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5 Marketing Trends to Boost Your Campaigns this 2014

When you are marketing your products or services, you really need to follow the trends so that you will not be left behind in this growing world. In order to be successful with your plans, you must take a path along with the development of technology. Your marketing strategies must be based on how technology is developing so that you can catch up on the newest happenings and allow your business or organization to be on its optimum level. Here are 5 marketing trends to boost your campaigns this coming 2014.

Influence of Pictures

In the past years, the importance of pictures is incredibly increasing. A lot of people in Social Media are more likely to post pictures than using statuses in order to express their feelings. It is because people can understand something better if they see something than just reading a very plain text.

Using pictures to market your product is one of the trends in the year 2014. It will improve your campaigning plans because people enjoy more and understand more when they see pictures plus texts than just providing plain texts without any artful background. A very great idea is to use eye-catching and high resolution images to attract people easily.

Videos Rules

Videos do entice people, especially if the video is very presentable. Researchers found out that online video watchers are exceedingly increasing. Following the statistics of online video watchers, they are expected to be doubled by the year 2016. This is why videos are being very important when it comes to marketing. Using Social Media to advertise your videos is really vital for your campaigns to be success knowing that there are many people who can view them from time to time.

When creating videos, be sure that they only last for just a few seconds. Don’t put too much on your videos. They shouldn’t be very specific, but they must contain the story of the whole product or service in order for the viewers to understand and enjoy it.

Advertising through Mobile

As you plan your strategies for marketing, you should consider mobile phones. Know how your designs will be viewed on mobile phones. Since many people nowadays are fonder of using their android phones rather than laptops or computers, it is imperative that the designs of your ads are seen well on mobile phones to give wonderful experience for mobile users.

Fast Growing Social Media

Around 5 years ago, Facebook becomes more important than any other kind of Social Media websites. Today, many other fast social media sites are growing fast and time may come that they may be more popular than Facebook and placing your ads on these sites is an important strategy to boost your campaigns this 2014. The examples of these sites are twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.

Mobile Payments

In the previous paragraph, it is mentioned that mobile phones are becoming much more important than before. Everything that can be done to give convenience to your customers is an important marketing strategy. Mobile payments nowadays are becoming popular. They are more convenient to be used than ATMs because customers don’t need to find ATM machines just to get cash. All they have to do is to use their mobile phones which always in their pocket to pay the product.


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Keeping in Touch with Your Roots

If you were born in Britain but are of a family background which hails from somewhere else in the world, you can sometimes feel caught between two cultures and two different ways of life.

That is an issue that a lot of young people can face whilst they are still trying to forge their own identity.

Wherever you were born, wherever you live, it is still tremendously important to keep in touch with your roots and to regard the culture from whence your family came.

Britain’s Pakistani community is massive, and are now an integral part of the British way of life. Every major town and city across the country has a Pakistani district and each place that does is richer for it.

The first wave of Pakistani immigrants, mainly young men, came to Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, heading mainly to industrial towns in Lancashire and Yorkshire to maintain the pre-eminent world position of British industry.

After political amendments in 1962, they were soon followed by their families and became permanent residents rather than transient workers.

In 1951 there were an estimated 5,000 Pakistanis (including Bangladeshis) in Britain. This had risen to 119,700 by 1966: the year of England’s famous World Cup win. In no time at all, Pakistani people were to be seen in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield and Leicester.

Struggling to fight prejudice and to forge a foothold in their adopted country, these early immigrants were driven, tenacious and dedicated people who refused to let up in pursuit of a better life for them and their families.

Despite having to adopt British ways and customs, they never forgot where they came from. Pakistani food, music and culture remained the ties that bound the community together and are now integral parts of Britain’s multicultural identity which we all enjoy.

If your forebears were amongst those first Pakistanis to come to Britain, you should feel very proud of your family – and what is more important than family? And like them, you should not forget your origins.

