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How Hiring A Display Advertising Company Can Boost Your Sales

Marketing isn’t something that you can learn about overnight, which is why many businessmen and women struggle to market their business successfully. Often people who are put in charge of the marketing for a company have no previous experience in the sector themselves so when they go about hiring an agency to do the work for them, they don’t really know what they should be asking for.

Throwing money at any old agency and asking them to market your business isn’t necessarily going to do you business any favours. You need to find out exactly where your business needs work doing, what is currently working and what is not, and what sort of marketing you would like to implement.

You need to understand your business and your customers in order to really generate more sales. Being able to understand what work needs to be done will help you select the right agency, and will ensure that you can oversee any work that is done for the business without feeling hopeless, lost or confused throughout the entire process.

Knowing what your business needs will allow you to make sure you don’t spend money where it isn’t needed, because the last thing you want to do is spend more on advertising than what you will make back in sales. Advertising and marketing can be done in a variety of different ways, so it is vital that you look at all of your options.

Digital marketing is always a great place to start as it is easily measured and is able to support, integrate with and help measure all of the marketing that you do offline. It may be that you do not need to change your current marketing plan, your business might just need a digital push.

A display advertising company can offer great ways to gain brand exposure via the internet. By drastically increasing your website traffic you can reach a much larger audience, which is exactly what a digital marketing or display advertising company can do for you using SEO, SMM, PPC, email marketing and online PR.

The great thing about opting for a digital company is that they are not only creatives, but they are also strategists and planners, so they will be able to help you understand your business better and will be able to assist you and advise you for you free during a consultation. These consultations are often very informative and may even help you recognise work that needs to be done without you having to hire anyone to do it for you.

These types of agencies will help you embrace new technologies and use them to your businesses advantage. Digital marketing can work side-by-side with traditional marketing approaches to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Although the best way to advertise used to be using TV ads and radio ads, times have changed. Making a commercial is expensive, whereas promoting online is practically free. When online marketing is implemented in the right way it can be the most successful method to promote and raise brand awareness as the potential audience is huge.

The online world is forever growing and is the future, so there will never be a better time to optimise and boost your online presence.


5 Marketing Trends to Boost Your Campaigns this 2014

When you are marketing your products or services, you really need to follow the trends so that you will not be left behind in this growing world. In order to be successful with your plans, you must take a path along with the development of technology. Your marketing strategies must be based on how technology is developing so that you can catch up on the newest happenings and allow your business or organization to be on its optimum level. Here are 5 marketing trends to boost your campaigns this coming 2014.

Influence of Pictures

In the past years, the importance of pictures is incredibly increasing. A lot of people in Social Media are more likely to post pictures than using statuses in order to express their feelings. It is because people can understand something better if they see something than just reading a very plain text.

Using pictures to market your product is one of the trends in the year 2014. It will improve your campaigning plans because people enjoy more and understand more when they see pictures plus texts than just providing plain texts without any artful background. A very great idea is to use eye-catching and high resolution images to attract people easily.

Videos Rules

Videos do entice people, especially if the video is very presentable. Researchers found out that online video watchers are exceedingly increasing. Following the statistics of online video watchers, they are expected to be doubled by the year 2016. This is why videos are being very important when it comes to marketing. Using Social Media to advertise your videos is really vital for your campaigns to be success knowing that there are many people who can view them from time to time.

When creating videos, be sure that they only last for just a few seconds. Don’t put too much on your videos. They shouldn’t be very specific, but they must contain the story of the whole product or service in order for the viewers to understand and enjoy it.

Advertising through Mobile

As you plan your strategies for marketing, you should consider mobile phones. Know how your designs will be viewed on mobile phones. Since many people nowadays are fonder of using their android phones rather than laptops or computers, it is imperative that the designs of your ads are seen well on mobile phones to give wonderful experience for mobile users.

Fast Growing Social Media

Around 5 years ago, Facebook becomes more important than any other kind of Social Media websites. Today, many other fast social media sites are growing fast and time may come that they may be more popular than Facebook and placing your ads on these sites is an important strategy to boost your campaigns this 2014. The examples of these sites are twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.

