The Golden Rule for SEO: Content is King and will always be!

 Exactly! Content is not just the king but more than that. Content is everything, content is internet itself. Imagine internet without information, images, audios and videos this all are type of content only. No content no internet, poor content no internet.

There are 4 important things for SEO are content, content, content and content. Content always plays a vital role in online Marketing, I mean yeah it defines you, your business, your services and your Brand. In online marketing or I could say in SEO Process, Content development is a crucial step where your whole marketing strategy is going to bounce back if you have not precise your content quality.

The good news is your audience, and Google, love quality content and, if you provide it on a regular basis, you will see your visitors and search rank rise. So let’s quickly go through with the area of concerns of Content Development Process.


Before you start, pull of your socks and spend hefty amount of time to research that what search engine sees in you, your target audience and of course the competition. Google Free ad ward tool and Google Trends will tell you that what people are searching. And Google Analytics will help to find that typing which keywords people coming to your site. Keyword Discovery is the heart of content development if you miss any opportunity you will be downstairs.


Yeah! One of the creative processes in SEO and content development how you are presenting those lists of final keywords and write an informative article. Before start writing always remembers “I am writing this for my audience not for Search Engines “Once your audience will read it, they will like it and they will share it. Search engine will do the same, however they follow USER SIGNALS.  And both of them like Uniqueness and relevancy of content. It is also important to recognize various types of Readers. There are three types of readers: 1) Researchers, 2) Shoppers and 3) Buyers. Researchers are always looking for some information in laymen’s terms. Shoppers want comparisons and reviews. Buyers want specifications, truth and facts. All are important because each plays a role from building outreach to generating revenue. So know who you are talking to and why.


It is useless if your content don’t reach to their desire audiences or how you will be going to land users to blog? That’s where you Syndication and Promotion comes in picture. There is huge amount of people who will be looking for your content you just need to syndicate it properly. Once you have your target audience in your mind, you can promote your content accordingly. What you can do is it’s your call whether you like to put your piece of content on your blog or you want to be guest bloggers on others blogs. Target your community on Social Network sites, share your link there. Don’t forget to do Social Bookmark it on some good social bookmarking sites. And yeas you can also go for Article submissions sites. Every article is your masterpieces which you build with the words.

It’s your masterpiece, create it and spread it!

Author Bio:

Hiren Joshi is 22 years old Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of Ally Digital Media he do stuffs on Internet with the aim of ranking your business online and creating Buzz about your brand. Five years later, he is still doing that every day.


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