SEO Tips & Strategies-How to Get First Page Google Ranking in 2013

After many algorithms changes, most SEO marketers feel clueless and hopeless about how to get a first page Google ranking. However, I will share with you some ideas and tested methods that can help you gain your ranking back . If you have the new site that needs exposure, this post will help you too.

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The key to long-term SEO success is to produce content that adds value to the web , build your brand and get the exposure to the contents you made using and leveraging what Google want. In the year 2013, make sure you focus more on content marketing for building your brand, driving traffic , getting leads (long-term traffic) and sales to your site.

Leverage the Top Brands

The first way to get to the top of Google is to leverage authority websites. As you know, the top brands are dominating Google rankings right now and if you do some research and observe it you will clearly see it . So how can we leverage authority websites? The idea is to use some big brand like YouTube, Facebook and Web 2.0 sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and so on.If you produce content with these user-generated content sites and build some links to it, you will get a top Google ranking easily. You may also buy expired PR5 or PR 6 domain names to achieve first page Google rankings fast.

New Site Ranking & Traffic

Another way to get a first page Google ranking is to make a brand new site and post content to it on a regular basis, for one or two months. You will be amazed that Google lets your website rank on the top of its search result page. Build some backlinks to this brand new site and keep posting great content within your niche. If your content is compelling enough, people will share and link to your site throughout the web, social media websites, forums, blogs, etc.

Relevant/ Authority Blog Posts

The next stage to get exposure to your site is to use guest blogging. Posting content on authority websites allow you to build quality links, drive traffic and build your brand at the same time; however, to achieve this goal, you need to produce great content that others bloggers and their readers want. To leverage, you need to provide value, period.

I highly recommend you learn the guest blogging secret from Danny Iny, the Freddy Krueger of Blogging.

Get Your Noteworthy Contents Shared on The News Sites

The popularity of your blog does not stop here. You can get contextual and authority links from press releases and news sites. Just type some words into Google like ” Submit News,” and you will know where to post great content on the web and get exposure to your site. News backlinks are the most powerful links you should get for your blog/website.

Build Great Content that attracts links, shares and leads

Some experts use link-baiting for viral link building purpose. Some piece of contents that people love include infographics, expert interviews, detailed video tutorials, free software and eBooks.Useful web-based software can be a good way to attract share and links to you your site and build an authority brand in Google eye. Mobile devices and social media websites allow people all around the globe share your content rapidly.

On-page factors

Please make sure your website load fast because Google wants to deliver fast and relevant results when people search for something on their engine. Try to keep posting detailed content on your blog because this helps people spend longer amount of time on your site. They may even bookmark it, come back later and share you posts on their social media accounts and forums, which can ultimately boost the popularity of your blog. These are the on-site factors that Google is using to determine the quality blogs/sites that deserve long-term ranking on SERP.

Subscribers/Followers help you build long-term traffic

However, you should never solely rely on Google traffic, because it is not safe to depend on one source of traffic. It is wise that your goal of getting long-term traffic is to build email lists, gain fans and followers whenever your site get free traffic from Google, this can help you backup your traffic source and build a relationship with your audience.





3 Responses to SEO Tips & Strategies-How to Get First Page Google Ranking in 2013

  1. says:

    SEO factors for 2013 are different than the years before. this year Google aims to provide the best quality content for users who use their search engine. that’s why their last update of Google Penguin was focusing on providing quality content and social media platforms.

    It’s natural when you add a Good quality content on your website, users will automatically start talking about it on social media platforms and share it with each other. Google love websites that has backlinks and traffic from social media platforms because they think it’s a credible website.

    Thank You,
    Marc A. Donald

  2. Andrew Kelly says:

    While it is important to be on the first page of Google, we should not completely rely on Google for traffic. Just like you said, we should diversify our traffic sources. Google keeps on changing its algorithms and sometimes even the white hat SEO website are hit badly by those updates. Having diverse traffic sources will ensure that traffic keeps coming to your website even if you suddenly go down the search results because of some algorithm update.

  3. Frank Gainsford (@info4u2use) says:

    Thanx for a great article. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is actualy an awful lot more complicated than you make it out to be, as Google alludes to using more than 250 different variables in their mathematical equation (SEA”s or Search Engine Algorithms) that allocates SEOVP (Search Engine Optimisation Value Points) to your pages when determining their SERP’s (Search Engine results pages)

    Your relationship with your target market and how you interact with them is only a small part of the puzzle, but the part that offers most clarity to all, both human and machines, is the actual viewer content of your site. This means that you need to write content that is user friendly and subject specific on each individual page of your site.

    All major Search Engines have user guidelines and web master tools, so it is a good thing to take some time out and either go over these for the first time, or review them every 3 months or so just to keep yourself abreast of the changes and challenges to their recommended SEO practices and prohibited activities.

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