Mobile Payments

In the previous paragraph, it is mentioned that mobile phones are becoming much more important than before. Everything that can be done to give convenience to your customers is an important marketing strategy. Mobile payments nowadays are becoming popular. They are more convenient to be used than ATMs because customers don’t need to find ATM machines just to get cash. All they have to do is to use their mobile phones which always in their pocket to pay the product.


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Getting Started with AdWords

When you’re looking for a way to spread the word about your business online, Google AdWords is one avenue to consider. Google’s advertising system places your ads on the search results page, on YouTube pages, overlaid on videos and in properties such as Google Maps. You already know that millions of people use the search engine and other Google services, so AdWords just makes sense. AdWords is even more appealing to business owners as Google has put into play a series of search engine updates that make it difficult for websites to naturally appear on the first page of the search results.

One of the perks of AdWords is being able to choose your budget, so you’ll never break the bank when you’re advertising your business. Plus, you’re only paying for actual clicks to your website unlike pay-per-impression ads.

Most AdWords campaign start with keyword research. What keywords are searchers using when that will bring them to your company? If you’re a plumber in New York, that’s a good start. However, it’s not the only possibility. People might be looking for someone to fix a broken water heater, repair frozen pipes or install a new bathroom. Smart shoppers might be looking for insured and bonded plumbers, so there are plenty of keywords to consider. Long keyword phrases, known as long-tail keywords, often have the higher payout because people with specific needs are ready to pay for them.

Ad copy is an important part of AdWords. You’ll be able to show a title, URL and descriptive text in the ads that appear on the search results page. What you say is important! Obviously, your text should be relevant to the landing page where visitors wind up after clicking on your ad. Your add should show value to searchers, too. What do buyers get when they use your company? Same-day service? Free shipping? Professional insurance? Those things matter to consumers and will help in your ad copy. Furthermore, your ad copy should include a call to action such as “Buy now!”

You’ll also want to craft the perfect landing page, which will also include a call to action. If you’re trying to sell your plumbing services, then placing your phone number directly on the page or setting up a contact form allows users to get in touch with you. Make phone numbers clickable for mobile visitors, allowing them to call you directly from their phone. A Google AdWords management professional can provide you with other tips for your landing page.

Your very first campaign will be experimental, and that’s okay. Maybe you’re not sure how much you want to spend or haven’t yet perfect the perfect ad copy. However, if you find that Google AdWords is too much stress, you can ask for help. Google even recommends hiring a third-party Google AdWords management agency if you’re not comfortable with managing your own campaign. While this isn’t feasible for every company, your business might benefit by turning over the wheel to an experienced professional.


5 Ways to Make Your Next Blog Go Viral

There are over 181 million blogs on the internet, according to the Nielsen/McKinsey Company, an online tracking firm. Most have relatively small, albeit devoted audiences. But every now and then a blog post breaks out and goes viral. What does that mean?
No other medium of communication lets us share information as quickly and affordably as the internet. A picture, video, or text post can make its way around the world in minutes online. Instead of the hundreds or thousands who may have received these messages in the past, now millions can read or view them on phones, computers, and other gadgets. Best of all, they can be shared by everyone. You don’t have to be a head of state or government official to be kept in the loop nowadays.

How to go viral

Short video clips and pictures are much easier to share than the written word, especially if they’re funny or cute. But it is possible to get a blog post to go viral…it just takes a bit more work. And if it works, a viral blog can draw an incredible amount of attention to your website. You could see the number of daily visitors spike overnight! Where to start?
Consider the following five tips:

1. Make it easy to read

The main reasons any piece of information goes viral are that people are interested in it and it’s easy to access and enjoy. When it comes to blog entries, users want posts that include short paragraphs, sentences, numbered or bulleted lists, and lots of white space. They don’t want to read through long, boring sections that do not succinctly state and make interesting points.
A creative title and a catchy first sentence are also essential. It is also often a good idea to add a few pictures, including a photo and short bio of the blogger. Including links to other sites should help increase website rankings, since hyperlinks are important to all of the major search engines.

2. Be first

Most online readers read to obtain new information rather than for pleasure. A blog that contains nothing but old news is often dead on arrival. No one will read it because most people already know what it has to say. Conversely, if you tie your new blog post to a current event and include new information, you may just generate a buzz, which is what it takes to make information go viral.