Keeping in contact with family abroad is very important. Although you might not see them in the flesh too often, and are brought up in a culture that is significantly different to theirs, family ties are vital to our development as human beings. Cheap calls to Pakistan won’t break the bank, whether from a landline or mobile, but they are worth so much more to you and your family.


How to Stay Warm this Winter on a Shoestring Budget

We don’t want to state the obvious, but we will anyway. It’s about to get really cold, really soon. Last January landed Canada in some of the coldest conditions on record and pushed Hydro-Quebec’s power consumption record through the snow-covered roof. This is all fine and dandy if you enjoy the romance of a roaring log fire and sparkling icicles, but if you’re living on a tight budget, a cold winter can be very bad financial news.

To help customers who may be living on a strict budget this winter, payday loan online lenders have put together a cosy little list of smart ways to stay safe and warm on a shoestring through the winter months; from choosing your accommodation carefully to finding someone special to snuggle up with….


1. Make smart accommodation choices

This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you’re renting and able to move in the near future, think about temperature before you put down your deposit. Big, airy rooms with spacious high ceilings may seem elegant in the summer months, but come fall and winter, these spaces will be catastrophically expensive to heat effectively.

Pay very close attention to the type of heating in any property you view. Electric heating is ridiculously expensive and incredibly ineffective. Make sure you take on a property with central heating, double glazing and manageable sized rooms which you will be able to heat as efficiently as possible.

2. Get snug with rugs, draft excluders and soft furnishings

You’d be surprised at the difference soft furnishings can make. Carpet is a big plus. Tile, vinyl and wooden floors are notoriously poor on the cosiness front so make sure your home is carpeted or plunder thrift stores and second hand sales for rugs. Many carpet stores sell cheap off-cuts which you can use as very cost effective draft excluders. You can even use them to cover up those chill-inducing windows if things get particularly icy.

Thick curtains are also surprisingly effective at keeping you warm without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, plenty of soft furnishings, from cushions to blankets to throws, can add a level of psychological warmth to rooms, helping you to feel cosier and keeping the air warmer.

3. Stay warm from top to toe

You don’t need us to tell you to wrap up warm, but it’s surprising how many of us forget our extremities when we’re feeling the chill at home. Your head is the body part which loses heat fastest, whilst cold feet can really make the rest of you feel frozen. Make sure you keep your head, hands and feet warm with hats, gloves, plenty of socks and slippers and you’ll feel much warmer overall.


4. Invest in a sleeping bag and hot water bottles

Night time is the coldest and the most costly to heat. You’re unlikely to want to leave the heating on all night as this can rack up huge bills, so make sure your heating is on a careful, frugal timer and invest in a good quality sleeping bag and hot water bottles.

You’ll be impressed by how warm a sleeping bag in bed can be, whilst a hot water bottle or two can make a big difference to your bed’s ambient temperature – and you’ll save big time on bills. Meanwhile, if you’re sharing your bed with a partner, zip two sleeping bags together and forget about the hot water bottles altogether!


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Data Recovery in the Cloud: Five Essential Features

Cloud hosting services: cloud computing means many things, but most definitions include several basic value propositions such as scalable resources on demand, a pay per use billing model, controlled through Internet access and infrastructure management and optimization better than most traditional data centers.


At a conceptual level, cloud computing abstraction relegates all the computing tasks undifferentiated. Most companies do not offer any added value to customers or create any competitive advantage when they buy, create, configure and manage servers and storage. This can be seen even more clearly in the case of computer data recovery and data centers.

Conversely, poor performance on these tasks may involve a loss of value and competitive advantage. While these tasks do not involve any benefit, but is priced them wrong. It is like the opposite of a call option on the stock market: there is a high risk of damage, but there is potential for profit.


For companies planning to create its first data center for emergency recovery, with decision making that entails, the creation and maintenance tasks for servers, storage and networking tasks, cloud computing seems a clear choice. They can transform the capital expenditure that serves not to acquire any added value for operating cost without compromise that will probably get some best practices in this regard of which they could carry them.


