The Top Mistakes That Hurt Search Engine Rankings

The Top Mistakes That Hurt Search Engine Rankings

Optimizing your site for the Web is essential on getting traffic for your site. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the science of creating content that attracts the attention of search engines. Getting high rankings in search engine placement has tangible results. With higher rankings, you will enjoy greater web traffic, more unique visitors and higher profits. While most webmasters know the importance of getting good rankings, most don’t know what factors hurt your standing in search engine game. Avoid these blunders to maintain your place at the top of the search engine food chain.

Having a Splash Page

In short, splash pages are introductory pages that serve as a gateway into your site. These pages use animations and graphics with a link to enter the site. These pages are usually coded with Flash or JavaScript. While these pages look impressive, they will hurt your rankings. Because they contain no real content, the search engines can’t find them. Skip the fancy intro pages and simply start with your home page.

Adding Duplicate Content

Everything on your site should be original. That includes product descriptions, blog postings, articles and photos. Beware of pulling ads from free article directories and smacking them on your site. Everyone on the Web has access to these articles, and they may appear on hundreds of sites. A plagiarism detector like Copyscape can help you avoid posting duplicate content.

Connecting to Sites With Questionable Links

Linking to spam sites and other questionable links can severely hurt your search engine ranking. You may unwittingly link to these sites by exchanging links with sites that appear legitimate but are not. Check out any site thoroughly before linking it with your own.

Keyword Stuffing

While choosing the right key words is essential to getting good page rank, adding in too many keywords will have you punished by the search engines. Keyword stuffing makes your content unreadable and, in the eyes of the search engines, less relevant to people who need usable content. Keep your keyword density at a reasonable level and read over it to ensure that it sounds natural.

Not Understanding SEO

Even if you have hired an agency to manage your site’s search engine optimization, you still need to know the basics in order to keep your site in its position. There are some easy techniques that you can use to optimize your site. Click here to learn more about how SEO companies can boost your page rankings and keep your site in front of the eyes of most readers.

Registering Multiple Domain Names With the Same Content

Some companies will register multiple domain names in order to capture as much traffic as possible. Some webmasters register variations on their domain name in case searchers misspell the company’s name. While this may seem to make sense, the search engines don’t agree. They get confused by all of the domains going to the same site and punish you with lower rankings. Use a redirect to direct all of your customers to one site.

Thin Content

Pages that are heavy on pictures and low on text are described as thin content sites. While readers like pictures, they also want to read information. Pages that only contain links are also considered thin content. Your site’s content should be meaty. It should contain useful information that people can use and will want to return to again and again. Use articles, blog postings, podcasts and webinars to deliver a whammy of useful information.

Optimizing your site for the Web can be tricky. By hiring an effective SEO company, you can race to the top of search engine results.

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