3. Promote it

There are tens of billions of blog posts on the internet. Getting the public to notice one of them takes talent, hard work, and a whole lot of sharing. Begin by posting the entry on every social medial site you belong to, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Then join a few more social media websites like Pinterest and Google Plus and post it there too. You can also share your work in popular forums and send it out in emails via services such as WiseStamp.

4. Take a stand

As we mentioned, if your blog entry includes familiar information, it won’t got viral. It doesn’t matter how well the post is written or arranged or how many people you send it to. Now, you don’t have to be Woodward and Bernstein. But at the very least, you must take a stance on a particular topic or issue and support it with interesting facts. Even if you don’t blow the lid of the story, there’s a chance your post will go viral if you provide new information and present it in an appealing way.

5. Be Funny

The great thing about blogging is that it’s a more personal form of communication than regular reporting. A blogger need not observe journalistic standards, including the detached, formal style most journalists use. Rather, they can speak directly to their audience and even inject a little humor, when appropriate. When utilized by a talented and experienced blogger, this casual approach can make a post more readable, which should make it easier to share. Just be careful not to overdo it. Always remember that your main goal is move information, not to make people laugh with every other sentence.
Author Bio:

Martha is blogger and writer based in USA, she loves to share her experience and to help others. She is currently collaborating with few article writing services, such as If you like this post, follow her on Google+


Social Blogging Secrets You Should Know

bloggingHave you noticed that some blogs barely get any traffic while some blogs have thousands to millions of viewers daily? Experts state that this is because it is all in the marketing strategy used. Experts have proven that some strategies work better than others. Here are several social blogging techniques or tips that you should know.

1. Blog Frequently

Fans of your blog want to read something new every day. Google will also rank the site higher when fresh content is posted frequently. Daily and informative content helps a website build authority in a community. The more aggressive you are with your blogging campaign, the more traffic that you will generate. One quality post per month is not enough to generate a following from your users. While posting frequent is a concern, quality content is equally, if not more, important.

2. Make Sure Your Blog is User-Friendly

Highly useable blogs and websites are less frustrating and yield more subscribers than websites that make users work to determine where to subscribe or find out more. Make the blogs easy to find, easy to share with friends, and easy to subscribe to if readers like what they see.

3. Offer a Unique Blog

Google’s algorithm is searching for fresh and new content. Copied content will only bring your website ranking down lower. Every blogger should strive to create a new blog that is different from the blogs that are currently on the web. With the vast number of blogs available on any given topic, this becomes a significant challenge, but it is the blogger’s job to try to introduce fresh ideas.

4. Offer Value to Your Subscribers

Give readers a reason to read your blog. Is your content compelling? Are you giving away free promotional items? Do you have any subscriber-only promotions? When you offer value, people will come to your website over and over again because they are pleased with the content and your appreciation for them.

5. Streamline Your Topic Discussion

Blogs with a variety of topics may yield the most traffic, but blogs with streamlined blogs get more subscribers. This requires dedication and research to continually provide fresh content on a streamlined topic. With this approach, bloggers must have a grasp on subscription and sharing behaviors of their viewing audience. The blogs may become highly technical and detailed within a field to keep the topics about the specific genre.

6. Spread Goodwill

When you are blogging, look at other similar blogs and determine how your blog can gain more exposure by linking to their sites. This will help your blog gain exposure. Reciprocal link exchanges are recommended for this purpose, but networking techniques are also effective. People appreciate when you like and link to their blogs, and they often reciprocate.

Know These Social Blogging Secrets for Success

When you implement these techniques into your social blogging regimen, traffic should increase on your website. The tips for success seem simple, but they do require persistence to ensure effectiveness. Find a local internet provider in your area, get online and examine these secrets to have blogging success.


Who Is Ready To Spend Time On PR Stuff?