Solutions are beginning to emerge around this idea of recovering data in the cloud or you can say Disaster Recovery in the Cloud or DR as a Service. The name is somewhat optimistic, because most of the products currently offered are solutions of traditional backup, with little or no ability to actually recover data in the cloud. Although many industry suppliers of backups are announcing their cloud computing offering, mainly just are offering users to store backups in the cloud. To earn the designation in the industry in the industry for data recovery in the cloud, the solution should have the following features.


The possibility of recovering workloads in the cloud

The cloud can offer more than a place to leave our backup files. It may offer the necessary IT systems to run our records retrieved, and, after the failure of a production system, the ability to quickly restart a complete replacement to data, applications and complete configuration in the cloud.


Real unlimited scalability with reduced or zero initial provisioning

A few providers can offer a quick recovery from a distance but really cannot be named “in the cloud” unless offered a large reserve capacity, without limitation or initial configuration. Although it seems a lot to ask, this is the premise of cloud computing.


Pay per use model

One of the defining characteristics of cloud computing is that you only pay for what you use. Use a bit this week and pay a little, if you use a lot next week, you pay more, but only for that specific week only.


The infrastructure will be safer and more reliable than you could create yourselves

When you decided to outsource any part of your activities, you are concerned about the safety and reliability of your supplier. The best cloud provider not only has the largest scale equipment, but also experienced in a large scale data handling. This means they can offer you much better security and reliability than any of its rivals, and their data center is better than you could create yourselves.


Comprehensive, automated recovery

Non expert users should be able to recover everything they need. This is the extra icing on the cake because it makes everything so easy, nobody wants to have to go through “manual execution” of full data recovery procedure and bring in experts can be insufficient, and the manual implementation is probably outdated. Why not turn the book into a part of the automated system? Instead, we would simply press a button that said “retrieve now”; wait for the files being copied, and then log on to the system that is fully up and running directly into the cloud. .


In short, the problem of backup solutions is that they are really traditional centric and leaves the data on tape or disk (and now in cloud storage) and perhaps restore back to the original hardware. If you need to recover to dissimilar hardware or to a different Virtualization platform, this usually does not help much with the inevitable incompatibilities. As relevant to equipment failures, you really need to have backup hardware.


So while “Cloud computing” means many things, you can say that any client that does not get the above five essential features in the cloud based disaster recovery solution will be disappointed and it is not worth it.


Author Bio:


Paul Lopez, a technology writer and sales & marketing executive at, a cloud & dedicated server hosting company based in New Jersey.


Don’t Make the Usual Mistakes

If you are starting your own business, even if you’ve got the idea and are ready to take the plunge, there are still lots of things to consider. If you don’t have a marketing strategy then you’re basically making it up as you go along. How are you going to get people to your website? Not just once but repeatedly. Have you got a brand identity? A professional website is worth its weight in gold. If yours is dull, then visitors are unlikely to remember it and come back a second time. Is it informative, exciting, and easy to navigate? A good design agency can do all of this for you and the results are definitely worth the investment.

How It Usually Begins

With the current high rates of unemployment and living standards continually being squeezed, the amount of people starting their own business is on the increase. Ambitions range from dipping a toe in to the world of commerce, putting your lifelong ambitions to the test, or simply turning your hobby in to your dream job. For some naive reason, we usually fall in to the trap of assuming our idea is brilliant and will sell itself. Everyone will love it, and we’ll all become millionaires whilst tapping away on our laptops! How wrong can you be!

What We Think We Should Do

In this digital age we all know every business has to be online. Firstly, we find out how to get our own website started. Even better you can do it yourself for free! Remember, you get what you pay for. Ok, done that. Next, you have to use social media, that’s what everyone’s talking about. Let’s start a Facebook business page, easy, done that too. Now sit back and wait for all those orders to come rolling in!

How Are We Doing?

Six months down the line. You’ve exhausted the client base, which if you’re honest is made up of friends and family. Who visits your website and Facebook page? You’re not sure, but it’s probably friends, so they can let you know how great it all looks, “very professional”, support which is gratefully received. A few friends of friends checking what you’re up to. A few other businesses that “like” your page in the hope that you will return the favour, but then you suspect they don’t bother to read your content, because you know that you don’t read theirs.

