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InMotion hosting is the new buzz in internet hosting scenario. High speed internet connectivity and high bandwidth connections have reached every household in the United States. Finland recently became a model for the world nations by making broadband connectivity a legal right. With more Asian and Arab countries recognizing the revolutionary power of the internet, the openings for web hosting companies are many. In such a volatile situation it is absolutely necessary to choose the correct web hosting services. Numerous web hosting services today provide various packages which helps your website to have a decent appearance over the internet. The numerous options available over the internet might confuse a newcomer to this field.

Indigenous and innovative web hosting solutions are the trademarks of Inmotion hosting. Inmotion coupons are scattered throughout the internet. If you are concentrating on business or e-commerce, then Inmotion could provide you top quality hosting solutions. There are few web hosting services that deliver absolute reliability, support, price features and user friendly customer care services like Inmotion hosting in the field of business and e-commerce website management.

Most web hosting services claim to provide unlimited bandwidth. But this isn’t a necessity. Instead of swaggering about crazy marketing strategies, InMotion hosting provides best quality solutions for specialized websites. Inmotion has been providing unrivaled and uncompromising web hosting solutions for business owners since 2001.


The reasons why business communities should look forward for hosting via Inmotion are many. Hosting of almost all accounts through Inmotion is permitted with maximum speed zones. Also the 99.9% up-time for web hosting is also a specially designed policy to attract the potential business websites. Inmotion hosting also allows you to choose your data center location, thereby helps your e-mail and website to run much faster. This is due to the multiple data center facility of Inmotion. Also Inmotion has teamed up with some of the world’s largest service providers and peering exchanges. This provides a faster internet connection and direct data sharing. The 99.9% up-time and speed zone technology also allows you to locate your data in no time.

Users can also easily modify and manage their website through the control panel provided by them. Through this control panel add-on option, people can install their favorite WordPress/Joomla blogs or shopping carts to their websites. Complete customer satisfaction and special features like Max speed zones are other qualities that makes Inmotion hosting reliable.

Needless to know any code or HTML knowledge, you can create a professional WordPress or Joomla website/blog with a few clicks of mouse.


The 24 hour-a-day support is just one of the reasons InMotion support is of the highest quality. They offer customers the ability to speak with them toll free by phone, by live chat online, through email, or by posting the community forum. For those who want to learn and work through a problem themselves, there is a full knowledge base complete with video tutorials.


For a small business starter with limited features, Inmotion provides hosting at around $3- $6 per month. If you are in for big business websites with renewed and maximum features, hosting solutions can be acquired at around $14 per month.

Inmotion hosting allows you to upgrade your website features when your business grows. Most web hosting services provide you only limited space for upgrading. As a result you will have to change your web hosting over a period of time. You can start and grow your business with help from Inmotion hosting.

Some common complaints bugging its services

Looking at InMotion’s plans and services offered, I could not put a finger on any serious problems that will bug any users. Actually, the only problem I can seriously identify with is that once on call with customer care, it took ages for my call to go through and for the technicians to help me. I held this against them until someone told me that a hitch resulting after a server upgrade was efficiently solved over phone.


There are too many options to discuss in this review, but it is important to point out that InMotion really shines with its Business Class Hosting and VPS Hosting options. The Business Class Hosting option offers Speed Zone technology, which ensures that servers running your site are located as close to you as possible in order to provide the fastest speeds available. Speed Zone technology is 6X faster than what other hosting companies can provide. The VPS Hosting package lets you choose your data centers, which means you have control over speed and service that you don’t get with other companies.

Regardless of the option you choose for your site, you can rest assured that InMotion is an affordable option. The company offers top quality support and well thought out features. You get a lot of bang for your buck at InMotion Hosting , which is why it consistently ranks at the top of web hosting reviews.

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by Kevin M. Simpson

In Motion Hosting has been consistently rated as one of the top web hosts since its founding in 2001. As testaments to their commitment to top-quality web hosting, InMotion can boast 8 straight years as a CNET Certified Hosting Company and backing from the online version of the Better Business Bureau (BBBOnLine). Their 24 hour a day, 7 days a week U.S.-based customer service is but one of the reasons that InMotion is a leader in quality, affordable web hosting service. Below are a few of the other reasons that InMotion is a favorite.


Customer service won’t be of much use if a company’s servers are not accessible. InMotion boasts a 99.9% uptime for their servers, which translates into 10 minutes of downtime in an entire week (10, 080 minutes). Necessary routine server maintenance is the only reason InMotion servers will be unavailable, so business owners can rest easy knowing their sites, products, and information will be accessible on demand to all of their customers.

Control Panel

The control panel is how you access your space on a server and is where you will spend much of your time interacting with InMotion. The company uses cPanel as its access framework, which provides simple, reliable access to your websites, databases, email, files, and scripts. The beauty of cPanel is that it is simple for new users to learn, but advanced enough to support the needs of skilled webmasters. Access to InMotion will never be a problem.

Options and Affordability

When it comes to options, InMotion has more than enough. In fact, the number of available plans may be a bit confusing to those who have never used a web host before and are not sure exactly what services they do and do not need.


2 Responses to InMotion Hosting Review, InMotion Coupon & $997 Bonuses

  1. admin says:

    Some of major hosting review sites recommend Inmotion Hosting as the #1 choice all the time.

  2. Sarah says:

    There are many different places to hose a WordPress website. However, the only true WordPress hosting site is in motion. WordPress Hosting with In Motion Web Hosting is crucial to the success of your business. They offer the three essential things that make them superior in WordPress hosting. They offer exceptional performance, unparalleled security, and top technical expertise.
    Performance is one of the most important aspects to WordPress Hosting with InMotion Web Hosting. They offer extreme performance with their windows, Linux and Apache servers. They will run all of your WordPress content with the same service you would expect from high traffic websites. Every page of content on your WordPress website is a mission critical content piece to provide your visitors.

    They offer exception security to keep your websites protected from adverse linking, malware and DDOs attacks. Their security hardware and software will make sure that your website is protected as possible. They world class data centers are designed to maximize security and the performance of your site. With this protection, you still have the flexibility to determine how much protection you would like. They are proactive on monitoring, patching and definitions to stay ahead of security threats to your site.

    Finally, your WordPress Hosting with InMotion Web Hosting is protected by world class technical personal. They will help you in the event that your content needs to be protected or if a major site links to you and you get flooded with traffic. No, matter what the issue their business class service will keep your site running at peak performance.

    That is why if you are running a WordPress site and you demand the top performance, security, and expertise for your site InMotion is the web host you need. There are no more worries, when you are WordPress Hosting with In Motion Web Hosting.

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