A successful brand is not built over a day, it is made over years of hard work; a strategic creative process positioning your company, projecting your personality in the minds of a wide range of audience. In the current scenario where people are overly exposed to messages, there is a great role for PR to earn a positive perception for your business. Your message should collide with the right media and target audience in order to get the best results. If your message appears relevant and it has something to offer for the audience then there is a great chance for it to get noticed. Hiring a pr firm will always exceed results very much compared to going for an in-house team. But when you do hire one, always look to tie yourself with a pr firm affiliated with professional bodies as PRCA, ensures the industry’s best practices in play as well expertise.

Who Is Ready To Spend Time On PR Stuff

From your end, you need to research more about different strategies to get the desired results. Closely analyze the current market trends and assume if it can take you further. Positioning, execution and communication plays a great part in fulfilling your objective. Harness the full potential of your various in-house teams with bespoke training, not just greater output, but polished skills is what that is needed.

  • Define Your Audience And Make Your Message Unique

You need to define your audience properly. Give more importance to demographic segmentation. By doing so, you will be able to hit the right spot and that’s what any brand looks forward with. Your message will be fixed in the hearts of your target audience. Also find out what they need, before colliding them with messages. There is a chance for your brand identity to be left unnoticed if it’s not unique. Always ask yourself if you will be interested to read an article in a publication if it’s not about your company. Put yourself by the shoes of your potential customers and that’s how you find the best way to stand out from the crowd.

  • Addressing The Needs And Making Use Of The Apt Media To Propagate The Message

PR should be able to shape opinions, change perceptions and persuasive for the target audience to take action. You need to address the needs of your audience by understanding what information they need. You can put forward your message through multiple media. Make sure that it’s framed in such a way that you get extra mileage everywhere. For instance if you are making a press release, make sure that you can get the best out of it by taking the contents of it and publishing it in web space, newspapers etc.

You can make use of all media to propagate your message right from social media to personal blogs. You need to have a correct understanding of the media, their positioning and the content that they deliver. For instance positive placement of stories about a brand in an editorial media, sustained over a period of time, is a great way to build a brand. Always use SEO rich content so that it gives assistance for your audience as fast as you can when they browse in the web.

  • Emphasis On Two Way Communication

You need to make sure that you are giving more emphasis to two way communication so that you are giving a chance for the audience to give the correct feedback about the brand experience. You need to be open minded to receive the feedback and work hard to correct all the flaws and give an improved experience for your customers next time. Feedback has a significant part to play in PR process, because only then you will know how far your messages have reached and if they are finding it worthy. You can go for email marketing, look for suggestions from people and utilize it next time to make it better.

If you are successfully executing all your PR plans then you can definitely create a unique identity in the minds of the public and convert them into your loyal customers, but most importantly the kind of reputation that lets your brand stay unchallenged even at the times of crisis.


Why Visitors are not Converting?

Organic website traffic is important for every business website in the present day. If there is a good amount of traffic coming to your websites chances are that you will also witness more conversions and leads for your business.

Ideally more targeted traffic means more leads and business for your website however even after getting a considerable amount of traffic is not giving you enough conversions then in that case sadly, this your website’s fault . This infographic discusses some of the important reasons why people are visiting your website but bouncing back without converting.

If you are facing the similar problem here are some of the things that you can help you reduce bounce rate on your website and encourage the targeted traffic to perform desired actions on your website.

Website load time:


This can be one of the reasons why visitors are coming to your website but bouncing back without performing the desired actions. If you are an ecommerce website you will probably see higher bounce and lower conversion rate as people don’t really want to wait for hours to buy a particular product especially when people have an alternate choice that saves their time.

Few of the major reasons why page load time increases is because of the bad code, in-page CSS, Java Scripts in the header and more, the idea is to reduce the page load time by verifying the code according to the W3C standards, call CSS from the external file and add JS in the bottom of the page. Also, try not to add images that have the size of more than 1000KB.

This will reduce the page load time and visitors will continue their journey on the website without any hassle.

Pop up ads:

bds Pop up ads are another reason why people enter the website and exit right away without performing the desired actions. Pop up ads might not kill your search engine ranking positions but would defiantly hurt users’ experience. Visitors usually get frustrated and leave the website within the first minute of their journey.

In order to make your website visitors happy, ideally you should avoid the pop up ads but if this is not really possible then in that case here are the following things you could do!