Marketing is a specialist skill, Digital marketing even more so. Whatever you read on the internet it’s a job best left to a professional company like Alight.


Google Doodles Us a Surprise

At the risk of sounding like a fangirl, I have to say that Google amazes me. Even if you take away all the wearable computing devices, balloon-powered Internet and the slew of other services that Google offers, its search engine alone is a wondrous thing. It’s a trove of all kinds of information about anything under the sun, and it makes learning new things easy. I particularly like the latest search interface, which immediately shows you information relevant to your search, such as images, latest news and brief biographies, in organized cards.

These days, web browsers allow you to google things right from their search bar, bypassing the homepage. Sure, that saves a step but it makes you miss out on cool things, like maybe a revamped Google logo.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the first doodle in 1998, when they placed a stick figure behind their logo’s second “o” to inform users that they were attending Nevada’s Burning Man festival. In 2000, then intern Dennis Hwang was tasked to create a doodle for Bastille Day, and its popularity led to the formation of a group of doodlers and engineers.

In its blog, RingCentral identifies three important elements of a consistent brand image: a company’s look, sound and service. With their Doodle project, Google leverages these three elements to showcase the innovation and playfulness that they’re known for. Here are three reasons why you should check out Google Doodles:

LOOK: They’re like unexpected treats.

There’s nothing like seeing something ordinary in a new way to get you amazed. The Google logo is basic and straightforward, made up of six letters in a Sans Serif font. Who knew it could be redone in over a thousand different ways? That’s exactly what Google’s doodlers do. They think of special events in a year, maybe a holiday or an important personality’s birthday, and they use to create a logo that’s both interesting and relevant.

It’s a great surprise to start your research with, kind of like reaching for your regular drip coffee at the office pantry and being handed a Frappuccino.

SOUND: They’re interactive and entertaining.

Google Doodles range from simple and easily understandable to the more complex ones in which you almost can’t decipher the letters from the images. Take for example the doodle celebrating Antoni Gaudi’s 161st birthday last June 25, shown above. You know it’s supposed to spell out Google, but you have to squint and tilt your head a bit to figure out the actual letters.

And then there are the doodles that are intricately crafted as animations and games, complete with sounds and all. Recent examples include this year’s US Independence Day doodle, which shows a cartoon dog family taking a trip across the States that concludes with fireworks. How about the doodle game that celebrates the anniversary of the Roswell UFO sighting? You’re tasked to help the lone alien get back home by finding and putting together the parts of his spaceship. Doodles like these give you a nice, interactive break from work without having to leave the confines of the Google Search website.

SERVICE: They’re informative.

Everyone loves those two-in-one things, and Google Doodles are examples of those. Not only are they engaging, they’re also educational. If you hover your mouse over the logo, a yellow box will pop up to tell you what the special occasion is. Then, just click the logo and you’ll immediately be directed to a results page so that you can read more about the event if you wish. After all, don’t people say that you should learn something new everyday? Here’s a fun way to do just that!

If you’d like to see the Google Doodles you’ve missed, head on to its official page to see a complete listing by year. And if these cool logos don’t show up on your Google homepage, try switching to country-specific addresses like or Just remember that there won’t be a doodle for every day of the year.

Happy Googling!


Social Blogging Secrets You Should Know

bloggingHave you noticed that some blogs barely get any traffic while some blogs have thousands to millions of viewers daily? Experts state that this is because it is all in the marketing strategy used. Experts have proven that some strategies work better than others. Here are several social blogging techniques or tips that you should know.

1. Blog Frequently

Fans of your blog want to read something new every day. Google will also rank the site higher when fresh content is posted frequently. Daily and informative content helps a website build authority in a community. The more aggressive you are with your blogging campaign, the more traffic that you will generate. One quality post per month is not enough to generate a following from your users. While posting frequent is a concern, quality content is equally, if not more, important.

