around and being able to have your own social media network composed of people who have related interest as your company, you can easily drive a public relations campaign with the help of the social media platforms. Share your stories, like other fan page similar to your company niche and build your own community who share the same interests are good tricks that you can do in order to introduce your brand to the public and even go viral when you are lucky enough.

Social media and finding top talents for your organization

Marketing is not the only benefit of social media to your organization. It could also help in your company’s human relations and management especially in the aspect of hiring talented individuals to work for your organizations. The HR community is currently growing and many companies are using their social media accounts in scouting for the best talents in the world to become important assets in their work force. Top talents also create their own social media accounts such as LinkedIn which is a good source when looking for the best talents to work for your company.

Social media in growing market sales

Social media is a good source for building professional relations to your prospect customers. Many sales persons are engaged in creating their own social media profiles where they could build connections, interact and to make a sale of their products. You can use the social media platform as a content management system to promote your product information with a call to action to entice your potential prospects in patronizing your products. There is a wider market potential to make a sale using mobile marketing as more people are using their mobile devices in accessing their social media accounts to connect, search and even shop online. If one is able to make an appropriate marketing position in the social media market, there is a high chance of growing your sales online.

Social media features optimized for marketing

There are many tools available for social media marketing nowadays. Google has launched its Google + which is optimized for socials and marketing. Other social media sites are also penetrating the marketplace using their social marketing tools such as “like” for Facebook, “tweet and re-tweets” for Twitter and “pinning” for image marketing in Pinterest. Other sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon and Dig is also taking socials as a way of marketing business through content marketing approach. With these powerful social media tools, social media undeniably becomes an important partner in all aspects of marketing schemes of any organization. The use of social shares also becomes a relevant source for building organic links to your website which is a good search engine optimization strategy in social media marketing.
About the Author:
This is a guest post written by Stacy Carter, se, technology and marketing writer and guest blogger. She contributes to the site: Cell Spy that covers useful compendium about spyware for mobile devices.


Four Things We Can’t Do Because Of The Internet

A little over a century ago, Mark Twain’s magnificently bushy mustache wrote a forgettable science fiction story that pretty much predicted the Internet. This is ironic, considering that his (Twain’s, not his mustache’s) style leaned more towards the simple than the fantastic–which is why we don’t know him as “Samuel Clemens, Sensational Space-Age Scribe” in the first place. But I digress. He probably had no idea that his imaginary “telectroscope” – a device that links phones all over the world to create a system for instantaneous data exchange – would someday sound eerily prophetic. I’m pretty sure he knew, though, that if such an idea were to become a reality, humanity would inevitably find ways to use it as an excuse for terrible behavior. Here are four abilities we’ve seemingly given up for instant news, worldwide communication, and the power to make rows of virtual candy explode.

Keep Secrets…Well, Secrets

Secrets are hard enough to keep on their own without everyone else constantly poking and prodding at fifty megabytes per second. From unintentional data leaks to movie spoilers, nothing is spared from the sheer power of a negligent mouse click. It doesn’t help that the nature of social media encourages users to share information, no matter how insignificant. We’ve all seen your lunch on Instagram (and trust us, you need to eat more vegetables), know how bored you are thanks to your latest Tweet, and applaud you for giving a hapless baby a reason to hate his parents someday by Liking the page guaranteeing him the name “Optimus Prime” after a million Likes.

It doesn’t even necessarily have to be something you intended to do. Just ask any victim of phishing, the act of deceptively acquiring bank account data and using it to wipe people’s savings clean. It’s possible to trick you into providing vital information, if hackers tried hard enough (read: pretend to be dying African uncles and bamboozle you with tales of undeserved inheritances).

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Much like secret-keeping, engaging in exercise is already a challenge in itself. Unless you’re an actor, model, or fitness coach, you’d have a difficult time trying to squeeze a regular gym routine into your busy schedule…and that’s before we factor in sites like 9gag.  There are so many things to see online – essays, videos, pictures of grumpy cats – that it becomes difficult to get off the computer and on the treadmill.

Ordering food can also be done online, making the process of stuffing our faces even more convenient than before. Rushing to meet a deadline at work? You no longer have to walk all the way to a fast food joint to buy food. Heck, you don’t even need to call them using your business phone (more info) to get your greasy, salty, faux-meat burger fix. Between that and the healthier (and more time-consuming) option of preparing – or at least physically buying – food, it’s not hard to see why most people would go for the former.

Be Productive and Focused

Don’t get me wrong: multi-tasking is a great thing if you know how to prioritize. Unfortunately, the exact moment we figured out how to work on two tasks simultaneously is about the same time we tried to squeeze in ten other unrelated things as well. You end up taking more time than you normally should, and subsequently produce subpar work. Say hello to wilfing: by the time you realize that your report is due in five minutes, you’re already drowning in a sea of Web pages talking about living dinosaurs, the dangers of liposuction, photorealistic illustrations of Disney princesses, and scathing reviews of the Twilight books.

Be Decent Human Beings

The accountability that goes with face-to-face communication tends to be completely bypassed online in favor of brutal comments and insensitive jokes, all lobbed from behind the gigantic sandbag of anonymity. One can simply make a bogus social networking account and fire away, flinging insults and racial slurs without fear. Studies have shown that the lack of eye contact and the desire to present a strong image to the rest of the world greatly influence our online behavior, which is just a fancy way of saying that we really love punching other people in the nose when nobody’s there to slap our wrists.

Speaking of violence, “online gaming” and “nice people” are two things that don’t belong in the same sentence. All it takes is an afternoon of online gaming (preferably, a first-person shooter) to both extinguish your faith in the human race and teach you fifty shorter, considerably less civilized variations of “your mother never loved you.”

Ah, if only we could redesign the Internet to make us more productive and stop us from making stupid decisions. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to catch up on the latest installment of Epic Meal Time.