  1. Always ask visitor’s permission before the ad show up on the screen, this will make them feel comfortable.
  2. Do not use pop up images on each and every page!
  3. Try to be more sophisticated with your ads instead of adding all the junk ads that disturb users to perform certain actions on the website.

These ideas, if implemented can really help you reduce down the bounce rate of your website.

Poor Usability and Layout:


If you have zero usability or your design layout is not human friendly then it is very safe to say that your bounce rate is quite high as compared to your competitors. When visitors come to the website what mainly encourage them is a better usability and attractive design but if you are missing these essential elements then you probably know what to do next!

It is fundamental to have a layout that is friendly to visitors so that they can find everything on the website within 2 to 3 clicks. Your desired goals should be prominent and your content should encourage users to take the next step. Overall your usability should be strong enough to help visitors continue their journey on the website.

Good design and better usability can actually help you decrease your bounce rate to a greater extent.

Dead Links:


Dead links on a website will not only hurt the user experience but can also hurt your search engine positions against the desired key phrases. When visitors on the website click on some link and receive a 404 message they probably try to switch the website instead of finding out the real reason of that 404 page by going back!

The idea is to kill all the dead links and make sure each link on your website is taking you to the right page. This will help visitors to continue their visit on the website and at the same time this will dramatically decrease your bounce rate and you will see better Avg. Time on site.

Reducing bounce rate have a direct impact on leads and conversions for the business so it is safe to say that actions if taken vigilantly can improve your overall lead and conversion ratio.

About the author: Justin is a professional blogger recently working for, one the best source to buy organic traffic.


Marketing 101: Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

marketingMarketing has changed since the emergence of the Internet. People have become more aware of when they are being sold something. This savviness has resulted in practices like adblocking, where annoying pop-up advertisements are ignored. These advertisements are flashy and animated, and are seen to slow down or interfere with the browsing experience.

In print, meanwhile, this ad saturation has become pervasive as well. Many publications are padded with ads, with sponsored articles ever more obvious and prevalent. The Internet has also made many print publications obsolete, and the few magazines and newspapers that have not folded are looking for new ways to thrive. That’s where new methods of marketing, offline and online, come into play.

What is Online Marketing?

Simply (or perhaps overwhelmingly), online marketing is communicating your brand through all available avenues on the internet. This includes, but is not limited to, your official company blog, your corporate storefront, your partner websites, guest posts with your affiliates, email correspondence, and social media.

Types of Online Marketing

1.     Domain name

Your domain is literally your address on the Internet. It’s important that this be easy to remember, so that people can go straight to it without needing to search. Make sure that your domain is readily connected to your company—preferably your brand name.

However, unless your company name is truly unique, it’s likely that your domain name has already been taken. See if you can contact the owner of that domain and settle on purchasing it from them. If not, think of something that is at once catchy and easily associated with your brand.

2.     UX design

User experience design is critical to the online process. At its most basic level, this means the ways through which your customers will interact with your online presence, from initial exposure, to purchase, and down to support.

As such, your online storefront and blog should be easy to read and use. Ordering a product should be as hassle-free as possible, and your customer service should be top-notch. Every aspect of the experience should be optimally designed to promote ease of use—crafting a great experience goes a long way in fostering that reputation for quality.

3.     SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a useful tool in promoting awareness of your brand. People use search engines such as Google and Yahoo to help them navigate the Internet, and websites that appear in the first page of results get the highest traffic. Using SEO, conducted through promoting relationships with other sites, will help your website get to the top of search results organically.

4.     Email marketing

While it may be seen as old-fashioned, email marketing is a potent tool to contact your already existing userbase. Using the personal nature of email, you can inform them of new promotions, sales, or products. You can even give them perks for signing up for your newsletter. This added layer of exclusiveness lends to its appeal, and makes your customers feel valued.

5.     Social media

networkingWith the proliferation of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, many Internet users simply get their content from their buzzing social feeds. With links shared on the most prominent social media networks, who needs to actively look for the latest developments? Promoting your presence on these networks is also a great SEO technique—the search engines now consider this factor when calculating your site’s credibility.