2. Make Sure Your Blog is User-Friendly

Highly useable blogs and websites are less frustrating and yield more subscribers than websites that make users work to determine where to subscribe or find out more. Make the blogs easy to find, easy to share with friends, and easy to subscribe to if readers like what they see.

3. Offer a Unique Blog

Google’s algorithm is searching for fresh and new content. Copied content will only bring your website ranking down lower. Every blogger should strive to create a new blog that is different from the blogs that are currently on the web. With the vast number of blogs available on any given topic, this becomes a significant challenge, but it is the blogger’s job to try to introduce fresh ideas.

4. Offer Value to Your Subscribers

Give readers a reason to read your blog. Is your content compelling? Are you giving away free promotional items? Do you have any subscriber-only promotions? When you offer value, people will come to your website over and over again because they are pleased with the content and your appreciation for them.

5. Streamline Your Topic Discussion

Blogs with a variety of topics may yield the most traffic, but blogs with streamlined blogs get more subscribers. This requires dedication and research to continually provide fresh content on a streamlined topic. With this approach, bloggers must have a grasp on subscription and sharing behaviors of their viewing audience. The blogs may become highly technical and detailed within a field to keep the topics about the specific genre.

6. Spread Goodwill

When you are blogging, look at other similar blogs and determine how your blog can gain more exposure by linking to their sites. This will help your blog gain exposure. Reciprocal link exchanges are recommended for this purpose, but networking techniques are also effective. People appreciate when you like and link to their blogs, and they often reciprocate.

Know These Social Blogging Secrets for Success

When you implement these techniques into your social blogging regimen, traffic should increase on your website. The tips for success seem simple, but they do require persistence to ensure effectiveness. Find a local internet provider in your area, get online and examine these secrets to have blogging success.


Who Is Ready To Spend Time On PR Stuff?

A successful brand is not built over a day, it is made over years of hard work; a strategic creative process positioning your company, projecting your personality in the minds of a wide range of audience. In the current scenario where people are overly exposed to messages, there is a great role for PR to earn a positive perception for your business. Your message should collide with the right media and target audience in order to get the best results. If your message appears relevant and it has something to offer for the audience then there is a great chance for it to get noticed. Hiring a pr firm will always exceed results very much compared to going for an in-house team. But when you do hire one, always look to tie yourself with a pr firm affiliated with professional bodies as PRCA, ensures the industry’s best practices in play as well expertise.

Who Is Ready To Spend Time On PR Stuff

From your end, you need to research more about different strategies to get the desired results. Closely analyze the current market trends and assume if it can take you further. Positioning, execution and communication plays a great part in fulfilling your objective. Harness the full potential of your various in-house teams with bespoke training, not just greater output, but polished skills is what that is needed.

  • Define Your Audience And Make Your Message Unique

You need to define your audience properly. Give more importance to demographic segmentation. By doing so, you will be able to hit the right spot and that’s what any brand looks forward with. Your message will be fixed in the hearts of your target audience. Also find out what they need, before colliding them with messages. There is a chance for your brand identity to be left unnoticed if it’s not unique. Always ask yourself if you will be interested to read an article in a publication if it’s not about your company. Put yourself by the shoes of your potential customers and that’s how you find the best way to stand out from the crowd.

  • Addressing The Needs And Making Use Of The Apt Media To Propagate The Message

PR should be able to shape opinions, change perceptions and persuasive for the target audience to take action. You need to address the needs of your audience by understanding what information they need. You can put forward your message through multiple media. Make sure that it’s framed in such a way that you get extra mileage everywhere. For instance if you are making a press release, make sure that you can get the best out of it by taking the contents of it and publishing it in web space, newspapers etc.

You can make use of all media to propagate your message right from social media to personal blogs. You need to have a correct understanding of the media, their positioning and the content that they deliver. For instance positive placement of stories about a brand in an editorial media, sustained over a period of time, is a great way to build a brand. Always use SEO rich content so that it gives assistance for your audience as fast as you can when they browse in the web.

