Tips for Increasing Your Number of Facebook Followers

Facebook has changed the way people do business.  It provides a forum for people to connect with each other regardless of their geographical location, which means that viral campaigns can have global reach on a small budget.  It also means that businesses have a new channel through which to connect with their customers.

Many businesses understand the importance of Facebook Followers, but fewer implement effective strategies for generating them.  Amy Harris, the Community Manager for Expert Market UK, a website offering business and merchant account services, offers you tips for increasing your number of Facebook followers.

Tempt Customers to The Page

People are receiving information from an ever-increasing number of sources and are forced to be selective about which sources to use.

The single most effective way to attract Facebook followers is to provide quality content.  Ideally this should be a mixture of public-facing content and content which is exclusively for followers.  The public-facing content should act to motivate users to want to access the exclusive content.

Encourage Current Users to Attract New Followers

People are vastly more likely to pay attention to content if it is recommended to them by someone they know.  This is why word-of-mouth recommendation has long been recognized as the most valuable form of marketing there is.

It is best if the recommendation is given purely out of goodwill, without there being any sort of payment or other reward involved.  Achieving this can be as simple as providing advanced notice of upcoming content and asking people to let their friends know if they think it would be useful.  When the content is provided, always end with a tag line asking people to pass it on to people who would appreciate it.

Run a Competition

Many people love competitions.  Entrants like them because they offer the possibility of getting something for nothing.  Organizers like them because they are a hugely effective way of gathering contact details and increasing the number of Facebook Followers on any given page.

The logistics of organizing a competition on Facebook are fairly straightforward, although it is important to remember that Facebook has a number of rules regarding the running of competitions on its site and they enforce them strictly.

The key to running a successful competition is to decide what the end goal is.  If the aim is to gather as many followers as possible, then offering either one very high-value prize or lots of little prizes and making the competition very easy to enter is usually the best strategy.  If the aim to is gather a select number of high-quality followers then it is best to ensure that a degree of effort to enter the competition.  This can be anything from answering a quiz to writing a poem or uploading a video.  The more effort required, the more attractive the prize needs to be.

Keep Updating Content

Facebook is a wonderful tool for creating awareness of a product, service or company.  Unfortunately people will sooner or later forget about it unless they are prompted regularly.  This means making the effort to post regular high-quality Facebook updates so people have a reason to keep in touch with the relevant page.


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