6.     Great content

Having people visit your site means nothing if they immediately leave because your content sucks. Make sure that you create articles, videos, and images that are engaging and informative, and leave your visitors wanting more.

Put up a company blog that is more informal and accessible, presenting a relatable face for the company. Cultivate relationships with other sites and post there, linking back to your site. As long as your stuff is worth reading or listening to or watching, people will be interested.

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing, on the other hand, is taking advantage of traditional media to raise awareness as much as possible. You can employ brochures, pamphlets, television ads, radio ads, and more long-established media like newspapers and magazines. Ironically, many forms of offline marketing direct readers to URLs, for potential customers to get more information on the Internet.

Types of Offline Marketing

1.     Networking

While social media is great, actually making real-life friends and contacts is on another level entirely. Brush up your spin, tweak that smile, and physically get out there and promote your company and yourself. Don’t be blatant about it—become their friend first, and then casually drop what it is that you do. In this case, having a business card is elegant, efficient, and says it all.

2.     Snail mailing

Advertising or direct marketing is the original “junk mail”. While its effectiveness has certainly diminished over the years, with envelopes that explicitly look like ads thrown immediately in the garbage, using it for your present customers can be even better than the email advertising we mentioned above.

Class it up by using quality envelopes, paper, and a striking, modern design, and include truly exclusive offers that are only available through this method. As spam moves to the online space, getting an actual physical advertisement may be surprising enough to actually work.

3.     Seminars and conferences

Trade meetings are excellent places to keep abreast of the latest trends in your industry. You’ll also be able to learn new techniques and approaches from luminaries, and maybe even meet your personal and professional role models. Plus, it’s a great way to network.

Just make sure that your business card stands out—in a sea of them, it’s easy to get overlooked. At these shows, set up a stand that attracts attention, and stock it with products and literature about your company and your products.

4.     Television and radio

spreadingAn obvious approach using TV and radio is buying ads directly, but this is often cost-prohibitive. A more engaging way is to secure guest spots on talk shows, where you can actually have conversations with the hosts, answer questions, and promote your brand more effectively. Getting featured in a program will also extend your reach, allowing you to reach demographics you previously could not access.

By using a calculated combination of new and traditional media, you can ensure that your brand will permeate throughout the various audiences for your product or service. Study these methods and see which of them will be most effective for your business.

Which of these techniques have helped you the most? Are there others that you find particularly useful? Let us know in the comments!

Vincent Sevilla is a professional graphic designer and marketing consultant for, an affiliate marketing portal which affiliate marketing tools and free affiliate marketing lessons


Strictly Social: Best Practice Tips on Marketing with Info-graphics

The Infographic: Honest Tips on ‘Gaming’ the System!

What Makes a Good Infographic?

infographicThe MSN software package of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is considered the Holy Trinity of a business’s efficiency and productivity. Not to take anything away from the ‘old faithful,’ but charts and graphs can only communicate ideas while Infographic turns that data into information.

The Shift to Visuals:

Seems like Infographics are everywhere these days, and why shouldn’t they be. We are all perfectly aware that understanding complex data or large amounts of information can be nerve-racking for anyone. When it comes to communicating information, the mix bag of visualizations put together in an Infographic not only looks clean and professional but are also easy on the eyes, which is the reason why we just can’t get enough of them.

Ways to Rock an Infographic: The Designer’s Toolkit!

Infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and information to its viewers in an engaging manner, provided the Infographic is informative and fun to read. Creating and presenting content and visuals in a compact and creative manner is an art, and submitting a unique Infographic on the web is one of the best things that can happen to an online marketer. The following are going to be some of the tools that can be used to make smart and effective Infographics, the old fashioned way, by doing it yourself!

·        Know the Lingo:

It goes without saying that to design an eye catching Infographic, you will have to write content that matters. Keeping the starting and ending points of the reader’s deduction and thought which is from the extreme left to the extreme right in mind will prove to be highly beneficial for designing a dynamic Infographic.

·        Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:

Yes, in the world of digital media, content is King, for developing a more advanced Infographic, delve deeper into the realm of visuals to present factual data.


·        Draw Graphics:

Drawing graphics to effectively support each point is the best way to convey a message. Using illustrated visual puns are easy on the eyes and fun to read, this will keep the audience interested and wanting for more. It is also a good way of reeling in the audience who would otherwise be uninterested in the topic at hand.