  • Emphasis On Two Way Communication

You need to make sure that you are giving more emphasis to two way communication so that you are giving a chance for the audience to give the correct feedback about the brand experience. You need to be open minded to receive the feedback and work hard to correct all the flaws and give an improved experience for your customers next time. Feedback has a significant part to play in PR process, because only then you will know how far your messages have reached and if they are finding it worthy. You can go for email marketing, look for suggestions from people and utilize it next time to make it better.

If you are successfully executing all your PR plans then you can definitely create a unique identity in the minds of the public and convert them into your loyal customers, but most importantly the kind of reputation that lets your brand stay unchallenged even at the times of crisis.


How to Make the Products Selling Effective on the Internet

There is barely a shop owner who does not seem willing to join the online marketplace by putting his products on sale. Internet selling in other words in defined as the strong urge to make money online. Merchants might be fascinated with the idea of making a web presence but they are supposed to keep it in mind that earning money from the net is as hard as it is from a physical store. Here, they need to take care of two aspects emotions and money. It is because; traders have to assure customers to offer good products without a negative impact on their finances.

Online Selling Banner

How to Make the Selling Process Work? It is all about finding right goods for sale!

In order to determine the success of this process, you need to find out that which product range will you sell worldwide? You can choose either tangible products including (clothes, digital goods, craft material and food items) or intangible products like (computer programs, eBooks and web content).

Essentiality of Building an Online Store:

Essentiality of Building an Online Store

Without an influential store, no customer is going to buy from you. For this purpose, it is suggested to appoint a web designer or a team who also has professional graphic designers. The importance of quality graphics, graphs, videos and charts is high on the web as internet is considered a risky shopping platform and these are some factors that convince the shoppers. It is certainly not enough to create an appealing store until it is incorporated with:

  • Different payment gateways for the convenience of the customers
  • Make the store quick loading to stop customers from losing their interest (Google Analytics can be used to monitor the site speed)

What Should an Online Shop Contain to Make the Sale System Robust?

What Should an Online Store Contain to make the sale robust

People who are running an online business must ensure that every product page on the shop must have its own page. Only designing a page cannot determine the boosting sale until these pages do not have each product’s description. If users’ reviews are added to these pages then these will not only make the product more reliable for customers but also add unique content to the site. Besides it, you can also try these steps:

  • Integrate a search monitoring system so that you can track what customers are looking for. By doing so you can find out the demand of the goods and it becomes possible for you to add those products.
  • Starting a blog that discuss about the product range, offers, discounts and products those are soon to be added would also be beneficial for you.

Become Customer of your Own Site:

Analyze your website from the customers’ perspective and conclude that would you like to buy products from your store if you are at shoppers place. Therefore, it is your responsibility to design your store in a way that buyers can clearly trace the signs of credibility when browsing the shop. To win the confidence of the customers, you should add a telephone number and mention the working hours of this contact number. This tactic is about to support you as people feel more convinced by talking instead of the text on the webpages.

Web Store VS Availing Traffic:

Your top priority must be building a reliable store afterwards you should start worrying about traffic. On the web, people do not look for you but they search for a credible shop, relevant information, required products and convincing price. For the sake of striking a balance between every aspect you should follow these points:

  • There must be unique CONTENT that can grab immediate attention of the visitors.
  • Your logical and theme-based content brings higher ranking in major search engines that help you attain desired TRAFFIC.
  • Now, your business is open to MONETIZING as you are able to convert your visitors into customers to earn revenue.

Regular Updating in the Website:

No one likes stale food and outdated fashion so they are not likely to appreciate old information and product descriptions in your store. Therefore, you need to try fresh sale tricks, come with up-to-date information and make store sale attractive.

On a Final Note:

These were some guidelines those were discussed to make your online selling effective as well as advantageous on the net. Thus, you are few steps away from making money from the internet.

Author Bio: David Wong is a professional author, engaged in writing diverse topics related to online shopping. One can find information abou