Social Media Sins You Should Never Commit on Your Valentine’s Date

We live in an era where long distance relationships are almost non-existent, all thanks to social media. You and your beau can instantly go on a video call date on Skype, exchange text messages for free on Viber, update each other on what’s happening in your life through Facebook, and tell him what you had for lunch on Twitter. With all these tools, the possibility of even meeting “Mr. Right” online is infinite. But, don’t forget that when you’re online, your life gets exposed exponentially, and the stories you post can be interpreted by anyone in any way they want.

When that hottie you met on a café, in the library, or through Facebook asks you out on V Day, do you instantly tweet all your followers about it? Or do you update your relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’ (you’re going overboard if you do this) in the blink of an eye?

Being social media-savvy isn’t really bad, but there are some abominable social media sins that you shouldn’t commit when you want to impress a person on your date. Here are some:

Posting food shots on Instagram

Unless there’s something REALLY interesting about your first meal together, maybe you should try to keep that photo to yourself. It can become annoying if you keep on taking photos of food using different angles just to… errr, whatever your reason is.

Checking-in on Foursquare or Facebook

If you don’t want to look like a creepy stalker, do not check-in to any places while you’re with your date.

Change your Facebook relationship status

Never, ever ask anybody on your first date if you can change your relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ or ‘it’s complicated.’ Don’t even think of doing it. There is a 110 percent chance he or she will never call you again.

Tweet everything you’re talking about

Do not tweet: “Oh he just said his mom has terminal cancer!” or “We’re so compatible.” It’s like you just invited everybody to join you on your date, and you have just let all your followers know what an awesome person your date is. They will hunt your date down in no time, and you’ll be left alone.

Checking your phone under the table

Even if you just need to check if you received calls on your personal or business phone, or even if you simply want to make sure you didn’t miss a voice message on your RingCentral app, it is still inappropriate to constantly stare at your smartphone. If you’re on your phone because of Facebook or Twitter, it’s better if you just turn your mobile internet or WiFi off so you won’t get tempted. If your business needs you all the time, then ask for permission from your date if you can see if you have messages and calls for a while.

Again, it is not wrong to be social media-savvy. It is up to you on how you want to manage your online life, but make sure you won’t ‘overshare’ your activities to your followers and friends. The best advice I can give on your Valentine’s date is to turn that phone off and just get to know the person you like better. It’s either you turn it off or you’ll turn him/her off, so make a good choice.


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