·        Color Cues:


Using a color scheme is very important in order to convey a message. In Infographics, always use the main color for illustrations, whereas highlighted colors should only be used for drawing the audience’s attention to certain keywords. This will keep the audience from getting confused while reading complex Infographics.

When it comes to choosing the colors, you can have two or ten, it doesn’t matter, but assigning them appropriately will be important for tying down your thoughts visually.

·        Make It Obvious:

I did mention visual puns earlier, but making a point obvious with a semi-related illustration is a great way of playing with the curiosity of the viewer. References are usually used but not mandatory. By using icons or visual pointers, one can create dynamic Infographics while minimizing clutter.

·        Arts and Graphs:

The line graph is popularly used in most Infographics to identify current growth rates or other metrics. To make good use of empty space, you can crunch down serious numbers by using the width of the whole page.

·        Knowledge, Research and Data:

Well, it goes without saying that when you are making Infographics, you will need to do some thorough research about the information and data that you are going to present. Doing extensive research will inevitably lead you to piles of data and it is the sifting through that data which will be the most important part of developing an Infographic that is concentrated.

Designed the Infographic … What Now?

Okay, now you will really need to pay attention. If you want your Infographic post to go viral, use the following tips to do so:

Add an Embedded Post so Others Can Re-post it:

funThe best way to make people comfortable is to let them know that they can re-post your content if they want to, by including an embedded code beneath your Infographic that will let them easily drop a simple block of ready-made JavaScript onto their blog. You can also use one of the many widgets that create the embedded codes for you.

Use Directories:

One of the things which you can use to extend the reach of your ‘work of art’ is by using directories. These directories serve the dual purpose of both acting as a place to house your Infographic and as a resource for finding ones to borrow from.

Involve a Credible Source:

By involving credible sources in the data collection, you can encourage those sources to help you promote the resulting Infographic.

Don’t Forget the Tweets:

Schedule tweets of specific data points mentioned in the Infographic over time with a link back to the full Infographic. This approach can work on sites like Facebook as well.

Email Promotions:

Highlight your Infographic in an email promotion to prospects and customers. Also include a segment for the link where they can view the image. Offer previews or pre-release opportunities to more influential sources.


mind map

Creating a screenshot of the Infographic will help you in promoting your visual masterpiece on sites like YouTube and other video hosting services.

Document Hosting Websites:

While the images can be shared at the sites/directories mentioned above, it would also be wise to deconstruct your Infographic into a document format which can be shared on sites.

Social Sharing Buttons:

Social sharing buttons on the page that hosts your Infographic should always be visible and easy to use. Include a text area form element with a code that users can copy to embed your Infographic on their own website or blog.

Setup: The Anatomy of Marketing

If you are looking for the same unimaginative tips that have been played out on hundreds of other websites, you might as well go someplace else. The truth is that learning how to use Twitter “effectively” will not make you become rich any more than creating a great looking Facebook page will make your business successful.

Ask any of the wildly successful entrepreneurs who have made it big and they will tell you that the only way of building a raving audience is by writing epic Sh*t. Even if you have the best damn marketing team in the world, it wouldn’t matter if your content ‘sucks’. Creative writing makes people think, it creates value, changes lives and could very well blow your audience away with its usefulness.


Schedule your promotions around the times when your potential customers and potential clients are most likely to engage.



5 Ways to Best Promote Your Blog

blog blogIt’s great to blog, especially about things you care deeply for and have opinions that you want to express and discuss with others interested in the same area. But if you want to make a living of your blogging, you may find out that’s just not as easy as you thought it would be, particularly if you are at the very beginning of your career as a blogger. When blogging for profit you must not only create relevant and useful content for your readers, but you must also be effective in your blog’s promotional activities in an effort to gain more and consistent traffic. And this won’t happen overnight; it takes time and persistence to build reputable online history. Here are some of the things your blog’s promotion should include:

Consider the appearance of your blog

You want your blog to appear well to the eyes of your readers, and you want them to be satisfied from their experience as a user. This includes many aspects, from the choice of blogging platform, to the font, colors and navigational layout. WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal are some of the most preferred platforms by bloggers, and they also allow users to build their own blog sites. WordPress is currently the most popular, but they all feature some dynamic functionalities, ecommerce features, social networking and different modules and plugins.

