Facebook’s New Search Tool Unveiled

Facebook introduces a new and improved way to search for people. The most popular social networking site today will introduce major changes that will probably give Google a run for its money.

With Facebook’s new tool called “Graph Search,” users personal information will now be turned into a powerful searchable database. It’s great news to Facebook investors but bad news to other competing companies like Google, Windows and Microsoft.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he has long waited to develop a social search engine and even hinted that they are developing one on September of last year. Facebook’s new feature will give their users the ability to search across their friend’s information and other close networks. Facebook officials said that this change may transform the way people use Facebook.

The list below will give more details about Facebook’s newest feature. What is Graph Search? And what can you do with it?

  • Discover more about your friends as well as other information that have been put into the world’s largest social networking site. With Timeline, you can only search your friend’s pages, other public figures and businesses.  But with Graph Search, other key information from users will be turned over to a large database.
  • Connect with people through common likes and interests. Graph Search will allow the users to type in short and simple phrases like, “friends who like basketball” and get results in an instant.  Users will also be able to search for companies and find out which of their friends have worked there.
  • The Graph Search could also work advantageous for job recruiters. Since Facebook will be supplying more information about the person being searched, some companies will most likely pay Facebook to scour their databases for potential recruits.
  • With Graph Search, users shouldn’t be afraid to lose some of their anonymity. The feature still recognizes the privacy settings and will not include posts and details that have been chosen for friend’s only or customized views. A spokesperson of Facebook said that people will only see what has already been made public on your Facebook accounts.

The following that have been mentioned are only some of the advantages of what Graph Search can offer their users. And with their new search tool, some companies and websites should be worried that Facebook’s integrated search tool may take over their businesses.

While Google handles over 100 billion queries per month, a small percent of their users have fully embraced and switched to their social media counterpart, Google Plus. It probably lacks the audience and the charm that Facebook has.

However, the Facebook feature will only be accessible for now to its 170 million users in the U.S. Facebook product manager, Kate O’Neill, said that they were aiming to build something that will allow their users to take advantage of the information that has already been shared with each other. Zuckerberg added that with Graph Search, users can also begin to explore advertising possibilities.

With their new tag ensuring that users will be able to find more of what they’re looking for, Facebook holds another promise to their users. But Graph Search will have its perks and flaws, that’s to be expected. And whether Facebook online or business phone users will love or hate their new search feature is still to be determined over time.

This post is contributed by Monique Jones  who is the telephone engineer and writer about communication.


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