Pro Email Designs to Get Best Results

Email marketing is all about getting maximum clicks and conversions. The prime factor in email marketing is to get subscribers open their email inbox and respond to your mail. So, how can one get customers to respond to your mails lets look at some of the factors.

Web Based format: One of the subscriber opens your mail it has to be clear to them. They have to be able to read your email and all must be able to read whay you have innovated. To ensure that everybody has a look on your email message make sure you add a link to a web based format of your email. How can you add thsi link? When you are on the editing page just archive email message. This enables a direct link to your message. You can link it to the web based format in the header of the email.

HTML or plain text:  You might wonder which is better HTML version or plain text emails. You may feel that HTML messages are better and gets more responses. But that may not be true a plain text message can get you the desired results. A HTML version can go for default and if the subscribers client does not like HTML it atleast can  revert back to the plain text.Make sure you add a link to your web based format here also. If you are accessing web analytics it works well with plain text messages and gives a clear idea of who is clicking your links. It also makes it easier for clients to access.

Make your links eye catching: Once the customers are pray to the bait u do not want to loose them. You need to get more clicks which is possible only when customers concentrate on the call to action. Check where your getting clicks in the  header or fotter. Once you discover where peolpe are clicking more, you can place your most important links there. Make sure you do not hide your call to action form among your content and images. Give it enough space for eyes to be attracted to it. Place it accordingly giving some space between the link and content.

Try Using Videos and Images: In case if your only using text links that is not clickable, then create a button or  linking up an image. This will redirect them to the main website giving them  a clear picture of what they are getting into. Add alluring images and videos giving option to click on the screenshot redirecting to the video. Incase the video is not working or blocked make sure you add a text link so that they can have a look at what you are trying to convey most effectively.

The above factors enable you to effectively design your email campaigns to get best results. Design to indulge and engage customers for a long stay with you with effective email marketing.

Author Bio:

I am Sarah Johnes working at Just Validate as a marketing head specializing in  append services and email verification .


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