Also consider the navigation on your blog – is it easy enough for your readers to find what they want? Organize your links and blocks, make your recent posts and most read articles more accessible, and test to find the best positions for your ads to increase the click through rates. When you share and promote your content and new visitors come to your blog, you want them to be satisfied with what they see and how everything appears, so they’ll feel comfortable to come check it again. The Internet users today have higher expectations, so it’s better to be prepared ahead.

Make sure your blog and content are search engine optimized

To be able to drive more traffic to your blog content you should also aim to rank higher in the results of the popular search engines. This means making sure that the articles and your whole website is well optimized for the search engines to be able to “read” it and recommend you links as relevant when their users search the web.

Google is the main search engine in the world and its latest algorithm updates have significantly changed the way blogs and websites appear in their result pages. Relevant content for your targeted niche that is interesting, useful and brings value to your readers is one of the best ways to ensure optimization. If the visitors on your blog find your posts helpful, think you are interesting and share those links with their friends and networks, if they like reading more and coming back again to check out for new things, they will also get you higher in the ranking positions when others search for your queries. Make sure to publish new content on regular daily or weekly basis. You can also submit your blog to ping sites like Ping-O-Matic to remind the search engines to index your pages as you publish new content.

Higher page rank is also determined by the number of back links to your blog; higher link presence on the web increases your website relevance. But we are talking here of quality back links – link building as we knew before does not apply anymore. You should now look for more meaningful and deeper relationships with the relevant authorities in your industry and use these connections to create quality links to your blog. By submitting articles or writing guest posts for other blogs and websites, through social networking and press releases, you’ll be able to increase your backlinks, promote your blog and get greater exposure for your content.

Promote your blog on social and blogging websites, forums and niche-related online community

connectionWe cannot talk about promotion and not mention social media; in today’s world that’s simply not possible. If you want more traffic for your blog, hence more revenues for your blogging activity, you must invest time, effort and money into building a substantial network of fans and followers on the popular social networks. Your social presence is now also a deciding factor in your website rankings – the more people are talking about you, sharing your stories, blog posts and images on Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, Reddit, linkedIn, you name it, the higher your blog authority, relevance and rankings. This doesn’t mean that you should have profiles on absolutely every network; you can’t even physically manage this workload. Think about your niche, about the type of content that you post, about your readers and their preferences, and then select few social platforms that work best for you.

Also get involved in your niche online community to help build your brand as a blogger and get recognized by the audience as an expert whose knowledge and experience can be trusted. Register to forums and make a list of authoritative bloggers in your industry whose blogs you’ll regularly visit to read their content and make contributions commenting about your experiences, answering questions users have asked and being as helpful as you can to provide extra value to the posts and the readers. Being active member of the community can help your blog promotion a lot.

Be creative with your email marketing, and don’t spam your readers

Email marketing is an important promotional activity, but also one that you should be very careful with. You can’t bomb your readers with emails when they haven’t given you a permission to do so, and spammy mail can even cost you your regular visitors. Use tools like FeedBurner to create a pitch block on your site where users can leave their emails if they want to receive your messages and newsletters. Create attractive and interesting e-newsletter with a creative layout and quality readings and provide links directing to the content. You can also add games, rewards, promotions and other calls to action to interest your readers in visiting your blog.

Gain exposure through guest blogging

Guest blogging on various authority industry-related websites will get you more quality online presence and will improve your image as a blogger, helping you promote yourself and reach out to the communities built around these blogs. Writing guest posts isn’t the same as writing your own content, but it has many SEO and social media benefits attached to it, particularly if you are not only writing for others but also inviting them to publish guest posts on your blog too.

These are just few of the things you can do to gain maximum exposure for your blog. Keep up with the new ideas and methods evolving each day as the internet marketing keeps developing further.

Author’s bio: Alice McLean is a writer at with background in history, sociology and internet marketing. Now she is writing her first book on internet marketing.